Okay first this is my first posting, Not my first work, and I have been in fiction writing classes, But like so many other forms of art you can always improve. So constructive criticism is appreciated. thank you.

Second a few of my real life friends were talking and pointing each other to funny youtube videos, when one of them found one about Cave Johnson running for president, Which spiraled out him wanting to write a fanfiction of that idea. Which he sort of did, you can find it though his profile(Heta-Kasha) and the more we talked about it the more I wanted to do something, So I proposed a few ideas before settling on all of the valve turrets forming One party. Here is their campaign ad. this is set in the same comprehensive universe that his is.

third All Half Life, Portal, and Team fortress content belongs to valve not me.

A very large iron vault door fills the screen, suddenly a small light starts flashing and it opens up. Behind the door we find an Aperture Science Turret. "Hello, United States, I am of the Aperture Turret collective, and it endorses this advertisement."

The screen fades to black then to a large white room where one large turret with a crown and a leopard spots pattern. Suddenly it turned it's eye on, and spoke in a deep resonating voice that shook the camera, "Hello, people of the United states, I am here speaking before you today, because unlike some people, I do not feel hate, or spite, or the urge to senselessly blow up or set fire to defenseless lemons, or fancy me self your king like some floating maggots. So vote me your king," suddenly from behind the camera we hear three short beeps. "Er I mean president. Vote me your president." the Animal king finished.

Suddenly the the room starts to move down. Revealing another room, this one gray, and with a small black oval shaped turret. "Hey! Hey, people of America, this is the defective turret, we want to represent all of the turrets and bots and even you humans who have to work long hours, with little or no pay, and no gratitude. Because we know what it's like."

The room rotates to the left this room being black with three turrets in this one. The largest one starts speaking in an almost sing song voice, "we promise that we will protect the interests of the working class." a normal turret speaks up next. "Those who live above, will only fall... I mean Breen and his vp will only bring ruin to the United States" The last one a strange combination of a turret and a cube, spoke this in a high English accent. "Rantings yogurt raw forest." a few seconds of silence. "The rants shall continue until the budget burns and the freedom sinks... I mean, he said that Cave Johnson and GLaDOS are inefficient, and will test the United States Right in to the ground."

the camera fades again showing all of the turrets in the same room along with one other turret that is fairly tall and slim. "Disaster awaits, on all paths but one." said the almost normal turret. "What oracle turret meant to say," all of the turrets capable of speech say, "Is that if you want to avoid ruin, Vote for us, we open doors and keep them open." With that final statement the large vault door swings close. On it, is painted the sentence, 2012 Vote for the turret party, Target Acquired, Dispensing Hope.