Author's note: I had this dream of Minerva meeting a muggle in a café as he was surrounded by his friends and she had Rolonda by her side. From there this story took off.

Disclaimer: I'm not JKR, and therefore I do not own anything! One that note, I hope you enjoy!

The last few years had been quite a ride. I never thought what had happened to me could ever happen, but if I think about it, I wouldn't have changed it. Even now as I lay in an empty cell, waiting for my death, I have no regrets except for one, one major regret that I shall hang over my head until my last dying breath.

The ground is cold and unfeeling as they scratch against my body, not allowing any part of my body to relax. I can feel the cool breeze seeping through the little gaps between the stone bricks. I can hear the sound of small little claws scurrying around. It was probably a rat no doubt. The smell was sickly intoxicating. I could tell I wasn't the first one who was in the cell.

My thoughts reeled as they normally did. None of them were about my dim looking future like a normal person, but instead where on the single event that changed my life. I didn't even see it coming. It just struck me like how lightning strikes a tree.

I can't help but think about her. She was the one who had changed my life. The thought of her kept me alive. Yet again, if I have never talked to her, if I kept to myself, I wouldn't be dying. I wouldn't have fallen in love, and I would never know about the magical world. No, I shook my head. Like I said before, I wouldn't change one thing that I did except one thing, but that wasn't it. I would talk to her all over again, I'd fall for her all over again, and I'd love her all over again.

This is my story. This is the story of how two people should probably have never fallen in love in the first place. How we fought our battles against both our worlds. How I lay here alone, waiting for death as my past played in my mind. It started from the very beginning. Six summers ago seemed so far away, but it felt like it was just yesterday. Six summers ago I met the love of my life.


(Six Summers Ago)

I could feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on my face as my buddies and I walked the noisy busy streets of New York. We found a decent place to finally stop and eat. The walls were of a maroon red while the tables were of cherry mahogany.

The waitress was some lanky young girl who, I guessed, was am inspiring actress. She had a pretty smile and blonde hair tied back. She took our orders, but I didn't really order anything. I wasn't in the mood. My mind was wondering, probably from the recent lack of sleep. My buddies on the other hand were laughing and joking about things. They've been my friends for as long as I can remember, but we were an odd group. We all had different professions that never intertwined.

One was an attractive early fifties man with curly blonde hair. He's a photographer and works with beautiful models every day. My other friend is a dark skinned man with a wide jolly smile. He's always a jokester as he loves kids and sports. Why, he's a gym teacher, so that should be a given. He's around his late forties, but yet he acts like one of the kids he coaches. He's also married with two boys and one girl. They're cute little ones.

The last one of my buddies is a lawyer for some fancy law firm. He had nice red bright hair and pail skin as he's around his mid-forties. We nicknamed him the ginger. Very original, I know. How we all got together and became friends is, let's just say playground friendship can last a lifetime.

As for me, I'm a producer, editor, and writer for news shows. I'm known as a triple threat, but my favorite thing is writing. I'm constantly working in an editing suit and when I'm not, I'm trying to catch up on my lost hours of sleep. Today though, my friends decided to drag me out of bed get me out into the light. They were talking about the recent football game. I could care less. Honestly I wasn't much of a sports fan. If anyone asked what sports team I liked, I'd lie and say Yankees, Giants, and Islanders.

So instead of listening to their monotonous sports conversation I looked around the restaurant. I could see an older woman with an older man as they looked old enough to be my grandparents. They talked and laugh with each other. They looked like common tourists with their sun visors and the side satchel. Man they looked like nick-knack collector people and worst of it was that the man had on a: I Love NY, t-shirts.

There were some young jocks sitting at the bar as they were having an afternoon keg of beer. They were probably trying to unwind from a big exam they just took. No wait, this was summer. I don't know what they're toasting to, but yet again it's not my business.

That was all the people in the place, so I averted my eyes to the window. I watched as the people on the streets passed by. Every person was different from ethnicity and styles. You saw the average business woman, the average Wall Street guy in a suit. You saw the young baby sitters watching over little children as you also saw the joggers that just came from Central Park. They all dressed differently as they all had different lives.

I returned my attention to my friends.

"No, no, no, the Stealers totally owned that game and you know it Scott." stated the gym teacher to the Lawyer.

"Yeah, you just keep on telling yourself that Eddy."

"I don't know about you, but I could use another drink." admitted Anthony, the photographer. I shook my head in agreement. We ordered refills and then they went back to sports. Great, I got dragged out of bed for this.

Then the door of the little café opened. Four unusual women walked in. Three looked old fashion with their clothing. One was a pleasantly plump woman who wore some jean overalls and a checkered shirt. Man she looked like she just got done milking the cows. Her silver hair was out of sort, but she looked like a pleasant kind person as she was smiling and admiring the place. The other was curvy as she had on a simple white pants and a little cotton sweater. She had blonde graying hair that was braided down her back and nurse white looking sneakers. Heck, maybe she was a nurse as she defiantly fit the bill.

The other two were lean, though one looked frighteningly like a hawk with her yellow eyes examining the place. I've never seen eyes like that along with the woman who walked beside her. Her eyes were of a brilliant bright emerald green. They were bewitching and beautiful. She was wearing a simple gray sundress and her raven black hair was in a tight bun. The yellow-eyed woman looked like the wildest of the bunch. She had on a tan leather jacket with jeans and black boots. Her silver hair was spiked and all over the place as if she just got off a motorcycle, and didn't bother wearing the helmet. I thought my bunch was weird, but they truly won.

Three of them went to, what I imagined, the bathroom to freshen up as they left the youngest to find a table. She was the dark haired woman. She looked like she was in her late thirties. She wasn't bad looking though she looked strict like she was a school teacher.

She sat in a table that seated four. Then some rude obnoxious guy walked into the place as he approached a couple that was seated by the woman. He grabbed one of the chairs from her table and pulled it to his table. She eyed him dangerously as she couldn't believe his manners, but what could I say? He was a normal rude New Yorker as she looked like another tourist.

The obnoxious man ignored her while she stood beside him with her hands on her hips and her eyes vexed. He then looked up slightly to see the annoyed woman. He looked shocked by her presence though you could see he was aware of her presence the whole damn time.

He smiled at her innocently as he asked, "Can I do something for you?"

"Yes, could you please return the seat that you stole from the table I was sitting at? There are plenty of empty tables that you could have stolen a chair from."

"Then you can easily replace the chair with one from an empty table." he replied still trying to look innocent. Her cheeks flared furiously as she turned on her heel and stalked off. She grabbed a seat from another table, and sat down irritably.

The woman was clueless when it came to the city's hospitality. Yes, the big apple wasn't filled with happy, jolly, polite people. Maybe I'm stereotyping here, but I've lived here long enough to run into some very cocky people who would sue if you even looked at them the wrong way, and have you've seen how the people drive in the city? It's plastered with cars filled with drivers suffering from road rage. The taxi drivers are the worst when it comes to road rage. Oh yes, and I've been flipped off a few times for walking on the cross walk during a green light. I guess I deserved it.

I don't know what came over me, but I kind of felt badly for the woman so I opened my damn mouth before I knew what I was doing.

"People aren't the friendliest here." She looked up at me startled as she didn't really think I was speaking to her. I mean, she didn't even know me.

"I've noticed." She retorted dryly, though she managed a smile.

"Where're you from?"

"Excuse me?" she asked though I knew she wasn't hard of hearing. She peered at me over her spectacles. Oh yes, I felt like I was in elementary school again. She was certainly a school teacher.

"I didn't mean to be rude, but I've noticed that you're not from around here." I apologized and she seemed to soften a bit.

"No, I'm not, I'm from Scotland." She answered the question and now that I think about it, I could detect a Scottish accent. Then the obnoxious guy came to her table as he had the seat in his hand.

"Thanks for the chair." He smirked and then left. She rolled her eyes as she got up and returned the chair to its proper place while putting back the chair that she borrowed. Man was she orderly. She could have simply put the stolen chair in the place of the chair that she borrowed, but nope. She was definitely a teacher. She caught me staring at her as she gave me a quizzical look.

"Is there something wrong?" she questioned me like she was questioning a naughty student in her classroom.

"No, sorry again, I didn't mean to stare." I apologized once again. This time I've caught my friends' attentions as they looked at me and the woman with some curiosity.

"Apology accepted." She said with a curt nod and then went to sit down again at her table when I interrupted her.

"I'm sorry again, but would you like to join us. I'm sure none of my friends would mind." I offered and I looked around the table to see the guys all nodding their heads in agreement and eyeing me mischievously. They all knew I was up to something, I only wished what I was up to. She surprisingly blushed and shook her head.

"Thank you for the offer, but I have friends of my own to sit with."

"The more the merrier." Eddy assured.

"I don't know-"

"Are you kidding me, we'd love to join you." interjected the yellow-eyed witch. The green-eyed witch eyed her furiously while the others looked at her apprehensively.

"Then come join us!" exclaimed Anthony. Anthony was having too much fun watching me squirm in my seat. Man they all were having fun watching me pale as the ladies joined us. We pulled up a table to make a longer one. The yellow-eyed witch sat next to Anthony and her nurse friend while Scott sat at the head of the table with the farmer lady across from him. I sat next to Scott and the last seat was between me and Eddy. The green-eyed woman took the seat gracefully.

"Thank you for allowing us to sit with you boys." Rolanda thanked a little too graciously. The green-eyed woman rolled her eyes as if the enthusiastic flirty behavior from the yellow-eyed woman was normal.

"My name is Rolanda, and this here is Poppy, and Pomona." Rolanda introduced herself and her friends to us. "And this is the stern Professor, Miss. McGonagall." Rolanda said in a teasing manner though her friend didn't looked pleased at all with her introduction. So I was right. She was a teacher.

"Oh what subject do you teach?" Eddy asked immediately since he worked in a school. I'm not exactly going to say he's a fellow teacher. He's more like a coach as he just plays games with kids. It's not like he teaches kids their time tables or anything. The woman seemed to stiffen like she didn't know what to say.

"Um… I teach English." she answered. It almost felt like a lie, though why would it be a lie? She certainly looked like she could teach literature. Hell, I'd be happy if she did. I always did prefer to talk about books and stuff like that than sports.

"Sorry, where are our manners? I am Eddy, this is Scott, Anthony," I took a deep breath before he said my name, "and this is the workaholic, Christopher O'Brian, but you could just call him Chris." I glared at my friend. That was the perfect thing to say about me in front of women.

"So, how do you women all know each other?" asked Scott, and I thought I was nosy, though it did seem like a fair question.

"We all work together." answered Rolanda.

"So you're all teachers?"

"Well, Poppy is the school nurse, and Rolanda is… like a coach to the students. Pomona here teaches… agriculture." replied the green-eyed woman since the rest seemed speechless. Something didn't seem right to me when they answered the question. It was as if there was more to the job than they were implying, but what if I'm just being paranoid or something. I shouldn't worry about it since my friends didn't seem to worry about it much.

"Well, I'm a coach as well. I coach boys' soccer, basketball, and football. What do you coach?" asked Eddy now interested in Rolanda.


"Softball, she teaches softball. She was quite the hitter in her school days, isn't that right Ro?" interjected the English Professor.

"Yes, I teach softball."

"Oh, that's a good sport." Stated Eddy, though I knew he was lying. He didn't like baseball, so why would he like softball? The food arrived and so little side conversations started. So far I have been right about most of them. The green-eyed woman was in fact a teacher, as the other two were close enough to a nurse and farmer.

"So what are some of your favorite works or literature?" I asked the green-eyed woman as I was trying to start a conversation. Throughout the whole thing she remained silent and I was determined to find out more about her. I don't know what, but something about her captivated me. In a good way I mean. She looked at me first a little shocked and then smiled. She had a nice smile I have to admit.

"Um… I like Truman Capote, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and sometimes I like a few of James Patterson's books." she confessed the last part as if it was a bad thing, but I was bit overjoyed about the last part. I mean, sure every girl likes Shakespeare, but she also liked James Patterson.

"Really, he's an interesting author. I mean James Patterson."

"I don't know. I like how he describes a scene and all. He really draws the picture in your mind. I like the Jester and Roses are Red. He also has great cliff hangers." she replied. I found myself smiling as I had to agree. I liked James Patterson because you felt like you were more of watching a movie than reading a book.

I found myself talking to her for what seemed like forever about James Patterson books. Then we moved onto Ernest Hemingway, to Stephen King, and then to even Charles Dickens. I haven't had a decent conversation with a woman for a long time. She was refreshing.

I haven't even noticed that everyone around us was done with their desserts, and wanted to go. I could have stayed forever and talk about literature with her. I even made her laugh a few times which felt great, and her laughter was sweet music. It wasn't a fake laugh that some girls give you just to convince that they're interested but it was a sincere laugh. She found me funny. Her eyes would sparkle with excitement when she talked about a book she loved. I had a whole mental list of books I had to read now.

"Excuse me boys, but we have to get going or else we'll miss the show." announced Rolanda. The others agreed and surprisingly the green-eyed witch looked a bit sad to have to go which made me feel even greater. I barely knew her still after talking to her for hours. I wanted to know more, but I feared that I never would.

The ladies got up and we guys acted like gentlemen as we got up as well and pushed in their chairs. I looked at her and she smiled that wonderful smile of hers.

"Well I hope you enjoy your stay here in New York." Once I said it I completely regretted it. What a stupid response, but I guess it's better than asking right away for her phone number or something.

"Thank you, and thank you for the lovely conversation. I enjoyed it very much."

"I don't mean to be too straight forward, but is there a way of reaching you. I wish we could meet up again."

Her face suddenly lost its cheerfulness as I wondered why? I didn't mean to make her sad or anything.

"Um… that would be rather difficult. I mean, we're only staying here for a week or so, and communication would be challenging."

I didn't know what she meant by that at that moment. Didn't she have a number or something, or even an address to reach her by?

"Oh that's too bad. Well it was nice meeting you Professor." I said politely.

"Yes it was a pleasure to meet you as well. Thank you again for lunch." She said as Rolanda grabbed her arm and started to pull her out the door. Before she left she turned her head to give me one last smile. It was the last time I saw her for all I knew. My buddies patted me on the back.

"She's quite the looker isn't she?" said Anthony. He was always a lady's man as I was surprised he didn't try to make a move on her.

"So did you get her number?" asked Eddy.

"No." I admitted dejectedly.

Scott looked incredulously at me. "You were talking to her for practically an hour. How could you not get her number?"

"I don't know."

"You at least got the name of what hotel she was staying at right?"

"No." Man I didn't even think of that. I didn't even have a first name to go by. Jeez I felt depressed.

"That's alright, maybe you'll run into her." encouraged Eddy, though I knew that probably wouldn't happen.


Rolanda walked the green-eyed woman out of the café.

"Minerva really, come on we need to go." repeated Rolanda.

"Rolanda, are you nuts? You know you could have blown our cover completely to those muggles." Poppy reprimanded her.

"You're lucky Minerva saved our butts in there." said Pomona.

"I think Min enjoyed herself, and you two would have too if you guys weren't so paranoid." retorted Rolanda as she looked a bit hurt.

Minerva was glad she read muggle books. There are only so many books on transfiguration. She's read them all more than once. She had to keep her mind busy and so she found herself curled up with a muggle book, not expecting to like it. Then more nights were filled with reading more muggle books.

Throughout the whole show Minerva couldn't focus on it. It was something about Christmas with dancing girls and a lot of Santas. Really, it's summer, not winter. The other women seemed to enjoy it. Minerva on the other hand had her mind reeling with thoughts about the man named Chris.

She shouldn't really focus on him. He was muggle, but then she mentally chastised herself. It didn't matter if he was muggle and she was a witch. It was perfectly fine for them to be together, but then they never would be. She was only here for vacation and she probably would never see him again. Oh, her life was just great she thought.


For the next few days I went on with my boring life. I listened to demanding bosses and sat in editing suites. Yep, this was my lonely life. I sat there like a robot following orders and running on seven diet Dr. Peppers that was loaded with caffeine to keep me up. Recently she's been on my mind and I can't seem to get rid of her. I don't know why.

I don't have a first name to go by, so googleing her wasn't an option. Looking in the phone book wasn't an option either for she didn't even live here. Then again I could call every hotel in New York and ask if they had a Miss. McGonagall staying there, but then I would be a mad man. I had a girlfriend for heaven's sake at that point of time. She was a beautiful art director, though I never had a conversation with her that I've enjoyed as much as I did with the green-eyed woman. Oh, I was going insane. I was going completely insane.

One night when I got home from work I felt completely exhausted. All I wanted to do was drink down a nice glass of scotch and then go to bed. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my house phone ringing. First I thought it was just my mind playing evil tricks on me, but then I realized it wasn't. I literally ran for the phone. I grabbed it from the receiver hoping it was her even though I knew it wasn't, but it didn't hurt to hope.


"Hey, buddy, the girls and I are going to hang out at some night club. Want to join?" asked the all too familiar voice of Anthony. When he said "the girls and I" it meant the models and I. I wondered if I should take his offer to help get the girl off my mind, but I knew it really wouldn't. I'd only be more depressed.

"I don't know."

"It'll be fun, and maybe you'll run into that woman you're so infatuated with. Does Chelsea know about her?"

"No, and she will never know about her since she doesn't mean a thing." I lied. I knew the woman meant something to me, I just didn't know what she meant to me. Plus I liked Chelsea. She might not be as fun to talk to, but she's at least living in the same country as me. She was pretty and at least faithful unlike some girls I've dated in the past.

"Well if that's the truth then I guess you won't want the number to her hotel." My heart raced when I heard that. No, he's playing with me. He's pulling my leg, but what if he wasn't? Then he might never be able to see her again.

"Hey bud, you there?" asked Anthony after the a few seconds passed.

"How do you have that?" I was finally able to get out.

"Rolanda, she is some lady." Anthony answered with one of those mischievous voices that told you they had a good time recently. "So you want it or not?"

I thought about it for a minute as I contemplated the pros and cons of the situation. It was really the fact that I was attracted towards her, but I already had a girlfriend.

"Alright, what's the number?"

"Nope you're not getting it that easy bro. You're going to have to come here and get the number."

"What, come on Tony, I'm exhausted. Couldn't you just give it to me over the phone?"

"Nope, what fun would that be?"

"Argh, I hate you."

"Yeah I know, now get your ass over here. I can't handle all these ladies by myself." Anthony admitted. I rolled my eyes.

"Tony come dance with me." I heard a woman whine on the other phone. Before I could say anything else he hung up the phone on me. Damn that man. I went and grabbed my coat that hung on the door and I was off.


Minerva and the others stayed in a midtown hotel with a view of Central Park. Rolanda and Minerva shared a room while Poppy and Pomona shared the other. Minerva was lying on her bed reading a book in which Chris had recommended. It was getting good as it was a Stephen King book. She was starting to get to a rising climax part when the phone rang which caused her to scream.

"Merlin, what was that?" The phone kept ringing as Minerva looked down at the muggle contraption.

"Ro, this thing is making ringing noises, what should I do?"

"I'll get it." Rolanda said as she came into the room. She picked up the phone as Minerva looked at her curiously. She's never used a muggle phone nor did she have any interest in using one.

"Hmm, ah-ha, okay will be there." Rolanda agreed to something that Minerva didn't know about, but the way Rolanda was smiling wasn't a good sign.

"Min we're going out, so wear something decent."

"Where are we going?" Minerva questioned. Rolanda moved on the other side of the bed as she got ready for their night out.

"Ro, you didn't answer my question."

"And you're not getting ready." retorted Rolanda. Minerva rolled her eyes as she got up from her bed and bookmarked her place in her book.


"Hey, get up you filthy muggle!" yelled someone from the dark. In no doubt it was a death eater. "The Dark Lord wants to see you."


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