Looking around the train station with a bit of despair, one Harry James Potter wished that Hagrid had remembered to mention the way to Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

"What now Hedwig?" She just hooted at him. "Giving you owl treats isn't going to help."

Sighing, the boy wondered what to do, when someone run into him from behind.

"Hi!" A female voice chirped happily.

Feeling her pull ahead, Harry took a moment to readjust himself before turning around.

It was a girl, his age to be exact, with dull brown hair pulled into a ponytail and a two locks that fell to the side of her face. With slight off-colored pale skin, and a red blush that dusted her face freckle covered face, she grinned at him. Her eyes hidden by the glare on her rounded glasses, but he felt them glance over him.

"Hello" He greeted her back.

"Are you lost? Your lookin' like I do when ever I'm walkin' by myself." She asked, her accent suggesting she's from overseas.

"I'm looking for Platform Nine and Three Quarters."

"I know where that is."

"You do?" Harry looked pretty hopeful at that omission.

"Sure." Taking a hold of her luggage cart, Harry then noticed she had a very large black owl with glaring yellow eyes, she gestured him to follow. He found led to a pillar and couldn't help but give a questioning stare.

Grinning at him, she tugged her cart and took a step backwards, disappearing before his eyes. Staring after what seemed like hours, he quickly grabbed his cart, ignoring Hedwig's annoyed hoot, and went after her.

"LOKI!" The God of Mischef grinned as Fate screamed his name in rage, Destiny followed her looking just as mad.

Why are they mad at him? Sure he plucked a girl from another dimension, deaged her, and gave her magic. She wasn't forced to do it, he asked and she accepted with a odd little grin.

He had no influcence over her and her choice to screw up their bitch's horrible angsty excuse for life.