Interactions of Change

Title: Interactions of Change

Category: Teen Wolf

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Smut(eventually)

Ratting: M for latter Chapters

Warning: Slash m/m possible spoilers up to and including Lunatic.

Paring: Derek/Stiles

Summary: Derek saves Stiles and bites him in order to protect him.

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing

A/N: I don't know to much about werewolf lore or anything so I just made it up as I went and a little of what I've seen in movies and such. So if that bothers you, then you should not bother reading. Also Special thanks to tesherfortmrw for helping me out with information I was looking for. ? This story takes place after the sixth episode but Stiles doesn't tell the sheriff it was Derek, only Scott does, and it doesn't fallow any of the storyline after that. This was going to be a one shot but its taking so long to write it all out I decided to break up what I have so I can get it out there. Also tots doesn't fallow the story line starting at the beginning of Lunatic.

Special thanks to Laraneia for betaing!

Chapter 01

"Why am I in the woods?" Stiles asked himself out loud, a frown marring his face as he spun around. His flashlight not helping to make him feel safer. That night he'd come looking for Scott in the woods on a full moon, no big deal just looking for a best friend that sometimes gets the urge to kill you, it's cool. He could totally handle this, until he screamed like a little girl and took off running again as he heard a twig snap and a growl.

This was so bad. He was going to be eaten, eaten alive by his best friend. Scott was officially the worst best friend ever. Sure he technically couldn't blame his friend, he was being controlled in some weird way by an evil alpha but still. He ran faster, his lungs burning as he ran through the woods trying not to trip over roots which he of course failed to as he hit the ground sliding through dirty leaves and cutting his left arm on a rock.

He started to sweat as he heard the growling get closer and hurriedly got back on his feet taking off again. Glancing behind him his eyes widened as he saw the face of his best friend, wolfed out and hot on his tail. He pushed himself harder but it wasn't enough. Stiles let out an agonized scream of pain as he felt teeth rip into his leg sending him to the ground, the sharp pain making his vision black for a second and then a heavy weight was hovering over him.

This was it; this was going to be how he died mauled in the middle of the woods by his best friend without ever making Lydia Martin realize he was more than just Scott's weird friend, or getting Danny or any other guy to answer the question of if they find him attractive. Hell, he hadn't even had more than one kiss and it hadn't been that good; Jeannette Guilimaro had very little experience at the time and he'd had none, in fact he'd accidentally busted her lip. He hadn't improved but he had read everything he could on how to properly kiss and watched many 'videos' that involved it. She however had gotten better according to her boyfriend Barney Burnen.

Stiles just couldn't get his mind to focus as he waited for the killing blow. The animal leaned over him, and really he couldn't think of him as Scott anymore. At this point he was nothing more than an animal following instinct. He could feel the spittle leaking from sharp canines as hot breath puffed against his neck. Squeezing his eyes shut he waited, this was the end.

He was lying there waiting, his fear filling the air, when the weight was suddenly removed and he heard a crashing sound close by. Hesitantly Stiles opened his eyes and they widened, because Derek Hale was fighting Scott, he'd just saved his ass and thank god he was alive because the brunet felt like he was going insane dealing with this stuff all on his own. There was a lot of thrashing around and the teen couldn't tell which one was winning but he knew sticking around was definitely an astronomically awful decision.

Climbing to his feet using a nearby tree he tried putting weight on his left leg and fell like a sack of potatoes to his knees. Groaning he tried again and once again failed. Glancing over towards the werewolves that had gotten farther away he couldn't even decipher who was who. Groaning and realizing he wasn't going to be able to walk, he began crawling away at a slow pace in a direction going god only knows where. He didn't make if far before his vision started to fade in and out and his heart sped up as he heard a twig snap. Looking up he noticed someone standing silhouetted by the moon but he couldn't make out who before he blacked out.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Stiles woke up, his head pounding and an ache in his left shoulder where it meet his neck that he didn't recall being there, the pain in his leg however seemed to be far less painful then it should be. Groaning he rolled over onto his back and realized he was in a bed which surprised him. Looking around he noticed he was in what looked like a small, one bedroom cabin. He tensed as a door he hadn't noticed at the side of the small space opened and he heard a toilet flush before Derek Hale walked out and he let out a sigh of relief.

"Good, you're awake." Derek said his eyes focused intently on the teen as he walked closer. He took a seat on the edge of the bed by the pale hip showing from beneath the covers. "You are still running warm, that is going to happen for a while." The werewolf said his hand on Stiles forehead, his lips twitched in an effort to smile as the smaller man leaned in to the touch.

"Is Scott alright?" Stiles asked receiving a deep reverberating growl from the older man causing him to shrink back slightly.

"He was trying to kill you." The dark haired man told him ignoring the question in favor of pivoting so he was facing the end of the bed and moved the covers up revealing the teens lower legs checking the wound located there. It was scabbed over but it looked a lot more healed then it should and raising Stiles suspicions.

"He bit me!" The teen said his eyes wide as he stared at his leg. "Why am I naked?" He questioned after glancing under the blanket when he realized he had no pants on, his pulse speeding.

"Calm down." The older man growled out, grabbing the smaller man's wrist and rubbing slow soothing circles into the flesh over his pulse point. It took a while but eventually Stiles calmed down, resting back against the pillow. "Good boy." The green eyed man said receiving a half hearted glare from his patient. "I took your clothes because they were damp and filthy from your midnight stroll." Derek said his thumb still moving in slow circles as he leaned over the pale naked chest to look at his shoulder.

"You're a werewolf now." The born werewolf told him letting his hand trace over the injury on his shoulder the action causing no pain and relaxing him.

"So I'm part of the pack?" Stiles asked, continuing before the older man could give him an answer. "He saw me as his pack before and was trying to kill me. Does this mean he is still going to try and kill me?" He asked with a slight whimper, the soothing actions of the older werewolf keeping him from completely losing his shit.

"No you are not part of his pack." Derek growled his eyes flashing electric blue as they met panicky warm brown.

"Am I part of the Alphas pack then?" He asked, fear creeping into his voice. He so did not want that, murder and mayhem really was not his thing. Well sometimes a bit of mayhem, but in a cute get-away-with-it-and-no-one-is-really-hurt sort of way. Plus he was not that great with blood.

"No." Derek said growling again, rubbing his fingers into the mark on the teen's shoulder, instantly calming him. "You are part of my pack." The born wolf told him firmly as he nudged the teen to move more to the center of the bed. "My bite is stronger. When I realized he bit you I gave you a bite of my own." The black haired man told him laying down on his stomach in the bed, his hand still touching the mark and calming him.

"Oh." Was all Stiles could get out as he stared wide eyed up at the ceiling, well wasn't this just going to be awkward. Derek wasn't exactly the best teacher for Scott, so what were the chances he would be any better with him? Though to be fair he was way more prepared in the knowledge department to be a werewolf then his best friend had been. The hand rubbing into his shoulder was starting to make him feel drowsy and he was wondering if it had something to do with the older man being pack.

"Sleep, we'll talk more in the morning." Derek said, pulling and maneuvering Stiles so that he was on his side and he could curl around his new pack mate. The heat radiating off the older werewolf along with the mark and the command had him slumbering soundly in moments. Derek ran his nose across the smaller werewolf's neck taking in his scent and exhaling with a sigh. He dropped a single kiss to that slender neck, hugging that light body just a bit tighter before allowing himself to drift off as well.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

When Stiles woke up he was alone again, his head feeling ten times better than it had the night before. Stretching, he felt the ache in is shoulder and leg and frowned. Shouldn't they be healed by now? Standing up using the headboard to steady himself, he tested putting weight on his injured leg. It was steady enough for him to make it to the bathroom. Exiting the bathroom he noticed clothing folded on the end of the bed and assumed it was for him. Grabbing it he went back into the bathroom and took a quick shower before pulling on the too big clothes that smelled delightfully of Derek, not that he would ever admit that out loud.

Glancing around he realized it was a lot homier than he thought it would be and it was clear to him that the older werewolf hadn't actually been living in his dilapidated home but rather here. The floor was covered in an old rug that looked like it may have been salvaged from said house, and the thick curtains over the window prevented him from knowing the time of day. There was a small kitchenette in the corner with a few dishes in the small sink. The bed in the opposite corner was piled with old quilts; a few of them with singe marks. There was a small table in the center and an old over-stuffed sofa across from the door with a scratched wooden coffee table in front of it.

There were also touches of Derek all throughout the room; near the bed was one of his discarded tee-shirts, of course it was black because god forbid the man add any color to his wardrobe. On the kitchen counter there was a small cactus which the brunet found amusing because Derek with a green thumb was just strange, not that he actually had one since the plant was half dead. There was a pair of muddy boots by the door and a sweatshirt on a hook, there were a few magazines on the table and a photo of a brunet girl he would never forget the face of on the night stand by the bed.

He scuffed his toe against the rug unsure of what to do, being left alone in the werewolf's private space, normally he would nose around but really there wasn't anything to get into. Taking a seat on the comfy couch he decided to try wolfing out, so he though of things that angered him, which really were not that much. After a few minutes of that not working to induce a change he thought about his mom and how she had died, about the unknown person who had sideswiped her car off a bridge and then driven off, this made him angry but also sad and did nothing but make his eyes water so he gave up trying.

Standing up he shook himself a little to get rid of the lingering thoughts of sadness before going over to the kitchenette and scrounging through the drawers. Finally finding what he was looking for it was time to test out his werewolf healing, why he had not tested Scotts before he had no idea, probably because he tried to avoid blood. He decided to cut his bicep. Raising the knife, he had just started sliding it across his flesh when Derek came in, startling him and causing the knife to go deeper then he had initially intended.

"Shit" Stiles hissed, the knife clattering to the ground as he clapped a hand over the bleeding wound that hurt a lot more than he thought it would. Before he could blink the black haired werewolf was by his side pulling the hand away and examining the wound closely. Turning away the green eyed man grabbed a washcloth and wet it before pressing it against the bleeding cut.

"What were you thinking?" Derek asked in a growl glaring at the shorter man, his eyes flashing electric blue.

"I wanted to test out my super healing." The teen defended in a whine as a pout slid across his lips.

"You don't have super healing." Derek told him, continuing before the teen could open his mouth. "Your healing won't be as good as mine or Scott's till the next full moon, you have a whole month before that. Scott was bitten by the alpha. The stories about not turning until the full moon are true except in rare cases where the person is bitten by an alpha." Derek explained pulling the cloth away and leaning his head down before letting his tongue out to press flat against skin and blood before pulling it across the wound, shocking the smaller teen.

Stiles stood there stunned and wide eyed as he watched the action and maybe bleeding wasn't so bad if Derek was going to do that because that was unbelievably hot in a way that he knew it shouldn't be. He couldn't see since the black head of hair was in the way but he could feel his tongue hot and wet and lapping at his wounded arm and it made him a little weak in the knees. "Wha, what are you doing?" He stuttered out his tongue coming out to wet his dry lips as he tried not to let on just how much the other man affected him. There was no way he would ever let the man that frequently threatened to rip out his throat know he had a thing for him.

"My bite connects us and my spit will help it heal. It won't heal completely but it'll move the process along." Derek explained as he pulled back, blood tinting his lips faintly red, his eyes still that electric blue and the teen thanked anyone who would listen that the jeans he was wearing were loose. Brown eyes couldn't move away from the lips as a tongue came out and licked the lingering red substance into his mouth. "Don't do that again." Derek told him, pulling his attention away from the werewolf's lips. "Say you won't do it again." The older man demanded, his look intense and commanding.

"Fine." Stiles said, wilting under the look and unable to even throw out his normal sarcastic comment.

"Say it." Derek growled, his eyes flashing brighter as they bore into him.

"Seriously, like I'm going to actually do that again on purpose. It hurt like a bitch." He said after a few seconds, finally able to manage some semblance of normalcy even though his voice was strained and things SO were not normal. Derek only raised his eyebrow but seemed to find his answer acceptable as he bent down and picked up the knife washing it off in the sink.

"I brought breakfast, it's on the table." Derek said, his back turned as he washed his hands. "Go sit down." He said as he turned around and Stiles was still standing there watching him. Quickly the teen moved over to the table and began to sit in one of the chairs, receiving a look that clearly said not that one and he quickly moved to the only other chair. The older man smirked before grabbing plates and silverware and sitting at the table. He grabbed the bags and placed food onto both plates before handing one to Stiles and then handing him a bottle of Orange juice.

Stiles devoured the food, suddenly realizing he was starving, hardly remembering to groan out a thank you between bites of food. Derek ate at a much more sedate pace, watching the other in amusement, not even bothering to hide his chuckle as the teen moaned around a mouthful. The brunet stopped mid bite at hearing that deep sensual noise. Dear god he was going to end up going insane being in such close proximity to this god of a man. When the man gave a gentle nudge to his shoulder he went back to eating.

When they were done Derek took the dishes and shoo-ed the teen to the couch as he washed them. Stiles curled up in the corner of the couch closest to the kitchen with his body turned so he could watch every move the werewolf made. Derek clenched the sponge tightly as he tried to ignore the staring, his resistance was starting to waver with the teen. He had just been turned, trying to seduce him right off the bat even when his body was sending all the right signals was most likely a terrible idea. Sighing, he finished the dishes. Rinsing the soap from the sink, he turned towards the brunet who averted his eyes; a light blush staining his cheeks.

Groaning inwardly the older man made his way over to the couch and sat down next to the teen. The couch was more of a love seat so there wasn't very much room between them. "I'm sure you have questions, you always have questions." Derek stated, angling his body so he was facing the curled-up werewolf. "Ask"

"Is Scott okay?" He asked again, wincing at the growl that left the other man. "I know, I know he tried to kill me but he is my best friend and though I am pissed about that I also know he was under the control of the alpha." Stiles rambled on quickly, his hands held up in a "please, please don't hurt me" kind of way.

"He should be healed by now." Derek said rolling his eyes at the teen before him, he really was too soft to be a werewolf; he was more likely to get himself killed than Scott. He wasn't going to let anything happen to the teen though he intended to keep him, even when he had been human he'd been working to try and keep him safe. "Next question."

"You don't happen to have my phone do you?" Stiles asked, realizing that it didn't seem like the older man was angry anymore or at least his anger wasn't directed at him. Derek smirked and held up the phone to show it to him, and the teen lunged for it only to be pressed back and the electronic held just out of reach. "Hey give it!" He demanded, getting a growl that had him shrinking back slightly in return.

"You can have your phone but you can't tell anyone that you are here, especially not Scott." Derek said boring his eyes into the younger man's. As Stiles opened his mouth he cut him off. "Scott is connected to the Alpha and we don't know how connected he is. You are vulnerable and having you with me makes me vulnerable since I have to protect you and myself. We are weakest till the next full moon." He said handing the phone to the teen.

"Oh." Stiles trailed off as he looked at the worried texts he had received from his best friend. "You want me to stay here all month? What about my dad and school?" The brunet asked his eyes wide as he worried about his father's reaction. His heart pounding loudly as his anxiety grew, he calmed instantly as the older man rubbed his fingers over the mark on his neck.

"No, that can't happen. There would be too much suspicion, not to mention the manhunt your father would put together in order to find you." Derek said maneuvering the teen so that his back was pressed into his chest and his hand stayed firmly on his mark. "I do want you to stay till Monday morning however and I will take you to and from school and stay with you as much as possible. The alpha will know Scott bit you and will be looking for you. He won't know I also bit you till he smells you. Until we know his intentions towards you, you can not be alone with Scott. If the Alpha commands him he may not be able to resist." Derek said all of this into short brown hair, his presence and touch having the desired calming effect on the teen.

"So no Scott, that's not going to look suspicions at all." Stiles snarked, sulking just a touch. Really though, maybe a little separation would be good seeing as his friend did try and kill him just last night. The older man didn't even bother to reprimand him, only hummed into his hair and leaned back a little more, pulling the other's willing body with him.

"You should stay away from Jackson as well." Derek said as an afterthought, the mark on the back of the blonde teen's neck coming forward in his mind as he thought of the safety risk that letting the teen go back into town would cause.

"Why? I know he's a jerk and he's been looking like he is going insane but he is relatively harmless, as long as he isn't aiming for you during practice." Stiles said, feeling warm and content as he turned more on his side, his body curling around a leg and an arm that had some how gotten between him and the back of the couch with out his notice.

"When I was shot in the arm and looking for Scott I accidentally scratched him, my blood may have gotten into the mark and if that happened there is a good chance that he turned this full moon." He said, Stiles was overly pleased and surprised by all the straight answers he was getting, normally the older man loved to withhold information until he deemed in necessary.

"Shouldn't you have been watching to see if he turned or not then?" The brown eyed teen asked truly curious as a small yawn left him and he buried his nose into warm black fabric that smelled delightful in a way he couldn't describe.

"I was a little busy saving you." Derek told him, a small smile on his lips as he watched every movement the younger man made. "It was watching Jackson and let you possibly die, or let Jackson possibly turn on his own and save you. Should I have chosen to do things the other way?" The black haired man asked in no way serious, he wouldn't have let the teen in his arms die for any reason if it could be avoided.

"No you made an excellent decision." Was hurriedly said into his chest, his werewolf hearing being the only thing keeping the words from being a jumbled mess.

"Text your dad and tell him you are staying the night with a friend."

"He knows my only friend is Scott." Stiles complained as he pulled out his phone trying to decide what to text.

"Tell Scott you're with me just don't tell him where." Derek said his voice annoyed, he was completely aggravated with the concern the smaller man showed for the werewolf that just hours ago had nearly killed him. However it wasn't much of a surprise that he would still be so loyal. Even when he was threatening to rip his throat out, the smaller man still came around and bothered him despite everything. It made him wonder how the teen didn't have more friends, it's not like a lot of things would deter him from numerous attempts.

"Yeah I'm sure telling him we are in a cabin in the middle of nowhere would totally give our location away, which I by the way don't know anyway." Stiles said, even as he sent a simple text saying he was with Derek and would be telling his dad he was with Scott, before texting his dad that he was staying at Scott's till Monday, which was tomorrow. They continued lying like that for a while, eventually falling into a deep sleep curled up together on the couch.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -


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