Ah, so, kamihanazono mentioned that I should write a fic about 50-year-old Shizaya since they both made an appearance in the epilogue. :) As much I would love to write a fic, I am currently working on many other Shizaya fics and wouldn't have the time to juggle one more.

But, I did want to write a short one shot about them because old Shizaya is just so cute! And there's not enough of older Shizaya. ^_^ So I hope you guys enjoy this extra which is supposed to be a kind of "after everything" story.

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The morning sun filtered through the cream colored curtains, falling across his face that scrunched up with displeasure. He didn't want to wake up yet because he just felt so comfortable where he was, but a quick going through his mind for the day told him it was a Saturday, which meant company was coming over and he'd have to get up sooner or later.

"Mmm," Izaya slowly opened one scarlet eye as he yawned, stretching his body to get rid of the kinks and sighing with relief as his bones cracked, releasing the set tension in them. Aging wasn't a pleasant thing, and sadly, unlike he wished he couldn't physically stay 21 forever; although he thankfully—because he kept up his parkour exercises—could still enjoy some things he did when he was 21. Namely things that involved his limbs being tangled up with that of his partner's…Smiling slightly at the thought of what he and his partner did in bed, he moved to get out of the bed only to be pulled back in it, strong arms, despite their age, wrapping around him.

"S'not time to wake up yet…" a deep voice moaned as his partner snuggled his face closer to Izaya's back, blonde locks with grays threaded through them tickling his bare skin. Izaya ran his hand through his own graying raven hair, chuckling lightly at his lover's actions.

Izaya's crimson eyes softened as he twisted his body around to face Shizuo. Tired blue eyes stared back at him. Even though it had been thirty-five years since Shizuo had returned in Tsugaru's body, it was still sometimes weird to see Tsugaru's face but know that it was Shizuo. "Stupid protozoan," Izaya murmured teasingly as he reached out to lightly kiss Shizuo's nose. "It's Saturday, remember? Delic and Hibiya are supposed to bring Himika over."

The sound of his golden-eyed, blonde little angel's name roused Shizuo awake as he sighed and forced himself up. Izaya almost laughed. Shizuo would do anything for their precious little granddaughter.

Izaya again moved to get up and start breakfast, but Shizuo grabbed his arm and led him towards the bathroom instead. "Nu-uh, flea. Once Himika is here, we won't get any time to spend alone together. I'm using what precious little time I have left with you wisely."

"Ack, Shizu-chan, stop it!" Izaya tried to protest as his lover's hands slid up his shirt, moving to pull it off. "They'll be here any minute! I need to go start breakfast!"

"They can wait to eat," Shizuo growled as he pulled off Izaya's shirt and threw it aside. He began to kiss the curve of Izaya's neck, his teeth biting down as his tongue flashed out and licked the pale flesh.

"Aahnn…" Izaya moaned this time as his protesting became weaker. "Sh-Shizuo…stop…" But the blonde just smirked and continued his actions, his hands slowly making their way down the stretch of Izaya's torso to the waistline of his shorts, sliding past the fabric an—

The doorbell ringing interrupted them and in Shizuo's brief moment of distraction, Izaya pulled away and hastily pulled his shirt back on. The raven glared warningly at his partner as he stomped out of the bathroom. "Tch," Shizuo mumbled as crossed his arms, following his lover towards the front door. It was too bad that Delic and Hibiya were now grown adults and he couldn't ground them anymore. The moment the door opened, a small little girl no older than five with bright golden eyes like honey and bouncing blonde waves ran into the apartment.

"Shi-chan!" her cheery voice squealed as her small feet made their way towards Shizuo.

A wide smile broke out into the blonde's face as he bent down and swopped his granddaughter into his arms, twirling her around in the air as she giggled in delight. "There's my little princess!" Shizuo stopped spinning her but still carried her in his arms as he kissed her forehead and her cheeks.

"Really dad, you spoil her too much," a tired and slightly annoyed voice rang out. Shizuo turned to look at his younger son whose golden eyes, much like Himika's, stared at them exasperatedly. Shizuo had to admit that if Hibiya's eyes were as red as Izaya's, he'd the spitting image of Izaya when irritated.

"She's my granddaughter, I can spoil her all I want," Shizuo huffed as he let Himika down so she could go greet her other grandfather with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Iza-chan," Himika greeted Izaya with a large, childlike smile. Izaya smiled softly and lovingly down at her.

"Hello Himika, you hungry?" Izaya asked as he sent a knowing look towards Shizuo. "I'm sorry breakfast isn't ready yet, Shi-chan was bullying me this morning."

"Oh, dad was only 'bullying'?" Izaya turned to glare at his older son who smiled innocently, his pink eyes twinkling with mirth. At the age of 31, Delic looked almost exactly like how Shizuo used to. Tall, creamy skin, and his blonde hair falling in perfect disarray above his pink eyes.

"Not in front of Himika, Delic," Izaya warned, Himika curiously looking up and wondering what they were talking about.

"Of course, papa, whatever you say," Delic snickered, only to be surprised when Shizuo came up from behind him and smacked his hand down on his shoulder. "Ah…hi there, dad."

Shizuo's smile was seemingly innocent although the hand that squeezed Delic's shoulder was all but soft. For an old guy, Shizuo was still pretty strong. "Don't make fun of your father, Delic. Also, don't you guys usually come later?"

"We came a bit earlier because we won't be able to stay the night this time," Hibiya informed them as he picked Himika up and shoved her into Shizuo's arms, causing the older man to let go of Delic. The younger blonde looked at his lover with grateful eyes.

"How come you won't be able to stay the night?" Shizuo asked as Himika playfully began to ruffle his hair, pulling out little bow clips from her jacket pocket and placing them haphazardly throughout his blonde locks.

"Hibiya has a performance in Kyoto tomorrow night," Delic told them with an apologetic smile. "So we have to leave by tonight to get there by morning in time for his final dress rehearsal. I also wanted to look out for new talents in Kyoto."

"Ah," both the older blonde and raven said, knowing they couldn't do anything about it. They had been a bit surprised when their youngest son decided to become kabuki actor, but his talent for it was undeniable. He quickly became one of the most prominent and best kabuki actors in Japan. Delic, on the other hand, ran a very successful record label and talent agency. His company was currently in charge of several popular idol groups.

Speaking of their sons, both Shizuo and Izaya smiled at each other as they thought about how shocked both of them had been when they found out their sons were in love with each other. It hadn't been very pleasant in the beginning. But since Delic and Hibiya weren't really related by blood, being that they were birthed by surrogate mothers with Shizuo fathering Delic and Izaya fathering Hibiya, there wasn't really anything truly wrong with their relationship. And who were Shizuo and Izaya to stop them from loving each other? They knew what it was like to not have the one they loved. They didn't want their sons to feel that way too.

"Shi-chan, Iza-chan!" both of the adults looked down at their granddaughter who looked up at them with excited eyes. She held up the box of the game Othello in her hands. "Daddy got me this new game, will teach me how to play?"

Izaya smiled and bent down to be at the little girl's eye level, "Of course we will! Come on, let's go set it up and I'll explain the rules to you while Shi-chan makes breakfast."

"Why do I have to make breakfast?" Shizuo whined, pouting because he also wanted to play with his granddaughter.

"Because Himika loves Shi-chan's chocolate chip pancakes the most!" Himika chirped out, smiling so sweetly at Shizuo that he couldn't bear to let her down. He went off to the kitchen to make Himika some of his chocolate chip pancakes, which—he noted with a small smile as he got all the ingredients—had actually been Tsugaru's favorite breakfast.

Delic and Hibiya sat on the couch, watching and sometimes interjecting as Izaya taught Himika how to play Othello. Once Izaya was finished, Delic challenged his daughter to a game and Hibiya watched, cheering on his daughter who outwitted her father. Izaya chuckled, walking to kitchen and seeing that Shizuo had finished making a grand breakfast feast. "Hm, don't you think that's a little too much, Shizu-chan?"

"Himika is a growing girl," was all Shizuo pointed out as he grabbed some plates and headed to the dining table. Izaya just laughed, grabbing the rest of the plates and following. They called their sons and granddaughter to the table, saying that it was time to eat. As they ate, Himika happily chatted with Shizuo, bragging that she had beaten her father easily at Othello. Delic feigned hurt, saying he only lost for the sake of his daughter. Izaya and Hibiya just rolled their eyes at their silly blonde lovers, chuckling.

Hours later, Hibiya was sitting on the couch, reading a book as Delic napped with his head on Hibiya's shoulder. Himika was sitting in Izaya's lap as they both sat on Izaya's swivel chair, looking through an old photo album together. Shizuo sat not too far away, just watching them both with a smile.

"Wah~! Iza-chan, you look so much like papa!" Himika pointed to an old picture of Izaya in high school, his black gakuen uniform jacket smaller than it was supposed to be, his red v-neck standing out against it. In the picture, he was laughing while he was running away, Shizuo angrily chasing him from behind with a desk in his hands. Himika frowned as she looked more closely at the picture, "That looks like Shi-chan, but the eyes are different. Who's that, Iza-chan? Shi-chan's twin?"

Izaya blinked, doing a double take of the picture. He then smiled, "That is Shi-chan, Himika."

"But how come he looks different?" Himika asked with a curious expression.

Izaya laughed, ruffling his granddaughter's blonde hair. "Because that's how Shi-chan looked before."

"What do you mean, Iza-chan?"

Izaya paused before his lips curled into a small, almost sad smile, "Do you want to hear a story, Himika?"

The girl's eyes widened with curiosity as she nodded her head with a wide smile. Izaya smiled at her cuteness before he started, "Well, this story all begins with a friend of mine. A friend who helped me bring Shi-chan back from the dead."

Himika had fallen asleep against Izaya by the time he had finished his story. His eyes softened as he gently placed a kiss on her forehead, carefully lifting her up. Delic and Hibiya were both packing up Himika's toys and games to get ready to leave.

"How come you never told us that story, papa?" Hibiya questioned as he finished packing up Himika's stuff. His golden eyes curiously looked at his father. "Is it true?"

"It's a story all in the past now," Izaya sighed as he let Delic take Himika from his arms. His eyes were a bit dazed, lost in the past that had happened so long ago as a sad smile marred his face.

Hibiya studied his father's expression, his mind going back to the story. He never knew his parents' past was so complicated. That his father, once upon a time, had been dead. That he had been a different man from who he was now. It all seemed too surreal…

"We better get going, Hibiya," Delic interrupted his thought process as he picked up Himika's bags while carefully making sure he didn't wake up the girl in his arms. Both of them bid their fathers goodbye, leaving with promises of coming over next weekend.

Once the door was shut behind them, Izaya just stood in front of it, crossing arms across his chest as he sighed. Shizuo wrapped his arms around his partner from behind, placing his chin on Izaya's shoulder. "You okay?" he asked softly.

"Yeah," Izaya sighed in response, smiling reassuringly at his lover. His scarlet eyes looked upward at the roof then, "But sometimes I wonder…What if they're not really happy? What if they wanted to live together, just like we did? What if," his voice almost choked at this point as he tried to force back the swelling of emotions in his chest, "What if Tsugaru regrets what he did? Giving you his body?"

"Izaya," Shizuo started, frowning as he pulled away and spun his lover around to face him. The look on his face was serious, "Don't think that way. This is what Tsugaru wanted. He wanted you to be happy."

"I know," Izaya said, although he didn't sound too sure. "But sometimes…"

"Shh," Shizuo put a finger to Izaya's lips, shaking his head. "Just stop thinking about what if's. Instead, why don't you think about all the things Tsugaru did tell you? Those things that were real. He told you not to worry, didn't he? He told you that he was happy where he was, and that he wanted you to be happy. He said he was glad he brought us back together. Does that sound like he regretted giving his body to me?"

"No," Izaya admitted, smiling softly. He looked up at Shizuo, pure love and adoration in his eyes, "You're right. I'm sorry."

"Of course I'm right," Shizuo smiled smugly.

"Oh shut up and kiss me already before the moment's over, you stupid protozoan."

And Shizuo did just that, leading his lover to the bedroom to do more than just kissing.

"Tsuki?" The blonde heard the shuffling to his side and rolled over, meeting the scarlet eyes of his lover of five years. He smiled and kissed the pale forehead of his lover.

"What's the matter, Roppi?" Tsukishima looked down at the raven who blushed slightly at the show of affection and in slight shyness. He reached down and felt around for Hachimenroppi's hand hidden beneath the sheets. When he found it he grasped it and intertwined their fingers, smiling as Roppi's face became redder. He was just so adorable sometimes. "What's on your mind?"

"I was just thinking about how we met," Roppi murmured so softly that Tsukishima almost didn't catch it. "It's a bit funny when I realize the reason we met was all because of a train ticket."

"And I'm thankful for that train ticket," Tsuki pointed out with a light chuckle.

"But I wonder…" Roppi mused as he looked away from Tsukishima, a deep blush coloring his cheeks. "Why did you invite me out that day?"

Tsukishima paused, a bit taken aback by the question. He wasn't really sure himself, although now he was glad that he did ask Hachimenroppi out. It had been the best thing that ever happened to him. "To be honest, I'm not sure why. I just felt attracted to you…like love at first sight."

The blush already dusting Hachimenroppi's cheeks darkened as he stammered, "I-Id-Idiot! That's embarrassing! Don't say that!" He half-heartedly punched Tsukishima's arm before burying his face into a pillow, his ears as red as his face.

Tsukishima just smiled widely at his lover's embarrassment as he moved over to hover slightly above Hachimenroppi. He kissed the back of his ear, feeling his lover shiver slightly at the touch. "I love you, Roppi," he whispered in his ear, smiling as he saw his lover's scarlet eyes peek out slightly from the pillow, a small smile on Roppi's face before he turned around to face his lover fully.

"I'll love only you," Tsuki promised. "Forever and ever."

He sealed the promise with a kiss.

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