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A/N: First person, Chris' POV

She was alive! Her pulse was getting slower to the point where it was becoming nonexistent. She needed to get help.

"Chris," someone had finally gotten the courage to comfort me, "I'm sorry abo—"

"She's alive," I turned to see Kingsley standing behind me, "she's alive. Please help her."

Kingsley's empathy had vanished instantly as it was replaced with a solemn look. He nodded towards Arthur to go check the Dark Lord before he knelt down beside me. He immediately felt for a pulse on her wrist, but he found none. He moved to her bruised neck and still none was found. He shook his head worriedly.

"Chris, she's not coming back." he quietly told me.

"No," I shook my head, "no, I felt it. I felt her pulse! She's alive!" I choked on the last part. I wasn't going to give up. I knew she was alive even if they thought I was crazy. It wasn't my mind playing tricks.

"Please Kingsley, you must help her." he could see the desperation in my eyes, but still he could not feel life in her. He placed a heavy hand on my shoulder, heavily sighing.

"Chris, I know it's hard to let go, but she's not alive."

"Then go," I roughly shook his hand off, "you can't help her."

I turned away from him looking back down at her peaceful face. Kingsley reluctantly left quietly, giving people around us silent looks of warning. A moment later, Minerva and I were alone at last. I took her hand in mine, squeezing is tightly.

"Please Minerva, if you can hear me, come back. I don't know what I would do without you."

A/N: Third person, Minerva's POV

A soothing cold feeling had washed over Minerva like the waves of the sea crashing upon her body. She felt a slight tug as the waves retreated back into the ocean. She opened her eyes only to find herself not at the beach but in complete blackness. There was no end, no beginning, just darkness.

Again, Minerva felt the feeling of being pulled, but this time it was much stronger. She looked down at her feet. The darkness seemed to produce multiple shadowy obscure hands pulling her down. Minerva found her scream caught in her throat as she struggled to get them off. The more she fought, the more hands that surfaced followed by dark figures uprooting from the ground. They all grabbed her, trying to bring her down like quicksand.

'No,' she thought, 'this can't be life after death.'

"Minerva," someone called out to her. The voice sounded familiar as a new hand had appeared. It wasn't dark, but instead deftly pale with long delicate fingers. They had their palm out, waiting for Minerva to take it. Seeing no other choice, Minerva took it. The hand pulled, freeing her from the dark abyss.

"Run," the voice commanded her. Still with her hand in theirs, it led her through the darkness. Minerva ran as the voice had commanded. She kept running for what seemed like several minutes. She was surprised she wasn't tiring, and showed no signs of slowing down.

Soon a blinding light loomed ahead. Minerva could hear more familiar voices calling out to her. She recognized her mother, her beloved father, and her best friend, Albus Dumbledore. But then there was a child's laughter that resounded in her ears, causing her heart to beat faster.

"Mom!" She found herself running faster. It was her son. The son Chris had told her about.

Suddenly, the hand had pulled her away from the light. They headed in another direction as the voices were getting fainter.

"Where are we going? I thought we were going to the light."

"No," the voice firmly told her, "if you go there now, you may never return."

Before she could question him further, she felt a gust of wind rippling through her. She turned around to see the darkness be blown away like smoke. She was able to get some bearings of her surroundings. She looked around the place recognizing it immediately. It was the café where she had met Chris. The cherry mahogany and maroon covered walls were as she had remembered them. It was as if she had been there yesterday.

Standing before her was not Chris, but someone else. He had been the one that had pulled her through the darkness. He said nothing to her but just took a seat at an empty table. She followed his lead. With a flick of his wrist, two glasses appeared with a bottle of fire whiskey. He quickly poured them a glass. He did this all without looking at her causing anger to boil inside her. She had many things to ask, to say, and yet he wouldn't meet her eyes.

"Severus," her voice was pleading, "please say something."

He enveloped his hands around his glass, holding it as he stared into the intoxicating amber liquid, "So this is where you met him?"

Minerva let out an exasperated sigh mixed with an incredulous laugh, "Even after death, you still play games."

"Am I winning?"

"Do you want to?" Minerva countered, and at last his dark eyes met hers with a hint of a smirk.

"Who wouldn't?" he sighed and leaned back in his chair, "Though after everything, I know I cannot."

"And what can you not win?"

"Everything," he simply answered after taking a drink from his glass, "my life has served its purpose, and now it's over. Yours is not."

"What do you mean? I'm dead; my life has come and gone."

"Ah, but not completely." she looked at him dumbfounded, not knowing if what he said was true, "You may not like games, Minerva, but we all play games for a purpose, for a certain outcome."

"And that outcome is?"

"For you to live."

"Why, why would you—?"

"That is irrelevant." he quickly interjected and brushed her questions aside. "What matters is what lies behind that door." he pointed towards the exit of the café. "The reason why your subconscious brought you here is because this is where your life changed. This is where you met O'Brian."

"What about the bond?" Minerva, "I thought it couldn't be broken."

"It has. The darkness you saw back there was the Dark Lord's soul. He tried to bring you down with him, but—"

"You pulled me out." she intervened.

"You don't have much time to return to your body if that is what you wish." Severus still remained impassive.

"And he will not follow me?"

"No, but I cannot promise you that the sacrifice that was made will be able to sustain for you for long. Maybe five or ten years, but that is all I can promise."

"Your sacrifice." Minerva looked at him for confirmation though he didn't yield.

"You should go." He informed her as he looked away from her. Minerva didn't know how she could ever repay Severus. He had died for her in order for her to keep her life. There were no words, no actions that could ever suffice to show her gratitude.

Minerva softly reached across the table, setting her hand on top of his. He looked at it, black eyes still not revealing any emotion. Minerva leaned over the table, and caught him off guard once again. Her soft lips brushed up against his pail cheek, leaving a searing kiss. Even after death, he could still feel the electrifying spark shoot through his body.

"Thank you, Severus, for everything." Minerva thanked him. She went to remove her hand, but he held on to her. She looked up surprised to see his dark pools looking into hers. For once they were clear. The portals of his soul had opened up revealing everything that had been hidden for his whole life. In them there was fear, hurt, hope, and what she believed to be Love. Minerva didn't need words as she knew what he wanted. He wanted her; he wanted her to stay.

A/N: First person, Chris' POV

Her hand was still in mine. I would not let go. I did not know how long I was there with her, but a heavy hand had been laid on top of my shoulder. I looked up to see Poppy's sad blue eyes looking down into mine. She slowly knelt beside me. I then saw her holding something. It was Renée.

"Chris, she just lost her mother. Don't let her lose her father too." She gently held Renée out to me. I took Renée into my arms and held her close to me. I felt the tears rolling down my face once more when I looked into her green eyes. She truly was her mother's daughter.

Loud sobs had erupted from a half giant. I looked up to See Hagrid approach us.

"Please Hagrid," Poppy reprimanded, but lightly as her voice cracked. She too was racked with grief to see her best friend dead. "Just take her to the Great Hall with the rest of the dead."

Hagrid replied with something that sounded like, "Yes mam," but he was too upset to even speak coherently. He bent down to delicately lift her up in his large arms, but I had laid a gentle hand on his large one. He looked at me with his black beady eyes and understood. Instead he took Severus' body first.

Poppy shook her head sadly at me, "The longer you hold onto her the worse the pain will be."

"I know," I sighed, "I…I just can't believe she's…" I couldn't even bring myself to say the dreaded word. "She came back to save Renée and I, and from that moment I thought everything would be fine."

Poppy nodded solemnly. Slowly, she went to rest her hand on my arm. She gave it a small reassuring squeeze before letting her hand fall limply by her side. The quiet moment was broken when Kingsley had walked in with Arthur at tow. Arthur had a face that mirrored mine. His eyes were swollen red with tears still slightly streaming down his cheek. I swallowed hard, knowing how it was hard for him too. He had just lost his son.

"Healers from St. Mungos have arrived. They'd like to talk to you, Poppy." Kingsley informed her.

"Yes, yes of course." Poppy swiftly got up while wiping away her tears with the back of her hand. As soon as she had left, Kingsley and Arthur had come beside me. Kingsley took off his tattered cloak from battle and laid it across Minerva's body.

After a moment of silence, Kingsley cleared his throat and lightly set his hand on my shoulder, "I'm sorry, Chris, but her death was inevitable."

"Excuse me if your words aren't comforting." I roughly shook his hand off my shoulder once again. What did he know about loss?

"Kingsley, leave him be." Arthur advised, "He just lost his wife, one of our great friends and ally."

"Yes I understand, but you must wake up from this dream you're in, Chris. We all die eventually, but you're still alive. Minerva would've wanted it that way." He lightly laughed inwardly as if he remembered something, "You know she used to pull me aside, point her finger at me and yell at me for letting you go rescue her that one time. She did it every time she saw me since then."

I had to smirk as it sounded like her. "I know I might not sound very sincere right now, but you haven't lost her, none of us have. She'll always be nearby in spirit and mind. I doubt her ghost would leave me alone about you, yelling at me to keep you safe."

This time I smiled a bit. Kingsley wrapped an arm around me in a brotherly way as he looked at me with warm eyes.

"Come, we should get inside." I nodded my head, but I wouldn't follow Kingsley at first. Instead, I handed Renée to Arthur to hold while I carefully returned Kingsley his cloak. I slowly lifted Minerva into my arms as I was finally ready to move inside the castle.

I rested her head on my shoulder while I tucked her arms into my body. Her long legs dangled limply. Carrying her reminded me of the many times I had carried her to bed when she had fallen asleep on the couch or the time when I had to carry her across the threshold after our wedding.

My mind was reeling with memories of her. The way her touch felt and her crooked smile. The way her hair swept across her face when she slept and that little smile she had when sleeping. I always hoped it was because dreaming of me because I knew I was dreaming of her. I could even feel a slight brush on my skin as if she were holding onto me now. I knew it was just my mind playing tricks again.

The Great Hall was filled with many people dead and alive. The smell of dried blood filled my senses. The soft cries of the mourning could be heard all around. There was no more room on the floor to rest Minerva. Luckily, some students had seen who I was carrying. They immediately hopped off the table they were sitting on and indicated for me to rest her there. I smiled at them appreciatively and laid her down.

As I went to lay her down, I felt a tug on my shirt. I looked down stunned. Her hand clasped tightly to my shirt as if it were her life line. I looked up at her face for any indication she was alive. A coughed had escaped her lungs causing my heart on a highway speed chase.

"Minerva, Minerva can you hear me?" I yelled, trying to get another response from her. I had unknowingly drawn attention.

Her eye lids slowly lifted as if they were heavy. Her voice was strained as she used the little energy she had. "Chris, don't leave me."

"No, I wouldn't dream of it." She slightly smiled from my reply and I quickly covered my hand on top of hers, but her breathing was uneven as she was struggling to breath.

"Please, someone help her!" I yelled and Poppy was the first by our side along with other wizards that I didn't know.

"Please step aside Sir." asked one of the wizards.

"No," I refused, "I have to stay with her.

"We cannot help her with you by. Now please Sir, step aside."

"No, I can't." I replied, her hand still clasped to mine. I suddenly felt someone from behind pull me back. My grip on her was slipping. "No!" I tried to shake the person off, but they didn't yield. One of the Wizards had broken my hand away from hers. I fought harder, screaming for whoever held me down to let me go. Multiple people had to help keep me in place.

I couldn't see what they were doing to her, but one of them must have had a heart monitor as I could hear the faint beeping sound of her heart. The beats kept coming farther apart. They were losing her.

"Please, let me go!"

"Let him go." I could hear Kingsley order them. As soon as they had let go, I rushed to her side, pushing away all of the people in my way. When I reached her the monitor had gone flat. The long never ending beep filled the room. No, she can't die again. I put both of my hands together, forming a large fist as I pumped onto her chest where her heart would have laid. I pounded as hard as I could, trying to get her heart pumping again. I leaned over and drew her mouth to mine, releasing my air into her lungs. I had repeated this motion several times.

I didn't notice the people watching me nor did I care. They all bowed their heads respectively as they had given up all hope already, but I wouldn't. I wouldn't leave her. I couldn't leave her. I kept up the action even though my hope was starting to wane, but I knew she couldn't leave. Not now.

The droning sound continued throughout the room like a taunting voice. It weighed down on us crushing us to the ground as it continued on. The air within the room seemed to grow dry from the fear that ran through us. I felt my whole body shaking and my arms started to ache, but I had pushed it aside. The wound on my shoulder reopened. The tingling warm feeling of my blood ran down my arm, dripping on the table every time I struck her chest.

"Come on," I heaved, "don't leave me now. Minerva!" I yelled, and as if in command, the sound from the monitor had ceased. All held their breaths in the silence. It felt like years before I heard the heart monitor starting again. Her heart was working once again. I felt my red blistered eyes stinging from new tears of joy running down my face.

The healers of Saint Mungos had tried to approach Minerva once again, but Poppy pushed them aside. "Please, stay back. Go tend to the others. I will tend to her." she ordered them. I was relieved to hear that Poppy was going to be the only one tending to Minerva.

"I'm not leaving her again, Poppy" I warned her as soon as she had reached us.

"You better not." she replied, grinning from ear to ear as she was elated as well. Poppy quickly conjured a curtain to surround us to give Minerva privacy as she diagnosed her conditions. Poppy worked quickly, grabbing different toxins and healing balms from her apron while Minerva still remained resting.

I waited by her side with her hand in mine. As soon as Poppy was done, I moved Minerva to the Hospital wing where she could rest on a bed. Luckily that part of the castle was still standing. I sat in the chair beside her, waiting for her to awake. Poppy watched us with contentment.

"It seems like you have saved her once again." Poppy said as she walked over to us after tending to another patient.

"Not as much as she has saved me." I replied, never taking my eyes off of Minerva.

"May you two live long healthy lives together." Poppy replied.

"Thank you."

"Oh no, it's not just for you, but for me. If one of you get hurt again, it will be the end of me." I had to let go out a little laugh.

"I'll try not to." came a hoarse reply. I looked down to see Minerva's green eyes weakly open. Poppy ran to Minerva's other side, waving her wand searching for any signs of pain.

"Please," begged Minerva, "you're giving me a headache."

"And you're giving me a heart attack. Now stay still."

Minerva hadn't changed, even after dancing on Death's doorstep twice in one day. She let out an exasperated sigh causing both Poppy and I to smirk.

"Where's Renée?" Minerva questioned.

"She's with Arthur." I answered calmly as if nothing had ever happened. Minerva nodded her head as if nothing had ever happened as well.

"Poppy, how serious are my injuries?"

"Well one of your ankles is rubbed raw which will heal overtime with a lotion I'll give to you. I healed your three cracked ribs which is why you might feel sore, and the bruising you have over your body will also be taken care of with a different potion. Your most recent cuts you've had I have healed, and the older ones I'm sorry I cannot do anything for them. They will remain as scars." Poppy ran through it all.

"I can live with that." Minerva simply stated.

"Yes but don't you go doing anything brave anymore or Merlin damn it you might not be here for me to yell at you." reprimanded Poppy.

Minerva rolled her eyes and nodded in agreement. A smiled then broke over her face that had become contagious.

"I've missed you Poppy."

"It's good to have you back too, Minerva. Now I'll leave you two to reconnect." Poppy pulled the curtain, allowing us to have privacy. Minerva's hand was still clasped to mine as I squeezed it lightly. She looked over at me, her emerald gleaming once more. We stayed silent for a moment, just looking into each other's eyes. Her façade she had put up for Poppy was slowly breaking down as her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

Instinctively I climbed onto the bed with her and drew her into my arms. Still no words were passed as we just rocked back and forth in a soothing motion. She cried hard into my shoulder while my silent tears had landed in her dark hair. Nothing could tear us apart at that moment. I slowly lifted her head from my shoulder, staring in her eyes while I cupped her face in my hands. She leaned against one, savoring the forgotten feeling.

No words needed to be exchanged. Just looking through those brilliant green pools I saw everything, the pain, the longing, and the love. I wanted nothing but to stay in this moment forever knowing that she would always be with me.

"Don't ever leave me again." Minerva broke the silence. I leaned in, brushing my lips with hers, treasuring the feeling I thought I had lost. When the need for air became too great, we parted. She leaned her forehead against mine, closing her eyes peacefully. I could feel her breath tickling my skin

"Chris," Minerva weakly said, a small smile broke across her face.


"Love is always enough."


(Thirty Years Later)

The morning sun filtered in through the ceiling high windows. A soft fading whisper came from the dying embers in the fire place. All was quiet. Not even the early birds could be heard. The sleeping portraits remained quiet, leaving me with my thoughts.

The round office hadn't changed from when it was Dumbledore's. The only differences were the many pictures and nick-knacks that surrounded the room. I looked at each one remembering each moment. A soft hand rested on my shoulder as I knew who it was.

"I miss her too." Renée softly said. I turned to see her standing beside me. She looked just like her mother. The only difference was her brown milk chocolate locks that were tied back in her usual pony tail.

"Remember that time?" I pointed to the picture. It was a piece of parchment with the inked footprints. Minerva had been working at her desk while Renée had found an ink bottle. She painted her feet with the emerald green ink before running around the room. Minerva was furious with having to get the ink out of the carpet and furniture, but when Renée had shown her the parchment with her footprints on it, Minerva couldn't stay mad for long. She framed it and hung it on the wall.

We stayed in a compatible silence, but it was quickly broken when the door had burst open.

"Good morning Hogwarts!"

"Lovely morning as it's going to be another hot summer day."

Renée quickly brought her pointer finger to her lips, indicating for the two young men to be quiet. She then pointed to the two little ones that were still sound asleep on the couch facing the fireplace.

"Going down memory lane are we?" questioned one of the twin boys. I was surprised when Minerva had found out herself. They both had black straight hair and her thin smile. Their tan skin glowed and their blue eyes sparked.

"Yes, Logan, now can it." Renée reprimanded them, reminding me even more of Minerva.

"Bossy much." replied Severus as his twin agreed with a nod.

Renée rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest, "Where's Zach?"

"Oh," Severus looked away from his sister's glare, "you know the poor boy. I think he's suffering the most from this."

Renée sighed exasperated, "I'll get him."

"No," I held her back, "I'll get him. You watch over your brothers."

"Come on dad." whined Logan quickly followed by his twin.

"We're twenty eight already."

"Hardly." broke in one of the portraits.

"Hey Uncle Snape!" the twins greeted the portrait with identical grins.

"The idea that you named one of them after me is still beyond me." he mumbled, but I was already heading down the stairs.

Before I was out of earshot, I could hear my son, Severus' reply, "Well at least they used your name for the better looking one." I remembered as soon as the twins were born, Minerva wanted to name one Severus. I agreed since if it weren't for him, they wouldn't be alive.

I walked down the familiar halls of Hogwarts that had become my home ever since the final battle. The walls still had the scorch marks of the war as a remembrance of what had taken place. Minerva had been in charge of reconstructing Hogwarts, but she let the scarred walls remain. It took longer for me than usual to get to places in my old age now, but I eventually made it. The portrait of the Fat Lady had recognized when she saw me coming.

"The poor darling, Mr. O'Brian, I hope you're holding up better."

"I've seen better days thank you. Zachary in there?"

She simply nodded her head and let me in. I entered the Gryffindor common room to see a boy curled up on the couch in front of the fire. His eyes were rimmed red from crying as I imagined he cried himself to sleep. I felt badly for him. He had the least time with Minerva. He still had on his school robes on from the day before as a photo album laid open on his chest.

I silently lifted his legs to lay them across mine as I sat down. I lightly took the album from him to see what picture he was looking at. I could feel my eyes watering when I saw the picture, but I held them back. I had to stay strong for young Zach.

In the picture was Minerva laying in the grass. Her black hair was fanned around her head like a halo as beside her was Zach. He was seven in the picture as it was ten years ago. Minerva simply plucked a dandelion from the ground and put it in his hair as he did the same to her. They were laughing. Both of their green eyes were gleaming.

Out of all our children, Zach was the closest to Minerva for some reason. I think it was because Zach was raised like an only child since the Twins were always out somewhere causing havoc while Renée already had a place of her own as she was working for the Ministry of Magic. I was busy writing as Minerva had pushed me to finish them and publish them. It was Minerva that was always there for Zach as I regret not being there for him as much now that Minerva is gone.

I think another reason why Minerva had been close to Zach was because she knew Zach would be her last child. She wanted to spend every waking moment she could with him and he enjoyed every minute I could tell from the photo that was now in my hands.

"Dad," his voice interrupted my thoughts. I smiled seeing his tired eyes look back at me.

"What are you doing here?" He quickly questioned. When he saw what I had in my hands, he quickly looked away from me as if he was ashamed for me catching him grieving. I sighed, knowing this wouldn't be easy, but I knew this day was coming sooner or later, but yet I wasn't prepared for it. Neither was Zach. We never told him or any of the other children. We didn't want them to live in fear that their mother could very well die the next day. Instead she had lived far longer than she had expected.

"Are you alright Zach?" I asked him.

"I'm fine." he lied.

"You haven't lost her Zach. She'll still always be there when you need her. The new Headmaster agreed he would leave the door open for you anytime you want to visit her."

"It's not her though. It's her portrait." I remained silent, not knowing how to respond.

Zach sighed very much like his mother would as he played with the lose trimmings of his cloak, "I…I just miss her."

"I know," I drew him in, "we all will."

Zach didn't respond to the hug, but in time I knew he would. All he needed was time.

"Come," I stood up, "her portrait will be arriving soon. You don't want to miss it do you?"

"She won't be up anyway." I heard him mumble as he followed me out the door and back upstairs. Shouting from Renée could be heard from the other side of the door. Another thing Renée had inherited from her mother was her temper.

"What's going on?" I asked as soon as I opened the door. Renée's cheeks were flared red with anger, while both of her children were happily bouncing on the twins' laps.

"Nothing dad." Logan replied nonchalantly.

"Renée's just being, eh, you know." added Severus.

"Argh, both of you are insufferable!"

"But you love us." they said simultaneously.

"Only because I have to." Renée muttered.

"Please, just shut up. They're bringing in Mom's portrait. Do you want her to see us like this, fighting?" Zach yelled at them and they settled down.

"They started it." Renée muttered as if as if she were four again.

Some things never changed. Renée always had to have the last word in an argument while the twins never took anything seriously. They were bright, but they used it to stir trouble which used to drive Minerva to the edge. Then there was Zach who was quiet and the most peaceful child out of all the children. He normally was the peacemaker of the family.

A knock resounded on the door as in walked Hagrid. His hair was starting to turn white but his black beady eyes remained the same. Followed behind him was Poppy as her hair was now silver, with Minerva and my help no doubt along with the children. In Hagrid's large arms was the painting still with a sheet on it to keep the suspense hanging in the air for a moment longer.

"Hey Hagrid." the Twins chorused together.

"Hello Poppy." Renée had her usually smirk.

Poppy returned it all too knowingly, "They driving you crazy?"


A laugh was followed, but the unveiled portrait made us all anxious.

"Shall we hang it up?" I moved over to where it was going to reside. All the children and the two grandchildren crowded around me, watching the painting being hung up. Still the veil lay on top, taunting us.

"Are you ready?" Poppy questioned as she held the corner of the sheet in her hand. We had no words but all shook their heads. We held our breaths as the sheet had been taken off. In the background were bookcases filled with books for her to choose from along with pictures of the family. What had shocked us was that she wasn't the only one in the painting. Sitting beside her on the emerald loveseat was no one other than me.

"Dad you're…" Zach stared at it stunned like the rest of us.

"Is mom even allowed to do that?" Renée questioned.

"Well you know your mother." Poppy replied, "No one would want to face her wrath."

I walked closer, no believing my eyes. We were both sleeping soundly. She was wrapped around my arms and her raven hair was released from her bun. She had that little smile that had sent a spark through my body. A feeling I thought I'd never feel again.

Slowly she lifted her head from my shoulder. Her emerald eyes fluttered open. Normally it took paintings months to wake, but here she was stirring already. She saw me looking at her and her smile only widened.

"Hello Chris." her Scottish bur lingered around me.

"Hello Minerva."

At that moment, I knew I had no regrets.

The End

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