Jade's P.O.V.

I sat beside Cat In our little cage, trying hard not to cry. I couldn't cry, for Cat's sake. I was Jadelyn August West; I was the strong one. I could make out more little cages scattered across the room, and I knew Andre, Tori, Beck, and Robbie were somewhere in there. At least, that's what made sense; we were all together when we were captured.

Poor Cat was bawling her eyes out, so I let her lean against me and cry into my shoulder. It was dark in the large room, so I wasn't sure what kind of place we were in. I was searching the door for the catch, but I couldn't find one.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and dim light flooded into the room as a huge door swung open on the other side. A woman of around thirty years of age strutted in, her head held high. I immediately hated her, just by the way she held herself. She had that "I'm-in-charge-here-and-you-must-do-whatever-I-say" look about her.

"Hello, children," she said, her voice ringing with that gross sweet tone. "I expect you're all wondering why you're here?"

I snorted and rubbed Cat's back, as she was still crying against me. If that lady did this, she was going to pay. Nobody made Cat cry like that; she was too sweet. It was sickening. I couldn't bear seeing her like this, and I was the mean girl.

"Yeah, you nasty little bitch!" I yelled as loud as I possibly could. "I don't care what you do to me, but you better let Cat out of here, or I swear, I'll—" I was cut off by a sharp stinging in the side of my neck. My hand flew up to the spot and seconds later I blacked out.

Cat's P.O.V.

I gasped as Jade fell over underneath me. "Jade!" I squeaked, leaning over her. From somewhere ahead of us, I heard a familiar voice calling Jade's name as well. Beck was here.

The light caught a tiny glint on the surface of something on Jade's neck, and I gingerly touched it, then pulled it out. It was a little dart, like the ones zookeepers use to make animals go to sleep!

I let another little gasp escape before shutting my mouth. Jade was only trying to help me, and she got put to sleep! This is terrible, I thought. I felt new tears leaking out from under my eyelids. I didn't want to end up like Jade, so I made sure not to say anything and I listened to the scary lady.

"...have been brought here for testing purposes," the lady was saying, looking around the room. "This is a science lab that requires human test subjects. Testing with humans has been illegal for a very long time, but we believe that we can make living better and easier like this. How is testing a new drug on a filthy rat from the streets going to help humankind?"

I heard a few murmurs around the room, some approving, some frightened, others just plain angry. The lady turned around a cage in front of me and I could see her properly. She was beautiful, with long silver hair and piercing green eyes. She looked like the kind of person on the movies my brother watches that looks and sounds really nice but ends up trying to kill the good guy. That made me nervous.

I wished Jade was awake right then. I wanted her comfort, or at least Tori or Andre or Beck. I felt so alone in the little cage, even though there were dozens more surrounding that one. I stopped thinking about that when the woman continued talking.

"Well, you are my new test subjects for the teenager section of the laboratory. You will be kept with the person with you now. You will do at least one test a day. You will not try to escape, or you will be subjected to some harsher tests. Is that clear?"

More murmuring.

"You will respond to me with 'Yes, Miss Lilith', understood?" She paused, waiting, and the reply came moments later. I joined in with everyone chorusing "Yes, Miss Lilith". That name scared me, too. I thought I remember reading in my History book once that someone named Lilith was the mother of all the evil spirits in the world. I really hoped that was just a coincidence. A coinkidink! I giggled a little, despite what was happening.

"Now, you will listen for your name. If your name is called, you will be removed from your cage and you will come with me. You will be the ones to work the tests. The rest of you will be moved to a separate room later so you can rest up for testing."

"Yes, Miss Lilith," the room responded. I sat quietly, waiting for the names to be called. I was terrified, but for some reason I wasn't having the panic attack that I thought I would have if I was ever kidnapped.

"Jackson Abrams, Nolan Beasley, Jamal Clayton, Bradley Close, Michael Earls, Carlos Greene, Andre Harris," I let out another little squeak. Andre was here, too. "Marcus Holland, Bryan Malone, Beckett Oliver," At Beck's name, I crawled closer to the front of the cage. I had to know how many of my friends were really in here. "Shawn Screven, and Devin Whittle. The rest of you will be let out in one hour."

I was beginning to see people emerging from cages around the room. They were all guys, and from what I could see, they all looked strong and capable. I may be ditsy, but I wasn't stupid. They had to have strong guys for a reason, and I didn't think it was to stand around looking good.

I started crying softly again as I was able to make out Andre and Beck in the group heading towards Miss Lilith. They were standing side by side, and both their fists were clenched. I turned around, not able to look at them any longer, and I watched Jade, waiting for her to wake up. I hoped it wouldn't take too long; I wanted her awake to steer me in the right direction when our time came to leave...

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