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Drew: Then what is it?

Me: My Babysitter's a Vampire! Heehee

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Me: I don't. But I LOVE THIS ONE!

Sarah: Hey what did I miss?

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Sarah shut her locker while laughing at her best friend. "No, you can't eat her Erica."

"Aw, come on Sarah!" the blonde pouted, holding her books to her chest. Seeing that the brunette was not going to give in, she placed her books in her bag and sighed. "Hey, you're a full vampire now! Why don't you do it? You can't just keep drinking that blood substitute the dweeb's grandma makes. At some point, you're going to have to drink some human blood. I mean you already have!"

"That was to save Ethan, okay?" Sarah rolled her chocolate brown eyes, "And that means I should drink my little cousin's blood and turn her into a fledgling or worse, kill her? Ah, no thanks!"

"Hey, think of the bright side. You wouldn't have to watch her all the time. More time for us to have a little fun!" Erica blue eyes had a glint of evil in them and stuck her fangs out, while drawing her best friend closer. Sarah pushed her arm off her and Erica laughed, "You know I'm just messing with you. See you after class!"

Erica flipped her hair and walked away dramatically. Sarah giggled a bit. The nerdy little second grader sure has changed since the two of them met. Before walking off, Sarah quickly opened her locker and smiled, then shut it before anyone could see what was inside.

Just on cue, her nerd and his nerd herd came, talking about Star Wars or Star Trek or whatever. Sarah always got confused with their nerd talk. "Hey, Sarah!" Ethan smiled.

"Hey dude, see you in class. If I'm late again I'll be stuck in detention all week!" Benny said and continued walking to class.

Ethan shook his head at his friend before turning his attention Sarah, "So, you wanted to talk to me about Friday?"

"Yeah, do you mind if I bring someone with me when I come to baby-sit?"

Ethan suppressed a frown. He was hoping that she was going to ask him something else, "Um, sure. I'm pretty sure that my parents won't mind. Who is it?"

"My little cousin," Sarah smiled a cute smile that made Ethan blush a bit. "You'll love her! She's sweet, a little shy at first, but really fun when she starts to warm up to you."

"Oh, ok," Ethan smiled back. Then the bell rang, informing everyone that it's time for next period. "See you after class."

" 'Kay! Bye," Sarah walked away. Ethan sighed looking at his beautiful babysitter. Slowly, he walked in the other direction to his next class, but of course, not without looking back to look again once more.

Two girls were walking on the sidewalk. It was only 3:30 p.m., not long after school. Sarah ran home, lightning speed seeming as she had vampire powers, and picked up her stuff along with her cousin. Of course, now they were walking. Sarah wanted to keep her little cousin, who she considered a little sister since they were both only children, away from danger. She would keep her safe, even if it meant having to keep a secret from her; something that they promised neither would do.

The smaller girl was giggling constantly; many people have not seen this side of her before. Usually, the girl was very timid and silent, but that was different with her "big sister." One thing was for sure, the same sweet, innocence gleamed in her eyes. Sarah promised herself that she would maintain it in that, not so little, little girl as long as she could. That was going to be tough for Sarah, now that she was a full vampire, but she put those thoughts aside for now and laughed along with her.

Suddenly, her cousin winced as pain ran through her leg and her left arm. She shook it off quickly but not quick enough. Sarah had noticed the girl stop a second and frowned.

"I'm fine," she faked a smile. Any regular person would have believed it; the girl was an amazing actress, but Sarah saw right through it.

The little girl sighed; she knew that Sarah was not convinced. She knew that Sarah knew what she had gone through, even though she tried to make it seem like it wasn't a big deal. "Look! We're here," she tried to lighten the mood.

*Ding Dong!

"Hey, remind me again why you have to babysit this guy? I mean seriously, he is in high school already!"

"It's mostly because of his little sister," she replied. "but there's also—"

The door opened. Standing there was Ethan's parents. The Mrs. was wearing a lilac dress that hung below her knees while Mr. Morgan wore a black tux with a purple tie. "Ethan!" he called. "Sarah and her cousin are here!"

Ethan appeared at the door just in time to hear his mother's directions, of which he rolled his eyes to. "Make sure that Jane is in bed by 9 o'clock. Oh, and make sure Ethan not on the computer after 11. If anything, that boy spends WAY too much time online."

"Yes, Mrs. Morgan. No need to worry," Sarah replied courteously.

"Well, okay. Thanks for staying for the weekend. We really appreciate it!"

"Oh it's no problem at all. I love being here. You just go and enjoy yourselves at the wedding!"

"Thanks. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything." Ethan's parents backed out of the driveway and drove away.

"Hey Sarah," Ethan greeted the vampire, trying to hide the fact that he was more than happy she was sleeping over. He tried to hide his blush when he saw what she was wearing. Well honestly, she wasn't wearing anything that special. She wore a dark blue t-shirt with a black buttoned vest over it and her usual blue jeans. Blue ribbons held her brown hair into low pig tails. Nothing special, but nonetheless, Ethan found it cute.

"Hi," she smiled back. "So, this is the cousin I was talking about."

He looked next to Sarah. The girl had black hair and dark brown eyes. She was about 5 "3, two inches smaller than her older cousin. In comparison, she was short, seeming as Ethan stood about 5 "9. She wore glasses and an aquamarine t-shirt with a long white vest that just hung there. Her hair was kept down besides a clip with a small white bow on it to keep her bangs off her face.

"Hi, my names Ethan," he held out his hand.

The girl timidly took his hand and smiled. "My names Marcelle, but just call me Mae," her innocent smile disappeared for a second and turned devious. Sarah had a face that said what are you up to? when Mae looked at her and giggled, "And, I know. Ate Sarah always talks about you!"

Sarah messed up her hair as Ethan let what Mae said just sink in. For smart guy, he was very slow. "Ate? What does that mean. Waaait—" Ethan's face flushed with embarrassment. "S-she talks about me."

Trying to hide her own blush Sarah began, "Uhh—"

Shaking her head at the two older teens, Mae giggled some more. She decided that she had her fun and quickly changed the topic, "Ate is pronounced "A", with a short a sound, and "te" with a t and a short e sound with the short t sound. Ate! It means older sister or older cousin that's a girl."

She slowly walked into the living room with the older teens following her. Surprisingly, they found Jane asleep on the couch even though it was only 4'o clock. Ethan picked her up and gingerly took her upstairs. Then, he sat himself down on a chair facing the couch where the two girls were sitting and continued the conversation.

"So what language it that supposed to be?" he asked, still curious about why Mae called Sarah Ate.

Mae's normal innocent smile took over her face again. She looked around nervously around the room, still a bit shy with Ethan. Sarah answered, "It's Tagalog, the main language in the Philippines. Mae it half Filipino—"

"Filipina," Mae corrected before letting Sarah continue.

"— on her dad's side of the family." Knowing Ethan's next question, she answered it before her could ask. "Her mom and my mom are sisters. So, no, I am not Filipino. But, I do understand and speak it a little."

"Oh, cool," Ethan smile truly interested. He was happy to get to know some of Sarah's family members for once. "How old are you, Mae?"

"I'm going to be thirteen in June."

"Oh! So, that must mean you're going to be in eighth grade next year?"

"Nope!" she giggled, "High school."

Ethan looked confused. He's fourteen and he's a freshman. "How so?"

"She skipped a grade," Sarah stated and messed up Mae's hair, "You little smarty!"

"Hey!" Mae laughed and tried to get Sarah's hand off of her head. "Quit it."

"Make me," Sarah laughed.

"Ok!" Before Sarah could do anything about it, Mae was tickling her on her only weak spot, her sides.

"AHAHAHAHA—oh no –haha—you don't!"

Ethan laughed at the two girls having a tickle fight right in front of him. A sudden thought came into his mind that made him blush. Luckily, the girls were too busy to notice. Finally, the girls had enough and settled down.

"I'm going to get some popcorn," Sarah said and walked out of the room.

"So what high school you going to?" Ethan asked wanting to continue earlier's conversation.

"Well, Whitechaple High of course, with you guys."

"Wait— but how? Don't you have to go home?" Sarah walked in as Ethan said this. She stood still, eyes wide open.

All the joy in the young girl disappeared in a split second. Mae looked down, with her hair covering her face. She growled, biting back the tears that threatened to come out. In a hoarse voice, she choked out, "I'm never going back there."

Sarah dropped the popcorn and hit Ethan's head. "Ethan!" she yelled at him. "You just had to bring that up didn't you?" She pulled the girl into a hug.

"I'm s-sorry. I didn't know…" he looked sadly at the girl. He really didn't know. He didn't mean to hurt her.

She knew that he didn't know; he knew almost nothing about her family. She sighed and began the story that would explain everything to the boy. "Mae is an only child. Her mom is my mom's sister, and her dad is Filipino. She was always lonely, but she didn't mind that much. I was always there for her, like an older sister, to look after her and her parents were very loving."

She stopped for a second to reach for a tissue. She took off the girl's glasses and wiped the weeping girls tears then continued, "Then everything went wrong. Tito, which means uncle, lost his job and Auntie died of cancer. Her father didn't know what to do anymore, so he started drinking. Mae practically raised herself for a year. She cooked, she cleaned, she paid the bills, she got moved up a grade and a scholarship for high school; she did everything she could to help her dad. Still, that wasn't enough."

Sarah looked at down at the girl whose whimpers started to die down, then back at Ethan again. "He became very abusive." She picked up Mae's left arm and showed him bruises he didn't notice earlier. Mae hissed at the pain as Sarah slowly put her arm down again. "She didn't tell on her dad because she knew that it was the drugs and alcohol taking. She only told me. It wasn't that bad at first; sometimes he would slap her or punch her, but never anything that bad. You know how I was not at school last week?"

Ethan nodded.

"Well, her dad went too far that time. I was with her at the hospital. Her dad had literally beaten her to death. Her left arm was bruised badly, as you can still see; she had horrible scratches and bruises on her legs which seem to have healed; blood all over her lips and nose; if the neighbors didn't call the police…"

Sarah started to cry. Even Ethan had tears in his eyes. He looked at the innocent little girl; she had been so kind to him the past three hours they have met. Anger rose up in him as he thought how could anyone do something to such a sweet girl? She didn't deserve any of this, and neither did Sarah.

Mae sat up and wiped the tears off her face. Taking Sarah's hands, she moved them so that she could see her eyes. She gave her cousin a quick peck on the cheek and hugged her again. "It's okay Ate. I'm okay now, see?"

Sarah tried to wipe away her own tears and smiled, "You know that I'll always be here for you right? Just like an older sister."

Mae giggled, trying to lighten up the mood, "Well technically, you are my older sister. The adoption forms are all filled out."

"Yes," she smiled and pulled the younger girl to another hug. "That is very true. Now, why don't you go to the bathroom and wash your face?"

"Okay," Mae said.

Ethan watched as the girl walked off, then turned back to Sarah. "She's a really strong girl."

"Yeah," she said. "A lot stronger than what she seems, I guess, but, not really. She's like a little sister to me and I can't stand to see her hurt. She's too innocent for that."

"I can see why you love her so much."

She still had tears in her eyes. It hurt him to see her cry. He though it would be better for her to get the rest of the story out of her mind. Talking in a soft voice, he said, "So, what happened after?"

Sarah wiped her tears again, but it was useless. "The paramedics found her beaten up on the floor. Her father was unconscious as well. They don't know what from, and they can't find any evidence to why."

"What do you mean?" Ethan asked confused. Mae's dad was hurt too? She couldn't possible have done that.

"He had marks all over him; it was as if a bear stepped all over him. There were also bite marks and blood all over, but not enough to permanently damage him," Sarah also looked confused. "It doesn't make any sense though! Mae didn't have the same makings. Her injuries were obviously from her father. The marks were human fits. But there was clear evidence there was some type of wild animal inside that. There were paw prints in blood. It doesn't make sense! If there was a wild beast, why would it only attack Mae's dad and not Mae?"

"Did she say that a monster of some sort attacked her?"

"No, only her dad did."

"Hmmm… Very interesting. Seems like a case we have to figure out." He laughed lightly.

"What are you talking about? This can't possible have anything to do with the supernatural!"

Ethan leaned in forward a little with a goofy smile, "Well, that's what you said last time and what happened? You saved me from becoming a werewolf for the rest of my life."

Sarah blushed slightly, "I told you, I didn't even know that it was you!"

Mae giggled from behind the entrance to the living room. They were so obvious! Deciding that she'd be dead if he was caught ease dropping, she walked into the room.

The two teens had embarrassed looks on their face. Mae thought that she mine as well apologize while they were still sort of on the subject still. "I'm sorry you had to hear all of that, Ethan. That was really none of your concern."

The dark haired boy shook his head and smiled. He went to her and gave her a hug, "No," he released her so that he could see her face. "This is my concern. Just know that I'm here for you too, okay? Umm—"

He turned over and looked at Sarah. The blush returned to his face, but it quickly disappeared; but not quick enough for Mae not to see. She ignored it for the time being. He looked back at Mae and continued, "think of me as your older brother."

Mae giggled, fully understanding that Ethan was talking about, but thought nothing of it for now. "Okay! Now how about it, older brother? Go and fix us some more popcorn!"

Me: Just as a side note, this takes place after season 1. OH and everything in the description is how I look like and would PROBABLY act.

Ethan: Wait, so you really come from an abusive family?


Sarah: Shhheesh Ethan! Can't you be a nicer about what you say? She said how she ACTs not her background. The background was just to make the story more interesting!

Me: Yeah shhhhesh! For a smart guy, you're really stupid. Anyways, it just lets me stay in the story. If I wasn't going to high school and I had to go back home, how is my character supposed to stay?

Ethan: Calm down! I was just asking.

Sarah: Heehee I FINALLY have some family on the show. Thank the Lord!

Me: Yup. That's the point