Photos hold every memory.

As the fall went on, I suddenly got extremely close to Greg.. Yeah, Greg, the Greg that I shouldn't even think about, I'm falling for him. Again. We talk... Well, we talk everyday, all day.. If we aren't on the phone we're texting.. If we aren't texting, we're on the phone.. I knew it was wrong, But I didn't care.

A month or so later, we decided to go back out.. But this time not tell anyone, Again, I knew it was wrong, But I was in some type of fantasy that nothing was terrible, & everything was right...

"It just isn't right. & the more I lie, the worse I feel. She's gonna hate me! their all gonna hate me, babe." I said while nervously pacing my room. "I mean, I wanna be with you. But it's just so wrong.."

"Listen, if you're uncomfrotable, lets tell them." He said simply

"Seriously? But like.. wouldn't it be... Weird if we all hangout together...?" I said while looking out my window as a car pulled up in my drive way.

"No, It'll be fine." He said then laughed a little

"Hey someone just pulled in my drive way. I'll call you back okay?"

"Sure, Love you." he said then hung up, I laughed then started bouncing down the stairs to get the door. I opened it & there stood Scarlett

"Yo." She said while walking in & going to the kitchen

"Do you not eat at your own house?" I laughed following her to see her getting cereal

"Yeah, but it's fun to come over here. Sue me woman. Whats this?" She said while pointing to the table where a white envelope sat, I shrugged then picked it up.

"Should've known.. It's a note from my mom.."

"Your father and I have a buisness trip to go on, we will be gone for a week or two. Credit card in the envelope, 200$ on it. If you need more, let us know. Will call asap. Much love ~ Mom & Dad."

I shook my head & threw the credit card & note in my bag & looked at Scarlett.

"Letty, will you stay with me for a week or so?" I asked

"Of course Kels. Why whats going on?" She asked while getting a beer

"Mom & dad are on a 'Buisness trip' more like a vacay. & dude, its 12. & it's sunday! a little early for beer don't you think?" I said while laughing

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere!" She said while laughing a little more. This was gonna be one lonnngggg week...