Song Meme : inspired by Mr Brightside by The Killers

Hands mauled her naked skin; small red marks followed the track of the alien's nails.

Down to her thighs, already bruised from the previous night of attempted information extraction. The alien enjoyed her discomfort, almost more than the animalistic fulfilment of its sexual need.

Spock's hands, shackled, were raw from attempts to escape. Made to watch her violation, more than once he had wanted to provide the information they demanded.

She had stopped him, with her eyes – no longer with her lips, as they were torn from abuse.

He knew the code, could stop the cruelty paraded before him. To do so, though would allow the alien entry to the small sanctuary of survivors that had still to be rescued by the Enterprise. Children were being sheltered in a secret location – time was the enemy now. He knew the Enterprise would be there soon, only moments away now.

And the alien touched her again, fondled her with an arrogant disregard of the pain it inflicted. Her blue eyes, rimmed in red, filled with defiance and fear.

He didn't need a bond, she spoke to him clearly " you will not allow the innocents to die because of me Spock, the needs of the many" – repeated, spoken only with her eyes.

He would save her, if not those eyes would haunt him, slowly eat into his highly logical mind, and into the human swirl ever present just behind the veneer.

He lunged again, snapping two small bones in his wrist. The alien would never really understand what happened. The speed with which it was dispatched was necessary, though unfair given the slow tortuous way it had caused her to suffer.