Hello! It's the Gray-Ninja Here! Presenting the New Fanfic.

' Trapped in the Game'


Day 1:

"OMG! No! Come on I need to win this one!" I yelled as I was playing Diddy Kong Racing DS. " NO! Damn you Wizpig. Why you gotta be so effin' fast!" I complained.

" Seanna! Go to bed!" My mom yelled. " Okay mom!" I yelled as I jumped in the bed.

' One day, I'll beat Wizpig! This I swear! I bet could beat him if I was actually in the game.' I thought as I drifted to sleep.

The Next Day

I woke up. I rubbed my eyes and looked around my surroundings. " Holy crap… I'M IN THE GAME!" I yelled. I was freaking out! I saw a blue elephant coming towards me. " Hello. My name is Taj. I am your guide and friend. What is your name?" He said.

" My name is Seanna." I gulped. " Nice to meet you Seanna." He said. " Before you start exploring, you have to beat me in a challenge. Ala-kazoo." He said as I appeared in a car.

" Your on!" I smirked. " Ala-kazam" He said as we appeared on a racetrack. " GET READY! GO!" I heard as I zoomed through the racetrack. I drove as fast as I can but Taj was still on my tail. " Oh no your not!" I said as I drove faster. " Almost there!" I said as I was on my third lap. I was almost there.

With one last drive, I won. " Yes!" I said. " Good job." Taj said. " Take this gold balloon for winning." He said as he poofed to the other side of the island. Then, a gold balloon appeared. I drove past it and it popped.

' hmm.. I can get other balloons.' I thought as I drove to Taj. " Hey Taj. Can I ask you something?' I said.

" Why yes. What do you need?" He said. " Mind if I get a plane?" I said. " Yes. Ala-kazoo." He said as my car changed into a plane. " Thanks!" I said as I flew off.

' Okay. Here's the first balloon I need.' I thought as I saw the ice balloon. " In the game, I used my stylus. What do I use when I'm in here? My hands? Or the plane?" I said. " Need some help?" I heard.

' That voice…' I turned around and saw Dixie Kong. "Uh…Yeah" I said. " Use the plane and push it into the river." she smiled. " Thank you, Dixie!" I said as pushed the ice balloon.

- Several Minutes Later-

" Yes! I did it!" I exclaimed as I flew through the balloon. ' Okay. For the other one.' I thought as I flew past Sherbet Island. ' Nah.. I'll do that one later.' I thought as I turned back around.

' Okay.. First stop, DINO DOMAIN!" I thought as a flew through the door of Dino Domain.


Woah! What's she's gonna do next? Cower and cry. Or fight for her title of number one?

Find out next time in'Trapped in the Game'