The King and The Cat

Set around the time that things have returned to normal after Henry walked through the door.

The King and Potter are two very different beings but what if they are not as they seem. What if the connection between Henry and Suzy is something that has been going on a lot longer and in more life times them we are aware and all they need is a little push?

This piece follows the idea that after many different life times the human soul works towards a state of total perfection by working through their Karma. It is at that point that the soul can then meet their true soul mateā€¦of course we get a little help on the way.

Sappy much? Yes but I'm a romantic at heart.

"You did well Potter" spoke the King in an arrogant tone. "I particularly loved the collar, it really lends you a touch of class you know".

"What would you know, you get stay in the same form for this one. No changing from one to the other for you or between this level and the Other. You have the easy job" Potter grated back in his thick accent. "Pah".

"Well all up, how did it go? What did you notice?" The King questioned while moving over to the couch. "Are our chances any good?"

"Any good, are you kidding me! You have seen her, and him. You know what they can do. But her, wow she has something really different going on here you know? She just brings it all over and she has no idea" Potter took a moment to bat at a passing fly with his hand, his eyes glinting with sharp focus. "But yes I think the chances are very good, it won't be much longer I think. He is ready but she just has to finish this one out. Then it's done for them, and then we get to move on. I'm hoping for something less feline next time".

"Don't rush my friend there is still time on the clock. Besides after this one that will be it for us. Who knows who you'll get next round, or what" The King chuckled to himself. "I really don't see why it's taken them so long, it's rather tiresome really, the way these two weave in and out of each other. It would have been so much easier to do it the normal way"

"I know what you mean, but you know the way They are up There, they like a bit of the Old stuff in amongst all this New change stuff they have going on." Potter return. "Anyway I'm going back now, those boy's are making fish rolls, I can smell them". With that Potter leaped off the couch moving once more back into his feline form.

"Before you go, just remember that as wonderful as this is, you still have your own Karma to work on. While they are close, you still have a few left yet" reminded The King.

Potter simply looked at The King for a long unblinking moment. The arrogant glint in his feline eye reminding The King of his own path. He then turned and sprang through the window onto the balcony below and began his acrobatic trek home for fish rolls.

Sighing The King turned and moved through the wall, it was beyond time he found The Girls and worked on judgment issues with them. Sighing he thought about his pasts and the presents yet to come. Still a way to go though he reminded himself. Hopefully next time he would get something a little more classy wear, he simply hated hemp, made his aura itch.

Else where in the building Henry lay along side Suzy as she slept. He took in her slumbering pose and inhaled the soft scent that was hers alone. Sighing he couldn't hold back the rolling feeling of joy that something great was coming. That in all this madness and mistake something good was coming his way, and it involved Suzy. Looking at her for a long moment he then closed his eyes. They had a date at the pub tonight and he hated to keep his best girl waiting.