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Sarah and Benny stopped fighting and looked over to the two.

"What's wrong?" the dark beauty asked. She let go of Benny's collar, dropping him on the ground.

Mae looked over to Ethan then back at Sarah. Shrugging her shoulders, she went over to help Benny up, who was rubbing the red bump on his head. I will never understand teenagers, Mae thought, even if I'm going to be one soon.

Ethan sat still for a minute, not really looking at anyone, trying to decide whether or not he should tell them. Everyone sat quiet and intently awaiting his response. Another minute passed, then he shook his head and unconsciously smiled, "It nothing."

Sarah looked at him intently. She knew something was up. Ethan had that smile that she knew all too well. "Ethan?" she said slowly, trying to get him to tell them.

"It's nothing!" Ethan insisted. He decided that there was no reason to worry everyone. There was a chance that his vision was nothing; but then again, when were they ever wrong?

Sarah sighed, giving up. She looked outside to see sun setting. It was starting to get late, and she was starting to get hungry, vampire hungry; too hungry to care about what Ethan was hiding. Picking herself up off the bed, she walked towards Mae. "It's time to go home now," she said lending her a hand to get up as well.

Mae nodded and accepted her hand. She got up and followed Sarah out of Benny's room. Just before he walked out the room, the girl stopped at the door and looked over to Ethan who looked like he was still out of it, "You coming, Ethan?"

Ethan nodded and stood up, "Yeah."

Benny followed them downstairs to say goodbye. He opened the big door for them and smiled, "Thanks for visiting me guys."

"No prob, Benny," Sarah nodded, not bothering to look at him. She was staring at the majestic sunset and the rising moon. She wished that that was the only thing she could think about; the beauty of the world, but her hunger was getting to her. Good thing she had self-control, or else her friends would have been dinner by now.

"Yeah, see you later man," Ethan was the first to step out of the door. He stopped at the bottom of the steps and turned around to face the door; waiting for his girls.

"Night, Benny! Thanks for playing with me," Mae smiled and gave him a small hug. She gave hugs to everyone, so there was no reason that she couldn't hug Benny, right? Still, Sarah glared at him and tapped her foot impatiently on the floor, just waiting for the inevitable.

On cue, Benny put his hand behind his back and took out a rose, "For you, my lady."

Mae, not understanding it was a romantic gesture, just looked amazed as she took the red flower. She sniffed it and her smile widened, "Thanks! How'd you know I roses are my favorite flower and where'd that come from? It was like," she paused for a moment and then said, "Magic!"

Sarah rolled her eyes at the boy. Then panic struck when she heard the word magic. "Magic? What magic? There's no such thing as magic, uh," she took Mae's hand and started to drag her down the steps. "Bye Benny!"

Benny waved to the retreating figures at his front porch. When they were out of sight, he went inside and closed the door.

Mae wandered around the dark hall uneasily; her hands held to the wall so that she could feel her way around the house. She just woke up from nightmare; but not like the others. This one was almost real, like something out of a movie. When she reached over for some comfort, she found that Sarah was missing. The girl panicked. As soon as she got out of bed, she fell over— her leg was aching again— then she limped out of the room.

Opening the door at the opposite end of the hall, a boy was found sound asleep on his bed. Being careful not to startle him by make any loud noises, Mae quietly made her way to the boy's bed.

"E-ethan?" the raven haired girl whispered in the darkness. "Ethan?" she repeated and shook the boy gently.

Ethan stirred. The boy half-opened his eyes to find a figure standing beside his bed. The darkness hid her face, but he could still recognize Mae's squeaky little voice. Reaching over to his nightstand, he turned on his lamp. He blinked a couple times, adjusting to the light, but his eyes filled with worry when he saw the girl's pinkish eyes and tear stained cheeks. Obviously, she had been crying, again.

"C-can I stay with you, Ethan? Please?" Mae's voice shook.

"Umm, Sure," Ethan said sleepily and scooted over to give her some room. He was used to this, sort of. Jane used to come into his room all the time when she was scared, but it has been quite some time since she last has. Wait, didn't Mae have Sarah with her? "What's wrong, Mae?"

"I had a nightmare," Mae whispered as she timidly climbed on the bed and sat next to him; her voice was muffled, "but this was not like the others."

"You want to tell me what happened?"

"I don't know. It was all really blurry."

"How come you're crying if nothing happened then?" Ethan asked bewildered with her response.

Mae didn't look at him. Instead, she looked blankly out of his window; the moon was starting to get bigger. "It's what I could hear, what I could smell, what I could feel…"

Ethan looked uneasily at the girl. What in the world going on? Could this be related to his visions he had earlier?

"I heard lots of growling and hissing; lots of screams. I smelled an unfamiliar scent, it was a boy. Most of all, I smelled blood… everywhere! And what I could feel was just too much to be just a dream. I felt like I was being punched, again, and again, and again. It was as if whoever that was just toying with me, and letting me feel the pain because he was holding back. He could have easily killed me in one swipe."

Ethan sat up and didn't say anything for a few minutes. Not one of them said another word. The two just sat there in complete silence, thinking. The only noises that could be heard were the chirping of crickets and the croaking of frogs coming from outside Ethan's window.

Finally, Ethan spoke, "I know."

Mae looked up from the speck on his bed he had been staring at; a bit of light was beginning to appear in her dulled eyes again. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I had a vision today, two to be more exact. It seems to be similar to your dreams. There was a guy in mine too that I didn't know. He's after something, but I don't know what."

Ethan turned towards the small girl sitting next to him. "Something's going to happen, Mae, and we have to be prepared for it. We have to tell Sarah."

"We can't," Mae's voice began to quiver again.

"Mae, we have to!" Ethan insisted.

Tears began to form in Mae's chocolate brown eyes again. "We can't. Ate Sarah is gone!"

Ethan looked surprise, "Gone?"

Mae's voice was shaking as she bit her lip, trying to hold back tears, "Did she find out, Ethan? Did she leave, forever?"

Ethan was about to say something, but held it back. He couldn't tell her that Sarah was a vampire, and that she was probably outside trying to catch some kind of animal to such out its blood. First of all, he promised Sarah that he wouldn't tell Mae about the supernatural, even though, he thought, whatever bit Mae and turned her into a werewolf beat him to it. Secondly, he didn't want to freak the girl out. How would you like it if someone told you that your last family member was a vampire…? Then again that would go vice versa for Sarah. The only difference was that Mae was a werewolf, not vampire. That wouldn't work well for them; the werewolf vs. vampire ancestral thing.

Instead, he wrapped his arm around her and let her cry. He unconsciously hummed a little melody that used to calm Jane when she cried, "She would never leave you."

"How do you know? Everyone else has," she barked, unable to contain herself. Emotions were mixing around her head; confusion, sadness, pain. Why did she have to be stuck with all of this? And why now?

"Hey I'm not going to leave you. You are like Jane is to me; another little sister," Ethan chuckled a bit. "And Sarah? Sarah is not going to leave you, ever! She loves you a lot, more than you can ever imagine, okay?"

"But— she's gone!" the girl exclaimed.

"Don't worry," he said, slowly, trying to by some time to make an excuse. "I know where she is."

Mae jumped and looked at the boy with wide eyes. "Where is she?"

"She said something about, um, going out with Erica, her best friend. She probably didn't tell you because you haven't been sleeping well lately, so she wanted you to go to sleep." Ethan reassured. The Erica part was a lie, but you never know. Knowing Erica, she was probably prowling around in the black night looking for a bite to eat too. The two besties are bound to meet up at some point.

"This late at night, though?" Mae asked, a bit disbelievingly.

"Yeah… Just go to sleep, okay Mae? You can stay with me if that will make you feel better." Ethan yawned and reached over to turn off the lamp.

Mae crawled in next to him, looking around, still uneasy. Ethan noticed this and laughed lightly, "Don't worry. Whoever that guy is, he's not going to get you. If he comes, I'll take him on."

Mae giggled. She gave Ethan a playful punch, sarcastically saying, "Yeah, that makes me feel a lot better."

"ETHAN!" Sarah shrieked in rage.

The two sleeping teens almost feel out of bed. The loud scream woke up the two instantly. As they turned their head towards the direction of the noise, Ethan's eyes widened with fear as he found the protective vampire advancing towards him like an angry bear. It was a surprise that Sarah hadn't really turned vampire on them, her eyes were still their normal color and her fangs were hidden; but then again, Mae was in the room.

"I find you with my baby cousin in bed with your arms wrapped around her—"

Ethan sat up quickly, wailing his arms in front of his body. His face turned a dark scarlet. "I-it's not what you think, Sarah—"

"Yeah! I thought you I could trust you with her, but noooo! Apparently you are just like those other sickos out there!" Sarah was about to punch Ethan when Mae quickly got up and defended him.

"E-ethan didn't do anything, Ate!" the girl looked at her older cousin sternly. She knew all too well what was going Sarah thought Ethan did. Mae's innocent minded, but not stupid. She was upset that Sarah would think of them so low, "How could you even think that he would anything to hurt me?"

"W-well, uh," Sarah was lost for words. Mae has never talked to her that way before. "Explain why his arms were around you, and why you are even in his bed!"

Mae sighed, "The arms part; that was probably unconscious? I mean, we were asleep."

Sarah nodded for her to continue.

"I'm in his bed because I had another nightmare, and when I woke up, you weren't there!" Mae snapped, but her eyes immediately softened again. "I thought you left me."

Then she looked over to Ethan, "Sorry for snapping at you. I s-shouldn't have assumed that so fast. Thanks for taking care of her."

Ethan smiled at her. It was nearly impossible for him to be upset with her, "It's okay and your welcome."

Sarah sighed, and sat next to Mae, "I'm sorry for worrying you."

"It's okay, Ate. But, why did you go out so late?" Mae asked, and then her voice turned into a whisper, remembering what late night outings let to for her. "It's not safe."

"Well," Sarah started thinking of an excuse. "I got a call from Benny saying that he needed help fixing his house before grandma came back… He made a huge mess in there and needed some girl power to clean in all up…" Wow that was a really failed lie, Sarah thought.

"But, Ethan said you were out with…" Mae looked back and forth at the two teenagers, confused. "Your best friend; what was her name? Oh yeah, Erica."

"Uhhh," Sarah looked over to Ethan for some help. He only shrugged, not knowing what else to say. "Well, I met up with Erica at Benny's house? Then we went somewhere after that."

"Are you lying to me, Ate?" Mae asked not believing any of this. It's too, weird. Two completely different stories? Someone has to be lying here.

"Hehe," Sarah laughed nervously. "Of course not!"

"Are you sure? Your stories don't even—" Mae's tummy grumbled loud enough for all of them to hear. She sighed and looked at the two. "Whatever, can we eat? Please?"

"I already—"Sarah cut herself off. She is getting really impulsive now. She should really stop hanging out with the boys so much; they must be rubbing off on her. "Sure."

After breakfast Mae went upstairs and got all dressed while Ethan and Sarah were cleaning up. She came back down dressed nicely. The girl wore a white dress that had blue flowers all over it, and a ribbon tied just below her chest. Some of her hair was tied back the way Sarah tied her hair most of the time.

"What up with all the fancy?" Sarah asked, putting the last dish away.

"What?" Mae asked puzzled. "Don't you go to church anymore Ate?"

Not since she turned into a vampire, she hasn't! Ethan thought she would be thinking the same thing. Vampire and church, really doesn't mix well.

"Not lately," Sarah said, a bit saddened. She always loved her faith in God, but she couldn't touch anything holy unless she wanted to shrivel up and die! It sucks being a vampire.

"Well then let's go now!" Mae smiled.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Mae." Ethan said, trying to help Sarah out of this.

The younger girl pouted at him, "Why not?"

"Because…" Ethan started, trying to think of a good excuse. "We have a lot of things to do today, okay? Busy, busy, busy!"

"Well God wasn't too busy to make the world!" Mae argued. "Come on, Ethan, please? Can we go? It's the right thing to do."

Ethan turned to Sarah. It was not his decision whether they went or not. Literally, Sarah is the only one who drives. Either way, he didn't think it would be a good idea to make a vampire go the church…

Mae on the other hand didn't know what the problem was. Werewolves don't have a problem with holy stuff so she was good. "Please?"

"Oh fine!" Sarah said defeated. She will just have to figure out a way around everything holy, especially holy water and the Eucharist. Anyways, always did enjoy going to church. Maybe this will help her to be less stress about all the drama this year.

"Nice tie Ethan, but you know we aren't going to a comic convention right?" Sarah laughed at his star wars themed tie around his neck as Ethan sat in the seat next to her.

"This was the only clean tie I could find, okay? I don't use ties often so why do I have to clean them?" Ethan said as Sarah started the car.

"Boys…" Sarah rolled her eyes. "Why can't boys just keep clean for once?"

Ethan ignored the comment. Instead, he stared at Sarah while she wasn't looking. She wore a lovely purple dress, and her hair was tied up in a bun. Her makeup highlighted her face perfectly.

Sarah almost caught him staring, but she didn't say anything about it. The blush on his face was plastered there since he stepped in the car.

"Are you feeling a bit hot, Ethan?" she asked. "I could turn on the A/c if you want."

Mae sat in the back seat, watching their little scene pass. It was too cute! How could Sarah not get that he's in love with her? Mae was completely oblivious to love, yet even she could see it. She really must do something; it would be awesome if the two got married. Ethan would be her brother-in-law, and Jane would be like her little sister, sort of! Either way they would all be family, a real family. Not a place where Mae would come home, terrified for the beating that was sure they come.

No, a real family, full of love, but Mae was getting ahead of herself. Sarah and Ethan were much too young to get married. Baby steps; she has to get them together first.

Without warning, Mae's eye turned golden as soon as Sarah put the windows down. She looked behind her to see a dark figure near Ethan's house as it disappeared in the distance. His smell infuriated the werewolf inside of Mae. The scent was of the person was the one who was responsible her for all things wrong with her life, and he was here? How did he find her?

Either way, it was a good thing they left when they did.

"You said they would be here!" an ominous looking figure hissed and knocked over his companion.

"S-sorry boss, but this is the place. I f-followed that older girl here this morning," the smaller teenager stuttered, getting up from the floor. He carefully maneuvered himself around the glass mirror he broke when he was thrown back.

"Then where are they?" His master yelled, tearing one of the curtains and then knocking over on of Ethan's mom's vases. The boy jumped at the loud noise, expecting a beating from his boss.

Instead, the master placed his fists at his sides and took a deep breath. "I have another assignment for you."

"But this time," he took a step towards his henchman and growled, "don't disappoint me."

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