Interactions of Change

Title: Interactions of Change

Category: Teen Wolf

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Smut

Ratting: M

Warning: Slash m/m possible spoilers up to and including Lunatic.

Paring: Derek/Stiles, Danny/Jackson

Summary: Derek saves Stiles and bites him in order to protect him.

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing

A/N: I don't know to much about werewolf lore or anything so I just made it up as I went and a little of what I've seen in movies and such. So if that bothers you, then you should not bother reading. This story takes place after the sixth episode but Stiles doesn't tell the sheriff it was Derek, only Scott does, and it doesn't follow any of the storyline after that.

Special thanks to Laraneia for betaing! She also pointed out that the actor that plays Danny is Hawaiian which I tried to find out when I brought his character into the story but failed so went with Porto Rican, so since I know now his character will be Hawaiian instead.

Chapter 08

It had been a few days since the incident with Mr. Harris and he hadn't had a moment alone since. One of the werewolves or Danny was always with him and it was driving him insane. One of them was always there even if his father was home; his dad found this weird but had refrained from saying anything about it.

Chemistry has just ended, the teacher had been staring at him again but hadn't said anything to him since the incident. Jackson and Scott were waiting for him outside of the room, Danny by his side as they headed off to get lunch. "I have to go to the bathroom, I'll meet you guy there." Stiles said, veering off towards the closest bathroom. "What are you doing?" the brunet asked, turning to glare as Scott followed, him the other two who thankfully seemed to solve their relationship problems heading on.

"Coming with you." Scott said, shrugging.

"No." Stiles said, stopping in the middle of the hall still glaring at his friend.

"What?" Scott asked, confused.

"N-O" he said, spelling it out as if the werewolf was stupid. "I do not need you to follow me to the bathroom." He hissed out his annoyance tangibly. "I am not a girl. I don't need an entourage to pee."

"But Derek sa-" Scott started only to be cut off by the brunet.

"I don't care what Derek said, this is ridiculous, go and I will catch up." Stiles said firmly, hand on hip. "GO!" He told his friend when he looked like he was about to protest. Scott flapped his mouth a few times like he wanted to say something but eventually turned and walked away finally leaving his friend in peace.

"About time." Stiles groused, rolling his eyes at how ridiculous the last few days had been, being followed everywhere was exceedingly annoying.

Walking out of the bathroom, he bit his lip contemplating catching up with the others or having some time to himself while he still could. He decided on the latter and walked off aimlessly, no particular location in mind. The halls were nearly deserted, everyone either in the cafeteria or outside eating and talking to their friends, giving him the alone time that he desired.

Walking down a hall near the locker rooms he was surprised to spot Mr. Harris talking to a tall brunet woman in hushed tones. The woman looked angry, her posture agitated. Quickly, so that he wasn't spotted, not wanting to deal with his creepy teacher; he slipped into the locker room. Instead of just hiding he let curiosity get the better of him and made his way through the locker room to the other door that led out to the same hallway. He crouched down and nudged the door open just a bit, his teacher and the mystery woman just a few feet from the door, allowing him to listen in.

"What do you mean you don't know?" The woman seethed, he heard a bang that sounded a like a body hitting the lockers and making him jump slightly. "What did you do with the wolfs bane I gave you? You were supposed to use it to figure this out." She growled at him. Despite being nowhere near as animalistic as a werewolf it still set him on edge.

"He didn't seem to have any physical change, and he flushed it down a toilet." Mr. Harris groaned out, it sounded like he was having trouble getting enough air in his lunges to speak. "I'm sorry." He moaned out, sounding pitiful.

"That's all?" She asked, sounding skeptical, he could hear the toe of her boot tapping against the linoleum showing her agitation.

"He got sick, was out for a week." The blonde chemistry teacher said, the sound of his body slumping against the lockers following with his heavy breathing. "Why are you so interested in him?" Mr. Harris asked, his voice a whine.

"Are you jealous?" The women asked, her voice taking on a sultry tone before a cruel laugh came from her. "Young teenage boys tend to be eager to please, I enjoy that." She said maliciously, leaving Stiles feeling sick at the thought of her. "Head back to your class and we'll talk later." She said followed by a wet sound that pulled a moan from his teacher before he heard his shoes tapping as he hurried away.

Stiles was about to sneak away, his skin prickling and feeling dirty, his stomach rolling. This woman was dangerous and he needed to find out just who she was before she tried to creep on him. No female in school would give him a second look but he'd some how caught the attention of some crazed pedophile who was apparently a hunter, sometimes he had the worst luck. He was pulling back from the door when he heard her voice come again and paused to listen.

"Chris." She said into the phone sounding overly pleased with her self. "I think I found what we need to catch Derek Hale." He could tell from her voice she was smirking. "I know who the second beta is." She said, her voice going low. "Round everyone up." She said before he heard the snap of he phone sliding shut followed by her boots clicking along the floor as she walked off.

Stiles let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding as he stood up from his hiding spot, he needed to talk to Derek and he needed to do so as soon as possible. Peeking out he made sure that the woman was gone before quickly making his way to the lacrosse field where he knew the others would be. All three looked up at him, frowning over his delayed absence.

"Stiles, what happened?" Jackson asked, suspicious, as he scented the teen smelling the fear and disgust there as he pulled the brunet down beside him and keeping a hand on his arm to help calm him.

"Some crazy pedophile hunter women was talking to Mr. Harris. I think she thinks I'm the second beta." Stiles said quickly as he scrounged around his bag for his phone. "I think she wants to use me to catch Derek, and she had Mr. Harris put the wolfs bane in my locker." He said, smiling triumphantly as he found his phone only to have it snatched away by Danny. "Hey." He said, glaring at the teen.

"If you text him now he is going to barge over here and end up getting arrested. We'll all be with you until you see Derek; she won't try anything with all of us around." Danny said reasonably as he gestured to the two werewolves and himself. Stiles wanted to argue but knew the goalie had a point and settled for plopping back onto the grass with an annoyed look on his face. "How did you come across this information anyhow?" Danny asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I was eavesdropping." The brunet said, shrugging as he pulled individual pieces of grass out of the field.

"So you're starting to get some werewolf senses?" Jackson asked, his hand still on the teen's arm not realizing Scott still didn't know Stiles was bitten till the words were already out of his mouth.

"What?" Scott asked, the wolf coming into his voice as he looked over at his best friend who looked like a deer caught in headlights. "Who bit you? When did you get bitten" The curly haired werewolf asked angrily, he didn't want his friend to have to deal with being a werewolf.

"You bit him McCall." Jackson said in a growl as he sensed the danger from the other wolf, the blonde was far better at controlling himself than the other teen.

"I wouldn't do that." Scott shouted, pulling some of the students lingering on the benches attention to them.

"Okay, okay. Calm down before you wolf out in front of people." Stiles said, sitting up and holding his hands up. "You and I need to talk." He said, pointing to Scott, feeling nervous. He'd been avoiding this conversation, knowing his friend was going to either feel terrible or somehow just blame Derek for him being turned; he wasn't sure which it would be.

"We won't be far." Jackson said, standing up and offering his hand to Danny who took it and used the blonde to haul himself up. Stiles watched their retreating backs, glad they were working their stuff out as he fiddled with his sleeve.

"You bit me on the night of the full moon." Stiles said, looking down at his folded legs.

"I, I don't remember doing that. I don't remember much from that night, just flashes." Scott said, sounding dejected, his head hung. "I knew I had attacked you but I thought Derek had gotten there before I could actually hurt you, I'm so sorry." He said solemnly.

"Hey, it could have been worse. You could have ripped my throat out." Stiles joked in an attempt to lighten the mood, it failed miserably. "Derek bit me too." He added, deciding to keep going before he lost his nerve.

"What? Why?" Scott asked, confused.

"So I would be part of his pack, some how his bite supersedes yours. Maybe it because he's older or maybe it's because he was born a werewolf, I don't know. I never asked." Stiles said, shrugging, now that he thought about it he was curious. He was going to have to remember to ask the wolf about that.

"Why would he want you in his pack?" Scott asked, suspicious. He'd been suspicious about Derek's behavior for a while, now the pieces were starting to meld together.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Stiles asked, offended that his friend didn't think he was good enough for Derek's pack just because. He was awesome. Sure, he could be really annoying but he had tons of redeeming qualities and he was always helping out with masterful plans. Any pack would be lucky to have him. He glared, crossing his arms over his chest. He was just going to have to show Scott how awesome he was when his werewolf skills kicked in.

"I didn't mean it like that." Scott said, feeling instantly regretful at the flash of hurt that had crossed his friends face before anger took over. "I just, I mean, it's Derek, its not like he was overly friendly with you before now. Why didn't he just let you be part of my pack?" Scott asked, trying to explain his confusion without hurting his friend again.

"He was protecting me from you." Stiles said, shrugging, he didn't know the answer to that question, he could guess and he hoped that guess was right but he still didn't know. "You couldn't really control yourself when the Alpha called you out before; he was trying to have you kill us." The quirky teen said, hoping that would be enough for his friend.

"I guess he really is just trying to help then." Scott said, giving his friend a small smile. "I'm sorry." He said again receiving a smile in return.

"So there is something else you should know." Stiles said, making a face as if he was in pain. Scott had taken the 'I'm going to be a werewolf too' news pretty well but he still wasn't sure how he was going to respond to him being gay.

"Okay." Scott said hesitantly, worried that he'd done something else terrible that he couldn't remember.

"I'm gay and with Derek." Stiles said low, hoping his friend wouldn't hear but knowing that with his werewolf enhanced hearing he was definitely going too.

"You're what?" Scott asked, his face blank as he stared intently at his friend. He must be hearing things because that couldn't possibly be true. Stiles loved Lydia, had ever since the third grad. Though Scott had suspected he might have a little curiosity in other males he never thought that the teen would be gay, much less have any interest in Derek Hale who before that full moon had always been threatening him and pushing him around. "I don't think I heard you right." He couldn't have heard him right there was no way this could be possible. Stiles had detested the other werewolf.

"I'm gay and I am with Derek." Stiles said again, this time a little louder. He became worried as he saw his friends eyes flash to yellow and his breathing become harsh. "Scott, Scott calm down." The brunet tried, reaching his hand out to shake the werewolf only to pull it back as he was growled at. "Think of Allison naked." He tried, surprised when he only got another growl.

"What has he made you do?" Scott asked in a growl, concerned for his friend. Derek must have been using his sway as Stiles' Alpha over him, why else would the teen willingly spend so much time with him. He couldn't stop imagining all of the things the older werewolf had probably made his innocent friend do.

"What are you talking about?" Stiles asked, confused, tilting his head to the side cutely.

"What did he make you do with him?" The curly haired wolf asked, sniffing at the teen and focusing on what he smelled. He growled, claws digging into the grass. He could smell Derek all over his friend, he could smell his friend was no longer a virgin and it angered him. "I can smell him all over you." He growled again.

"Oh my God." Stiles groaned out, blushing brightly and eyes widening as he figured out what his friend meant. "He didn't make me do anything." He said firmly, shaking his head at his friend. "Stop sniffing me." He said, glaring at his friend as he pushed him away a little, not backing down from the growl he received. "I wanted everything me and him have done." The quirky teen told him firmly.

"You love Lydia." Scott told him, pulling the wolf back a little, not finding any lie, glad they were far enough away that if anyone had seen it would have been blurry and they wouldn't know what they had witnessed.

"Yeah I did, and then I went through that whole self-discovery thing. At first I thought I was bi and then I figured out I really didn't have any interest in any girl, not even Lydia." Stiles said, feeling awkward. "I've had a crush on Derek for a while." He added.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Scott asked, upset that his friend hadn't confided in him before now about his growing attraction to men.

"I was scared. I didn't want things to change. You're my best friend and I didn't want you to act differently towards me." Stiles said, feeling ashamed that he hadn't trusted his friend with this knowledge.

"Dude, I don't care that you're gay." Scott assured, pulling the taller teen into a hug. "But really, does it have to be Derek?" He asked as he pulled away, making a face that had his friend laughing.

"Yeah, it does." Stiles said, shoving his friend in the shoulder and feeling like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders as they joked and laughed.

- 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 –

They were all at Jackson's house scattered around the living room as Derek paced angrily, Stiles had just told him what he'd overheard and he had the urge to break something. He knew who it was, it couldn't be anyone else. He knew she was back, she'd been the one to shoot him. He wanted to killer her, he should have killed her a long time ago, if he had he wouldn't need to protect Stiles from her.

"It's Kate Argent." Derek growled out, his claws slashing at the wall causing the four lacrosse players to cringe.

"The maid is going to start asking questions with how much keeps getting broken around here." Jackson whined, only to be ignored. Really though, it was going to be difficult to explain the slash marks in the burnt orange wallpaper, he's had a hard enough time explaining the window and patio furniture from Derek and Scotts fight the other night. Not to mention all the things he'd managed to break since becoming a werewolf, learning control was hard.

"Allison's aunt." Scott said, eyes wide. "Are you sure?" He asked, hoping the girl he thought he was in love with wasn't a hunter as well.

"Yes." He hissed out, annoyed at the teen for doubting him, for not being able to grasp how dangerous Allison and her family really were. She may not be a hunter yet but one day she would be.

"How can you be so sure?" Stiles asked, making a face as angry blue eyes were suddenly focused on him, the werewolf hadn't looked at him like that since before he was bitten.

"I know her." Derek said simply, feeling the guilt eating away at him; over his family and the danger Stiles was now in. The women had no problem coaxing him for information despite him being underage; he didn't doubt that she would do whatever she needed to to get what she wanted.

"How?" Scott asked, curious. Jackson and Danny were seated off to the side, both deciding not to enter into this conversation, they didn't know much about the Argents other then they were werewolf hunters.

"She used me to get to my family." Derek growled out, the fire flashing before his eyes, he hadn't been there for it but it hadn't been out by the time he and Laura had gotten home. He could still feel the heat across his skin and the water that splashed across his face as the firemen had done all they could to get the flames out. His sister had held him back, the shift in power having come while they were at school making her his new alpha and much stronger than him.

He was pulled back from the painful memories by arms around his waist, slightly callused hands slipping under his shirt and rubbing against the skin of his back in an effort to soothe him. He'd been so wrapped up in his memories he hadn't even heard the other teens leave the room. He wrapped his arms firmly around Stiles, pulling him as close as possible as he breathed the teen in and letting their mingling scents relax him and wash away the painful memories.

Stiles didn't say anything and he was thankful that the brunet understood that now wasn't the time for questions or any of his sarcastic comments. They just stood there entwined, letting the silence fill the room neither really bothered by it in this moment. They stood like that for a long while before Stiles reluctantly pulled back. "I have to go, I promised my dad I'd have dinner with him more, and he has tonight off." He said, feeling regret over having to leave the older werewolf.

"Bring Scott with you." Derek said, his voice somber, still caught up in the painful memories but the doe eyed teen eased them away. "You need to be safe, I can't be there with your dad, you said you'd let me protect you so take him with you." The dark haired man told him firmly, boring pale green eyes into him.

"Fine." Stiles huffed with a pout, getting the desired laugh from Derek causing him to smile up at the older man. Stiles kissed the werewolf on the side of the lips before pulling away, only to be pulled back and kissed full on the mouth all tongue and teeth before he was pushed away again.

"I'll see you tonight." The dark haired man said, kissing the side of his head as he walked past; fingers trailing over his arm and provoking a shiver.

- 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 –

"He's never hit you or anything has he?" Scott asked nervously as he unbuckled his seatbelt as Stiles parked his jeep next to his father's squad car.

"No." Stiles groaned out ,resting his head against the steering wheel.

"I only ask because he's kind of violent." Scott said, trying to get his thoughts across. He knew about the times the older werewolf had threatened his wolf. "He could lose control."

"You lost control more than once." Stiles argued, ignoring the guilty look that crossed his friends face, he deserved it for thinking Derek would do something like that. "Have you ever hit Allison?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"No, but that's different." Scott told him, whining.

"How is that different?" Stiles asked, raising an eyebrow, fingers tapping against the steering wheel. Scott didn't have an answer, at least not one he was willing to give. Knowing his friend would accept that he loved Allison as an acceptable reason for it being different though doing so would only upset the brunet. "Exactly, now get out." Stiles told him as he got out, slamming the car door and heading into the house, Scott following behind him.

"You're home early." Stiles said suspiciously as he walked upstairs, bypassing his door to lean in his father's, watching as the grey man held several ties against his neck. "Why are you so dressed up?" He asked, eyeing his old man wearing dark grey slacks and a crisp, white dress shirt.

"Dinner." The sheriff said, pulling a face as he'd forgotten he'd asked his son to be home more so they could have dinner as a family more often since he ended up missing so much else. "I have to skip tonight, but tomorrow I promise well have dinner together. I'll cook. I'll make your favorite." He said, looking sheepish and feeling bad.

"It's cool, Scott's here to keep me company so I won't die of loneliness." Stiles joked, feeling bad about it when a flash of sorrow crossed his fathers face. "Really, I'll be fine. You know, as long as you leave money for pizza." The brunet said, smiling, knowing the sheriff would feel less bad about leaving him alone when he was black mailed for food he wouldn't eat around him.

"You do realize black mailing a Sheriff is against the law?" The sheriff asked, pretty sure he knew the answer; yes he knew and yes he would still do it any how.

"You're my father, is it really black mail if your family." Stiles asked, pulling a face at the brown tie his father held up.

"You can arrest your only son but then who will annoy you with the eating habits of a pregnant woman and the constant tapping of a keyboard at all hours?" Scott said as he leaned against Stiles and the door, smiling at the Sheriff who laughed. "Looking good Mr. Stilinki" He said, giving him a whistle that caused the older man to blush.

"All right boys, which tie?" He said, holding up the two he was going between; a slate grey and a dark blue tie each hanging from a hand.

"Who are you getting so dressed up for?" Stiles asked, biting his lip. He needed to know so he could make sure this unknown woman wasn't going to break his father's heart. He still found it strange that his father was moving on but he knew it was well overdue; he just wanted him to be happy.

"I think if you asked my mom she'd say the blue one so you should wear that one, she is usually right."
Scott tells him, shrugging his shoulders.

"I'll wear that one then, thank you." He said, ignoring his sons question as he attempted to tie his tie.

"Let me help you." Stiles said, rolling his eyes as he walked into the room and took the tie from him. "Who are you going out with?" He asked again as he looped the smooth blue fabric around his fathers neck.

"I don't want to talk about it, till I'm sure about her." The sheriff said firmly, he wasn't going to have his son meeting everyone he decided to take on a date. Until he knew for sure that this woman was going to be around for a while he wasn't going to have Stiles involved. "I have to go or I am going to be late." The graying man said, pulling some cash from his pocket and handing it to Scott as he escapes his son's intense look. "Try and keep him out of trouble." The Sheriff said, patting him on the shoulder before escaping out the front door.

"Dude, don't give me that look." Scott whined as he turned to his brunet friend who was clearly scheming.

"What look?" Stiles asked, feigning innocence.

"The look that says you're going to make me do something I don't want to do." Scott said, knowing this was going to happen no matter what he said.

"I don't make you do anything." The brunet said, rolling his eyes. "Now come on before he gets out of the neighborhood and we can't follow him." Stiles said, hurrying down the stairs, Scott sighing but following none the less.

"We shouldn't be doing this." Scott whined as they watched the Sheriff park in front of one of the fancier restaurants in town. "Your dad is probably just looking out for you or something. Can we please just go get pizza now?" He asked, looking hopeful.

"No." Stiles said, not paying attention as his friend deflated at that. "We're going in." He announced, parking his jeep around back to avoid his father spotting his very distinctive vehicle.

"You know, this always leads to the kids getting caught in movies, right?" Scott said as they walked into the building.

"We are not going to get caught. We've watched enough spy movies over the years to totally pull this off." Stiles said as he told the hostess that they wanted to sit at the bar.

"Really? Really, that is what you're going with?" Scott said, his face scrunched up as he followed his friend.

"Scott, buddy, just relax and keep your eyes open." Stiles told him, taking a seat at the bar and scanning the part of the room he could see.

"I don't see him." Scott said, turning back to the brunet who was still looking around.

"Good, then he won't see us here. He must be on the other side of the restaurant. Now use your werewolf hearing to figure out where he is." Stiles told him, slapping his arm when he just looked at him like he was crazy. "The sooner we find out who he's here with the sooner we can leave and go get that pizza you were whining about.

"Fine." Scott huffed, grumbling under his breath about everyone telling him what to do as he concentrated on listening for the sheriff's voice. It took him ten minutes to finally find the man's voice, he wasn't very skilled so it was hard to sift through the other voices and noises in the room but he knew the Sheriffs voice when he found it. "He's over near the kitchens." Scott told Stiles reluctantly, he had a bad feeling about this.

"Super! Stay here, I'm going to go take a peek and then we can get out of here." Stiles told him, patting the curly haired teen's arm before slipping away. He made his way to the back where the kitchens were located. There was a hall connecting the two sections of the restaurant where the bathrooms were located, he used it to make his way from one to the other.

Peeking around the corner he scanned the room, spotting his father at a table close to the wall. Craning his neck he tried to see the woman his father was with, but the angle of the table and the turn of the woman's head kept him from seeing her face. Sighing in dissatisfaction he made his way to the front of the building hoping to get a look at her face.

He stood on the bench looking through the decorative plastic plants in hopes of getting a good look at the mystery woman. He had good eyesight but they were far enough away that it didn't really matter, squinting his eyes he tried focusing harder. After a few minutes of staring he felt like things were getting clearer, they just needed to be a little clearer and then he'd be able to tell who it was.

"Hey, you see her yet?" Scott asked next to his ear causing the smaller teen to jump and lose focus.

"Don't do that, what is with all you werewolves and sneaking up on people?" Stiles hissed out, clutching his chest tightly as he tried to get his breathing back to normal. "Use your werewolfness for good and look over there and tell me who the woman with my dad is." Stiles demanded with a determined look in his eyes.

Scott sighed, but did what his friend wanted, peeking through the foliage to take a look. He scanned the room and found Stiles' dad before turning his eyes to the woman seated across from him. His eyes widened in shock and he pulled away from the plants, tripping over himself as he made a hasty retreat out of the building.

"Scott, what the hell! Who was it?" Stiles asked, panicking over his friend's reaction as the curly haired werewolf just gaped at him like a fish out of water for a few minutes. "Seriously, you are freaking me out. Is it really that bad?" He asked, trying to think of who would be the worst women in town for his father to be dating, his breathing becoming shallow.

"No, it not bad." Scott said when he could finally speak again. "Sorry, didn't mean to freak you out, please calm down." The co-captain begged, pulling his friend to him and rubbing his back soothingly. "Really it's weird, but it's not bad I promise." He said as the brunets breathing returned to normal.

"Sorry." Stiles said bashfully as he pulled away both teens grinning at each other like they always did after an awkward embrace. "So, who is it?" He asked.

"My mom." Scott said, the words coming out awkward.

"Your mom?" Stiles asked in surprise, staring at his friend when he nodded his head. "Your mom, that's kind of weird." He said, he was having trouble wrapping his head around this.

"Yeah, weird." Scott agreed, leading the brunet towards the jeep and stealing his keys. Stiles was so wrapped up trying to wrap his head around this odd turn of events and just let himself be pushed into the passenger seat. He spent the next ten minutes with his brain trying to explode as he wondered about all the scenarios where things could turn out amazing or unbelievably awful.

"Hey, snap out of it." Scott said, waving his hand in front of the quirky teens face to get his attention. "My mom is awesome so stop thinking of how things can go wrong. No matter what happens neither of our parents will treat either of us different nor will we stop being best friends." He said once he had the teen's attention.

"Sorry, you know how my brain works." Stiles said, giving him a smile. "This could be totally awesome! We could end up living together. We can have bunk beds!" He said enthusiastically, Scott just shook his head getting out of the car, the brunet following him into the pizza shop.

- 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 –

"Where have you been?" Derek hissed as they entered the house, each teen holding a pizza box as they laughed and joked. The born werewolf didn't actually surprise them since Scott had notice him, Danny and Jackson were all in the house waiting in the dark.

"All of you! All of you do stuff like this, it's kind of annoying." Stiles said, rolling his eyes as he kissed the werewolf on his stubbled chin before moving into the kitchen. "I'm not going to sit around in the dark waiting to scare people after I turn… maybe once but really, it can't be that entertaining." He said, dropping the pizza box in the center of the table and waving a hand at the two teens seated at it before grabbing plates.

"Where were you?" Derek asked again as Stiles placed five plates on the table and Scott took a seat placing the other pizza box on top of the first one.

"Calm down, we got pizza." Stiles said, gesturing to the boxes at the table and pushing the dark haired man into the only other chair.

"You were gone a lot longer than just pizza." Derek remarked, sounding displeased as he pulled the brunet onto his lap and let the teen dish out their pizza as he snuffle along the pale neck.

"We spied on our parents." Stiles said while shoving the meat lovers pizza into his mouth, grease slipping down his chin.

"Why?" Derek asked indulgently, knowing the teen wanted him to do just that, his original anger pacified now that he knew the teen was safe.

"My dad was all dressed up and wouldn't tell us who it was for." Stiles paused for a minute to take a cup of the soda Scott had placed on the table for them all. "He was on a date with Scott's mom, we've decided on bunk beds." He said casually as he took another bite.

"You are not sleeping in a bunk bed with Scott, or anyone else." Derek growled, biting into his pizza like it had offended him.

"You wouldn't share a bunk bed with me?" Stiles asked, turning to look at him and giving his best puppy dog eyes.

"Only if were in the same bunk." The werewolf told him, easing up on the pizza as the other three shook their heads at them. "Next time; no running around town just with Scott, it's dangerous" He said, serious, as he squeezed his arm tighter around the teen's waist.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Stiles said distractedly as tried to determine which piece was the biggest and had the most meat on it.

"I'm serious." Derek growled at him, annoyed at the quirky teen's ignorance of him. The brunet didn't say anything as he plucked the piece he wanted from the box and took a huge bite, nearly choking as teeth grazed his neck. Smirking, the werewolf pulled back and began eating again.

"Do you guys have to do that stuff where I can see you? It's bad enough I know what that smell is now." Scott whined as Jackson and Danny openly laughed at him, Derek still smirking as Stiles blushed again.

- 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 –


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