Leaning against a wall in Diagon Alley, Cassidy thought as she pretended to people watch.

She had already fiddled around with events to a certain extent that things were starting to slip off the rails. Messing around with anything this year though? Could not only cause everything to fly off the rails, but launch it right up into space too if she didn't play her cards right.

...Okay maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but there could get to the point where events will get out of what little control she managed to have on it though.

Though would it be a bad thing really? Causing things to not proceed as they had originally would be a sign of change, but then more dangers she didn't know of could pop up and threaten her friends.

Cassidy tilted her head a bit and watched the Weasleys, plus Harry, bustle their way through the crowd.

She had to consider what she would do as well though. Her actions in the first year got Dumbledore attention on her, and she had no doubt he would keeping an even closer eye on her after helping Ginny out.

Another thing to consider was what to do with herself. Cassidy was to an extent, a slightly off beat girl with violent tendencies but she was also mentally an adult and probably would not be able to hide that forever.

When Harry turned his head and finally caught sight of her, the brown haired girl smiled at both her friend and her closing thought.

Cassidy Reeves would be herself, while the person she had been would analyze and figure how to proceed if(when) a situation came up.

And hopefully no one will ever catch on.