A slow fade from black, leading into a middle aged man sitting behind an oak desk. Behind him, the (in)famous Aperture Science wheel shown with the red, white, and blue. "I'm Cave Johnson, and I approve this message," the man said, those same words appearing to stand up on the desk in front of him.

Cave leaned forward, casually sweeping the words away. "America," a pair of small American flag rose from the table, one to his left and the other to his right, "land of the free, and home of the brave. At least, that's what my opponents would like you to think."

The Aperture Science logo was replaced with the faces of two of his opponents; Dr. Breen and the Combine Overlord. "See, Breen may have the right intentions, but his Overlord VP will that freedom, grind it up, and sprinkle it on its breakfast cereal." To drive the point home, a tiny Strider strode up beside the flag on his right, and vaporized it. "No-one wants that."

Again the image behind him changed, this time into a collection of semi-spherical turrets. "As for the Turret Collective; well… How well would you trust a dog you raised from a puppy that then bit you?" A small group of turrets landed around the flag on his left, finishing with a larger, fist sized turret crushing the flag and one of the turrets. "Ouch."

"So what can we do? We can vote for me is what! Cave Johnson! As your president, I promise to never replace our hard working citizens with mechanical soulless robots or rule the entire world with an iron tentacle. Instead, I'll do what Americans want; more science!" With that, half a dozen Weighted Storage Cubes rained down on the Strider and Turrets, crushing the both of them with ease. Cave swept the broken remains off the desk, and placed a lemon with a pin on the desk. "The Lemon party. Vote for me."

The camera zoomed in on the lemon, showing the same red, white, and blue Aperture Science logo painted on its surface. As it zoomed in, the background morphed into a waving American flag. "Cave Johnson. We're done here." The lemon exploded into a screen filling Aperture Science logo, with the caption "Johnson/GLaDOS for 2012. Vote Lemon. For Science. You Monster."