sometimes, you make me wish that i had the sky in the palm of my hand
just so i could give you a star that shines as bright as you
and in the moments that there was nothing needed to say
it would shine away like nothing in the world could ever go wrong

Her fingers moved quietly, almost soundlessly over the piano keys, pressing out a mixture of chords and notes to blend into a seamless melody, which her voice, never once wavering, added words to as she went along.

from the day i saw you there, acting like a fool
i knew that you were right, this couldn't go wrong
so far, it hasn't
please don't let me be wrong

Moonlight filtered in through the windows (which hadn't originally been there) and bathed her in a soft glow. She was sitting at the piano in the darkness of the music hall at the high school, refusing to turn on the lights, instead letting the natural light illuminate the room. It was pretty late, nearly two am, but here she was anyways.

when i see you, i just want to melt
your smile is contagious, it's infectious
brighter than the sun
i always want to see it

Since Miss Reznick had given them permission to use the music hall however and whenever they wanted, she found herself frequently coming there, when all of the other band members would be at home, and play songs she made up off the top of her head, songs that she might've liked but never recorded or saved to memory.

can i just say that i don't want you to leave me
if you left me, the sky would be dark and starless
just a pit of empty, useless hopes and dreams
and i wouldn't be in the right place

However, tonight, she didn't notice her unexpected visitor, since it was so dark. He was sitting in one of the seats, a playful, yet thoughtful smile on his face. He would wait until she was finished to exclaim his approval.

please tell me i was right when i said this was worth a shot
please don't tell me this was all a waste of time and effort
please tell me you want to stay with me through all the days and nights
please don't tell me i'm not worth it

He slowly, quietly stood, knowing she was almost done, ready to surprise her.

so just stay with me, let's count the stars in the night
hold me close until the morning light
let's keep our hope strong
love is the only thing we have left

As she decided she would finish the rest later, a deep sigh fell from her lips as her hands fell to her sides.


"Ah!" she yelped in surprise, letting out a sigh of relief when she realized it was just Charlie. "Charlie, you scared me," she frowned, crossing her arms. He smiled and sat down next to her on the piano bench.

"Sorry, Stell," he said, putting his arm around her. Stella leaned into his side, deep in thought. "So.. your song?"

"Hm?" she said, glancing up at him.

"I like it. Maybe we can turn it into a duet?"

She smiled softly. "I'd like that."

This is a short, fluffy Starlie oneshot, in case you couldn't tell, because I'm tired of all the Rayella stuff that's popping up here. Nobody makes any Starlie stories anymore. Where are my fellow Starlie fans? D: If anything about the piano is inaccurate, tell me, because I know absolutely nothing about piano. I don't play it.