No One's Flying Tonight

Word Count: 180

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Linden/Holder

Spoilers: up to 1x13, just to be safe.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I just break things.

Summary: He wants a fix. She's got some place to be. All plans change.

Author's Note: This is just a short little thing that came to me, only a couple of lines. I sat down tonight and expanded it a bit. I also ignored the pesky part of the finale. :P

No One's Flying Tonight

He could feel it. That slight twitch in his fingers. That itch. He lit up a cigarette, hoping it would take the edge off. It wasn't much of a substitute, and he knew it. He was jonesing for a fix, and he'd throw away everything if he could. He knew that about himself by now.

Shaking his head, he settled down with a beer instead, not entirely ready to spend the rest of the night fighting against his nature. He had just closed his eyes, about to take a sip, when he heard the knock.

He took the sip anyway before dragging himself out of the chair and crossing the room to answer it.

He opened the door, proud of the fact that there was no surprise on his face, no real reaction to the fact that she was standing in front of him. He shrugged a little, letting her inside. "Knew you didn't want to get on that plane, Linden."

"Shut up, Holder," she said, grabbing a hold of his sweatshirt and pulling him close enough to kiss him.