Photographs hold every memory.

In every photograph is just a running life frozen, i wish I could go back to when i walked passed you, I would change my whole path of direction..

Even though they always said you weren't good for me, & that I better run.. I didn't listen..

October, 2010

As I was on the phone with my bestfriend Tara, we were talking about her ex, Greg.

"I mean, I don't understand why hes such a player." I said while frowning, they broke up last year, but he"s still the biggest player on earth. "You know what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna write on his wall & tell him I wanna run him over with my 4x4!"

"Do it!" Tara says as I log in my Facebook, with 5 minutes later I gt a reply.

"He wroe back." Tara waned me to read it outloud "He said 'I pefer handcuffs & whips' ... What the hell! WHy did you date that Tara!"

" I DON'T KNOW! He smelled good!" she said

& Thats where it all began..

As days & days go on me & Greg start talking more, then it turned into flirting, next thing I know, I'm falling for him.. I knew it was wrong to date my bestfriends ex, & none of my friends approved, especially Scarlett, She disapproved to a new extreme.

"It's just wrong Kelsie!" she shouted to me over the phone

"I know.. Please don't lecture me. I feel bad enough.." we hung up & I decided to do the right thing.. So I called Greg & broke up with him.. He said it was fine & we could still be friends.. But deep inside I had a feeling that this wasn't over.. But I never knew it'd go this far..