Chapter 1-BPOV

I sat in the house cuddling up to Edward while we watched TV. Charlie would flip if he saw us. I remembered playing with my best friend, Percy, in the yard when I was five years old. I guess I've always been prone to danger because when I was around Percy, strange things happened. It is a coincidence that danger seems to find me and my vampire fiancé.


I was hanging out with my friends Grover, Thalia and Annabeth at Camp Halfblood. Chiron was on the look for another child of the Big Three. Apparently, he had a hunch. All I hope is that this person won't get into any trouble. That's why we are going to find Chiron and help. Thalia, Nico and I were curious on our new relative.


Edward and I were in class together and there were five new students from New York. Edward could tell what I was asking and shook his head. One of the boys looked extremely familiar. So there are no new vampires.


Another snowed in day at Forks High. I just hope Newton and my brothers don't get into another fight.


The adventures of Forks High. Always the same. Karaoke and truth or dare. And then the dare fight between Edward and Mike.

"Truth or Dare, Bella?" Lauren said.


"Have you kissed anyone else than Edward? Who?" She was planning to break us up. Too bad Edward already knew about the kiss.

"Yes and Jacob Black." I heard many gasps.

"When? Were you and Edward together? How did he respond? Was he a better kisser?" Jessica asked. All the Cullens were ready to laugh.

"Jacob loved me. Long story short, I loved him, just not as much as I love Edward. It was right after Edward and I were engaged. He told me he was going to kill himself and I felt guilty. I asked Jacob to kiss me to get him to stop threatening to kill himself and Edward didn't argue, But, nobody is a better kisser than Edward."

"In other words, she chose me instead of him. I almost killed him the first time he kissed her." Edward said.

"First time? There was more than one?" Lauren said.

"The kiss I asked for is the one I'm counting. The one Edward pointed out I count as assault." I said. Everyone laughed.


We were sitting in this circle with the rest of the school and the girl that just spoke looked familiar. Did that girl say her name was Bella?

"Dude, I found her." Grover said. He pointed to the girl who just spoke. Oh my gods, it was Bella! This explains why our moms were great friends. But who was her father?

"Who Bella?" I asked.

"You know her?" Annabeth asked.

"We used to hang out all the time." I looked at her. She was in the arms of a guy. Definitely not what I expected.


I kissed Edward and went to the water fountain.

"Bella Swan?" I heard someone ask.


"Do you remember me? We were best friends until the age of twelve." I turned around.


"Long time no see."

"How long has it been, knucklehead."

"Six years."

"How have you been?"



Grover cleared his throat.

"Bella, this is Grover, Annabeth and Thalia."


"It's nice to meet you. I have to get back." I said.

"Bella, when can I talk to you alone?" I asked.

"I'll get back to you on that, but my fiancé is getting curious and if I don't get back his whole family will start looking for me and you don't want to see that." I ran back into the gym. I put myself in Edward's arms again.

"What was that about, love?" Edward asked.

"You were listening! Unbelievable!"

"He's a boy, what do expect."

" He's a friend DAD. That's all he will be. I love you."

"I'm not acting like Charlie. I love you too." HE leaned in to kiss me. The whole was staring. We were so used to it.


"Looks like Bella did well. HEs gorgeous." Annabeth said. I looked and saw her kissing that guy. Fiancé! She was eighteen!