Title: Back to square one

Sum: Souichi would have never drank that bottle if he knew it would lead to this! Or would he?

Rating: T maybe M

A/N: Guess you could say this takes place in volume 7, since thats when they had their major fight, I'm really glad Souichi didn't bring up the bottle, but a part of me just couldn't help but think...'what if he did?' So here it is-

Kinda ^^;

"I haven't even done it once because I wanted to have I?" Souichi yelled. Morinaga was taken aback by this, was this Sempie's true feelings?

"Sempie...I'm sorry, but even so...you, you have felt something...right? I mean you even seemed jealous, isn't that why you didn't want me to see Maskai again?"

Souichi snapped, "I just didn't want you getting wrapped up in something wired again! But you always find a way to bring it back to that huh? Get a hold of your love filled brain!" He cried. "If I knew what I do now, I...I would have NEVER DRANK FROM THAT DAMN BOTTLE!"

That was it, there was no doubt anymore, these were Sempies true thoughts, his real feelings this whole time...and it hurt...Morinaga felt the words crush his very soul.

As soon as the words left his mouth Morinaga was out the door, he couldn't take it, the love of his life hated him, and worse he felt he had really come close to his heart each time they made love...but it was just an illusion after all. He would never have Souichi's heart in a million years.

Souichi slumped on the counter, did he really mean that? Would he have never touched that bottle if he knew what it would do to his life? More importantly, would he have been happy with the way his life was before then if it were to stay that way for life?

'Of course I would!' he spat at his thoughts, 'I'm not some damn freaking homo! It would have been better if it stayed that way...wouldn't it?'

The day soon turned to night and there was still no sign of Morianga coming home, Souichi sat on the couch for a few hours waiting. 'When is that idiot going to be back?' that thought bugged him. 'Why do I even care?' getting up he went to his room and shut and locking the door went to bed.

For a while he couldn't sleep, tossing and turning in bed, but at last he drifted off.

"So I heard you would wish for things to go back to the way they use to be, before you found and drank that hidden bottle in Morinaga's place."

Souichi was startled waking up. "Don't be scared, I'm only a dream sprite." the voice spoke.


"I'm here to grant your wish, if you want I will take you back into time to the day you were drinking at Morinaga's house up to the point he left to get more beer, your actions from there will either keep your life as it is now, or put you back into the life you had long before then."

Souichi thought about it for a moment and answered, "Before the black mail you mean?" why he couldn't just say yes or no was a mystery to the sprite, but then that was Souichi for you.

"If that's what you wish to call it then yes."

Souichi gave a swift nod and a white light filled his eyes.

"Ah, damn it!" he whined filling light headed and...drunk? Opening his eyes he found himself in Morianga's old apartment when he was living by himself, and Souichi still living with his little sister and Mrs. Matsuda.

"It feels so odd now, being here in this place." looking around he noticed Morinaga looking at him. 'When did he get here?' he mentally screamed.

"Sempie? Are you alright, I think you have had too much to drink..."

"I'm fine!" he snapped, why he wasn't sure but at least Morinaga wouldn't find it out of the ordinarily since he clearly remembered he was pissed the whole day from finding out his little brother had become one of 'them' and now was getting married to that no good Kurokawa!

"Go get me some more beer!" he yelled, again he didn't know why, he felt maybe it was because he wanted some time to think.

"Ok, Sempie, okay. I'll pick up some snacks too." and was out the door.

Souichi felt his heart pounding, he knew where that bottle was, his eyes, without realizing it, drifted to the cabinet it was stored in.

'Whould I?...crap,' maybe making Morianga get more beer was a bad idea now; now he had to think about if he really would drink from it again, or just leave it.

"What I'm I thinking! I'm not touching that damn thing! I'll just stay here and wait for him to return, then none of that homo crap would have ever happened!"

And with that, Souichi lied down on the bed and waited.

At first I planed on making this a one shot, but after re-reading it and editing, I changed my mind, its going to be a two shot instead. If not more...