I had to think of a way to get away from Edward and talk to Percy. I wasn't sure if I should distract him or just make an excuse but I knew I had to go soon.

" Human moment. I'll be right back." I said to Edward. I got up and walked down the hallway to room 12. Inside I saw Grover, Percy, Annabeth and Thalia and one of the new teachers, Mr. Brunner. Oh no, they were going to gang up on me to join a certain club.

" So, I'm here." I said.

" Bella, you know Chi- I mean Mr. Brunner." Percy said.

" Yes, great to see you again."

" Bella, do you remember all the weird unexplainable things that happened to us when we were kids?" Percy asked. I nodded. " Does it still happen?"

" Well danger has found me since I came here. Especially since I met Edward." I said.

" Yes, your vampire fiancée. I know all about him." Mr. Brunner said.

" How did you-"

" Bella, what class do I teach?" He asked. Was this a trick question.

" Greek mythology but what does that have to do with what we're talking about,"

" Have you ever considered that the tales might relate to you?" He asked.

" No."

"Bella, you're a demigod. And I believe your Percy's half-sister," Mr. Brunner said.

"Bella, think. Our moms were really good friends. It makes sense." Percy said. It did make sense. We were always putting us next to each other and forcing us to hang out with each other.

" Prove it." I said.

" You feel relief when you are in the water, its soothing. It's like that for Percy." Annabeth said.

" You secretly love the snow. You used to love having the power of making it snow. I remember being in my room and it snowing. And Olaf our snowman. He liked warm hugs. You can still do that. You just keep it hidden." Percy said.

"Where Percy has direct control of water, you're able to change it into whatever form you want." Grover said.

" So where do we go from here?" I asked.

" To meet father. You're his only daughter."

" Bella, being the only daughter of Poseidon is a blessing and a curse. Your power s special no one has ever had that power. People will try to use you and your power against him. Just be aware." Mr. Brunner said.

" You better hold on tight. This is going to be a dangerous ride." Percy said. The next thing I know, all of the kids shoes sprout wings. " Like them, Hermes gave them to us." This was getting too weird.