Chapter 20 ~ Together ~

"Edgeworth, are you feeling alright?"

A voice of uncertainty broke the silence. Miles grimaced, and put his head in his arms in despair. He was in a sitting position, refusing to look at the blue-clad defence attorney.

Why me?

Minutes had passed since the prosecutor and the defence attorney had been locked, literally, inside the aquarium building. Miles was still trying to calm his heavily beating heart to a decent rate.

It doesn't help that the man I like is sat next to me, and very close at that.

Phoenix had also joined Miles on the tiled floor, and mirrored the same sitting position as the prosecutor. In the fish tank they were leaning on, a school of small multi-colored fish swam in idle circles. Phoenix sighed, realising he wasn't going to get a reply from the cold hearted man sitting beside him.

"I don't think our situation is the worst, Edgeworth," Phoenix murmured softly. "I wanted to talk to you, anyway. For a while - actually."

Miles shifted uncomfortably upon hearing this. Slowly, he raised his head to regard the man beside him, wearily.

"What about?" he asked, calmly.

Phoenix's eyes had no trace of mocking. "About us - are we really still dating?"

Miles flinched, his eyes darting around the room nervously. "I have no idea," he answered, finally.

A sarcastic laugh escaped Phoenix's lips. "Really now. If you don't know, I'm afraid I don't know either!"

Miles grimaced. "I didn't mind it." He murmured in the quietest voice.

Phoenix gave him an incredulous look. "Say that again. Clearer this time, too." He gazed into Miles' eyes, almost as if he was trying to tear apart his soul. Miles gulped, entranced despite himself.

"I didn't mind it."


"I didn't mind it.."

"One more time."

Suddenly infuriated, Miles stood up in anger. Phoenix let out a small laugh, unable to suppress his amusement.

"Wright! Don't you dare mock me!" he fumed, slamming his palm on the fish tank beside him. The school of fish scattered, alarmed.

"H-hey. Fish have rights you know, you just scared the living daylights out of those poor things!" Phoenix protested, smirking and shaking his head.

Miles sighed and slid down to his sitting position again. Moments passed in awkward silence. Eventually, Phoenix took the initiative to speak again.

"Do explain what you meant by "it", exactly."

Ugh, I'm not usually someone with explanations lacking clarity, but in this case I'd rather not be clear.

"Wright… you know perfectly well what I meant," Miles muttered back.

"I have an inkling, but I want you to confirm.. My suspicions.." Phoenix whispered.

Miles was painfully aware that Phoenix had closed in, his shoulder was pressed against the defence attorney's, and Phoenix was whispering softly in his ear. His breath tickled, sending pleasant chills up Miles' spine. Miles closed his eyes and cursed his entire being as he uttered his next words.

"I didn't mind you trying to kiss me."

Miles tentatively opened his eyes to see Phoenix's reaction. Phoenix smiled at him in a wicked way.

"I thought so."


Phoenix's eyes were lingering on Miles' lips. Miles gulped.

Why do I feel so drawn to him right now?

"Want a second try?" he murmured, voice flavoured with seduction. His eyes were now hungry, gazing at Miles as if he was something he wanted to devour.

Nnngh…. What can I say..?

Before Miles could protest, or even think of a comeback, Phoenix had swiftly tilted up Miles chin and zeroed in to plant a gentle kiss on Miles' soft lips.


"So Kay, you're just going to leave them in there?" Maya asked, surprised. "Maybe we should watch over them in case anything goes wrong.."

"Even I respect people's privacy," Kay replied, simply. She had a grim smile on her face.

I've probably well and truly ruined any chance of regaining the respect Mr Edgeworth once had for me. I don't know what to think, but.. I hope we did the right thing. It's only typical we make up for what we ruined the other day.

"Let's leave them to it Maya," Kay decided.

"But how on earth will they get out?"

Kay laughed. "Ha-ha. Well, let's check back to see if they're still living in a few hours time. If we don't get caught that is." She swiftly looked around the room the two girls were currently in.

Kay had somehow slipped into the security office that monitored the aquarium. Maya and her were sitting on office swivel chairs, spinning round aimlessly. They had switched the CCTV monitors off to allow the two lawyers their privacy. The guard who was on duty was on the floor, in a deep, deep sleep. Kay grimaced.

He's not dead though, he really is just sleeping.

"Kay.. why are we going to such lengths?" Maya wondered out loud, dryly. "Surely we didn't have be so extreme as to lock them in the aquarium?"

"True.." Kay agreed, grinning. "But y'know they're only going to confront each other if they have to. Mr Edgeworth has an awful habit of running away from things he'd rather not face."

Maya rolled her eyes. "Oh you have no idea. I was interrogating him earlier, as planned, and the locks he had were so tight, so heavy and made of the heaviest iron. I managed to break them though - eventually. Basically.. it all boils down to him being scared." She sighed deeply. "Poor Mr Edgeworth."

Kay grimaced again. "That's what I was worried about. The poor guy!"

Maya took a glance around the room, her eyes finally stopping to rest on the heavy iron door to exit the room. She frowned.

"Will we get caught?" she asked, dully. "I mean, Mr Edgeworth was right - this isn't exactly legal..."

Kay grinned. "Don't worry, we won't take too long."

They wouldn't dare arrest me anyway! ..I think.

"I'm sure you underestimate the security in the Park Kay!" Maya chuckled. "But whatever. Humour me for longer. I just wish I wasn't in the midst of all this!"

Kay rolled her eyes and resumed to snacking on her pack of Snackoos. "I'll give them another hour at the most I guess," she muttered between chews.

I really hope this is all worth it. I wouldn't mind Mr Edgeworth being angry at me for longer if this episode helps him to finally give up his pride and accept what will really make him the happiest he's been - for a long, long time.


The feeling of his lips on mine, soft, smooth and so, so deliciously irresistible. The strands of his lovely silver hair - tickling and teasing my cheeks, and the sparks of electricity, of chemistry, that seemingly draws us together. I.. can't draw back. He's ensnared me in a deadly trap between his lips. They connect so well, like one, like we belong.

Phoenix gently started to move his lips in a slow motion, trying to prise Miles' apart. Miles, still stunned, was frozen - his lips failed to move an inch.

Come on Edgeworth… don't let me down, not now. I know you want it badly.

Caught in the moment, Phoenix gently started to stroke Miles' hair in small actions, trying not to scare the prosecutor, but at the same time - trying to satisfy his own desires as well. He gently ran his tongue over Miles' lips, yet again, trying to prise his way to meet the other man's tongue. Miles started to shiver slightly and in response, Phoenix used his free arm to embrace the prosecutor tightly. Slowly and regretfully, he drew back, to whisper in Miles' ear.

"Cold, are we?"

Miles shivered even more at his utterance, and winced, closing his eyes in embarrassment. "Not really. I'm boiling up - actually."

Satisfied, Phoenix licked his lips and gently traced Miles' cheekbone with his wet lips, gently tracing his chin, then moving down to kiss his neck possessively.

I want every part of him, so badly.

"Uugghhh.." Miles winced at the contact. "Wright, what do you expect to gain from this?"

His voice was low, and trembling slightly. Phoenix sighed roughly, his hot breath penetrating the prosecutor's exposed neck.

"I want you, Edgeworth. Is that too much to believe at once?" Phoenix muttered, sighing again.

"It's .. a lot to take in at once. Especially with it - being me," Miles answered hoarsely, his voice trembling in fear.

Does he still believe I'm in love with his younger self?

Sighing for the third time, Phoenix released Miles from his grip and gave him personal space again. Miles raised his hand to touch his own neck - fingers tracing the parts Phoenix had kissed softly. His cheeks were flushed and his hair - thanks to Phoenix - was a mess.

"You need proof that I love you, and only you - Edgeworth?" Phoenix crept closer to the prosecutor again. "Here-"

Phoenix seized the prosecutor's hand and promptly placed over his own chest. Miles jumped in surprise at how fast the defence attorney's heart was racing. Miles tentatively looked up at Phoenix, questions still in his eyes, masking an intense longing.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

"Edgeworth, no one, not even Maya, or Iris, or any of my past girlfriends made my heart beat this much - made me feel so alive,"Phoenix murmured, his voice slightly hurt. "I understand why you're feeling apprehensive though - I guess. I wouldn't trust me either."

I have been a bit scrambled with my feelings lately.

He chuckled at his own joke, while Miles simply raised his eyebrows.

"Wright you're a prime example of someone who can't be trusted," Miles muttered, allowing an amused smile to linger on his lips. Phoenix grinned, satisfied Miles had opened up slightly.

"That's the nicest thing you've said to me all day - boyfriend."

Miles jolted and blushed furiously. He didn't articulate a comeback though. Grinning wickedly, Phoenix decided to give him more space for the time being.

What can I talk about to help him open up? Hmm.. Oh.

"Edgeworth, do you remember the last day you spent with me before you left for Germany with.. you-know-who?" Phoenix asked, lightly.

I sure hope he does too.

"No.. I don't Wright," Miles answered, honestly. "Do remind me though?"

His eyes were no longer fixated on the floor, they were locked on Phoenix. He was hanging onto every word coming out of the defence attorney's mouth for dear life.

That's.. a shame.

"I'm disappointed Edgeworth," Phoenix said wryly. "You'd think you'd remember the very thing I told you to keep hold of. Well I guess you must have binned it, knowing you." He rolled his eyes and sighed.

That special keychain I gave him had a lot of meaning though. I don't want to believe he binned it.

~ 17 years earlier ~

I hope he likes it.

A young Phoenix Wright was standing nervously outside his elementary school gates waiting for a certain silver haired boy. In his hand was a paper bag that contained a small gift for Miles.

It's late, but I doubt he'll mind.

Phoenix had recently found out that Miles' birthday had been last month. Miles wasn't one to talk about himself, so it was only typical Phoenix would be left out of the picture, however Phoenix had not been happy about it at all.

I wish he'd let me in more, I really want to know more about him.

Phoenix felt a hot flush rise to his face as the boy he was waiting for approached him.

"Phoenix Wright, who are you waiting for?" Miles looked astounded. Phoenix shuffled a bit, sheepish.

"I was actually waiting for your Miles!" he declared, grin stretching his face.

Miles looked unimpressed. "Phoenix, you need to cease this act, you know fully well I spend hours in class after school, or participating in several club activities." He sighed and shook his head, a smile on his face despite himself. "Oddly persistent, aren't you?"

Phoenix shot him a cheeky grin. "Well I have a reason - here!"

The spiky haired youngster quickly handed Miles the paper bag. Miles looked surprised, and peered inside.

"Is this for me?" he asked dubiously. "Really? Oh.."

He withdrew a small fish keychain, a red herring, looking pleasantly surprised.

"Oh, it's nice," he said mildly.

Miles wasn't used to receiving presents. Well apart from the odd law book or two from his father, but that was a completely different matter.

Phoenix laughed nervously. "If you don't like it, you can be honest. But before you judge it, check out what it does.."

He took the keychain from Miles and promptly pressed the head of the fish. Miles flinched when he saw how the fish head came off.

"W-what in the world.."

"It's not just a keychain," Phoenix declared, proudly. "It's a whistle - as well."

As if to prove that it was indeed a whistle, Phoenix blew it. Sure enough, the sound of a blown whistle resounded in the courtyard. Miles looked impressed, despite himself.

"Woah, that is pretty.."

"Cool?" finished Phoenix, handing the keychain back to Miles.

"W-well. Yes."

Phoenix couldn't prevent his eyes lingering on Miles lips as the silver haired boy put the whistle to his lips to blow it. Phoenix blushed unwillingly, then turned his head away in embarrassment.

..We shared the.. spit..

Miles looked genuinely entertained by his gift. He smiled at Phoenix, who blushed even more.

"Thanks Phoenix, I'm happy you bought me a gift," Miles said, smiling.

"W-well of course I had to!" Phoenix straightened up, defensively. "I'm your friend, and it was your birthday last month!"

Miles rolled his eyes. "I don't care for birthday gifts but.." he glanced back down at his present. "I'll keep this one. Thanks again Phoenix."

Phoenix breathed a sigh of relief and smiled back at the young boy beside him.

He likes it.. Yay!

"Why a whistle, of all things though?" Miles asked, curiously, as he popped it back inside his paper bag.

"W-well…" Phoenix trailed off, embarrassed. "It's so we can find each other."

"Pardon?" Miles looked up at the boy beside him in wonder. "What do you mean?"

"If we ever lose each other - we can find each other again… if we blow our whistles."

Phoenix's hand slipped into his pocket to withdraw a blue keychain in the shape of a bird. He presented it to Miles, smiling tentatively.

"If we ever lose each other, we can just blow these whistles and we'll find each other again."

I don't ever want to lose him though, ever.

Miles shot him a confused look. "Oh. I see. Alright then."


That did happen - didn't it? 17 years later and I finally understand the symbolism of that keychain he gave me that day.

"..and that's what happened," Phoenix finished, smile tugging at his lips. "How wrong I was to think we would never separate.." He trailed off, eyes locked on the man beside him. His gaze was sad and frustrated, Miles' heart ached in response.

"To think it took me fifteen years to find you again, and then another two to realise my true feelings for you," Phoenix sighed, eyebrows furrowed.

A long road indeed.

"I never gave up though. I knew I'd find you again," Phoenix mulled more to himself than Miles. "But enough about then."

The defence attorney turned his entire body to face Miles. His eyes drank him in hungrily, as he reached out to clasp the prosecutor's rough hands, stroking them gently.

The man looks like he wants to devour me.. Not that I mind at all..

"Miles Edgeworth, I love you, and you only. Not the you back then - though I did love him as well - but I know now. The feelings I got when I kissed you confirm it.."

Phoenix gently took Miles' chin again, and tilted it up. He firmly pushed his body against the prosecutor to reach his lips, to lean in and plant a kiss on his trembling lips again.



A single finger traced Miles' lip line, silencing his weak protests. Miles closed his eyes and exhaled deeply.

I feel so at … ease.

"What are you thinking Edgeworth?" Phoenix whispered, his hot breath tickling Miles' cheeks. "Tell me. Tell me everything, we can't keep secrets now. You're going to submit everything to me." He let his head rest on Miles' shoulder, letting his shoulder muscles relax.

Submitting to him, would that really be a bad thing?

"I feel at ease, Wright," murmured Miles. "I can't explain it. But.."

Miles eyes darted around the room, paranoid. Phoenix noticed this, and gently used his right palm to cover Miles' eyes, selfishly.

W-what is he trying to pull..

The next thing Miles felt was the exciting sensation of wild electricity as Phoenix whispered seductively in his ear-

"If I have to blind you to make you look at me properly, I'd do it," he breathed, voice silky. "It I have to do it to make you mine, I'd fucking do it."

What's he talking about?

"Don't be absurd Wright," Miles whispered back. "I… nnghh-"

! Oh my god, no… it feels too nice.

Phoenix had taken a bite of Miles - literally, he was nibbling his neck possessively. The prosecutor squirmed in response, allowing a small moan to escape his lips.

"Stop it Wright," he breathed, breathless despite not moving an inch from his sitting position. "Objection. Out of order. You're making me feel like prey-" he groaned as Phoenix's nibbles turned into a full scale teething attack. His skin crawled as the defence attorney's lips turned up in a mocking smile, while he continued to make his mark on Miles. Phoenix stopped to respond to Miles' trembling weak objection, with a wicked smile on his face.

"But you are my prey."

Miles rolled his eyes, allowing a grim smile to creep on his lips. "I… see.."

I don't feel right doing this at all. I have no idea how he can work up the courage to tell me things like that. It sounds so silly to me. But..

Miles didn't want to admit to himself that he loved it, despite everything. Phoenix decided to allow Miles some of his personal space again, though he kept his hands on Miles shoulders - firmly.

"I want to start over Edgeworth - I want to start our "relationship" over again," he murmured, eyes cast down. "I don't want anything to be in the way this time. No pride. No doubts about each other's feelings. I just want a completely honest relationship with you."

The blue-clad defence attorney looked up to gaze longingly into Miles' eyes. Miles winced.

I'm not too good at being affectionate… but .. I'm going to try.

Bracing himself, Miles opened his mouth to utter a few words, to confirm his feelings on the matter. The prosecutor looked anything but composed right now - his cheeks were several shades of red at once. He was also shivering, despite the warmth he felt due to the proximity with his partner.

"..You and me both."

That came out more rough than intended, but he'll understand - right?

The defence attorney exhaled sharply, and roughly pulled Miles into a firm embrace. Miles shuddered in response, shocked. He felt his skin dance with flickers of flame, pleasantly warm, but not too hot. His vision swayed, heart rate, escalated off the scale, as Phoenix gently moved his palm to caress Miles' back, slowly.

"I'm glad Edgeworth," he murmured.

This doesn't feel right.. I'm really not being fair - am I?

Miles had realised that Phoenix had been taking all the initiatives until now. He had given him valid evidence of his love for the prosecutor, but Miles on the other hand..

I need to prove that I love him. It's.. unfair if I don't.

Miles - gently - prised himself apart from Phoenix. Phoenix looked well and truly heartbroken by the detachment. Miles stood up, wincing at how stiff his legs were from being in a sitting position for so long. Phoenix followed suit, pouting, and brushing his knees off.

"Aaw! It was getting interesting," he moaned, smirking. "I wanted to make you mine.."

"Hmph. We'll see about that," Miles muttered, rolling his eyes.

I feel incredibly embarrassed about doing this.. but.. what else could I possibly lose at this point?

"Well Edgeworth is there a reason why we're stood- OOF!"

Miles had promptly seized Phoenix by the collar and slammed him onto the wall - the fish in the tank scattered again - with an evil smirk that made Phoenix fear dearly for his life.

"Ah-ha. Did I offend you in some way Edgeworth?" Phoenix asked, weakly. He raised his hands up in a gesture of mercy and fear.

Ugh. This isn't working at all.

Miles went bright red - redder than he already was - and scowled. He gritted his teeth furiously.

"I… I… Wright. I.."

"OH! I get it," Phoenix's mouth stretched into a wide grin. "You're trying to seduce me!"

Phoenix burst into uncontrollable laughter - leaving Miles embarrassed to the very core.


"WRIGHT! As your boyfriend-" Miles trembled slightly at the word "boyfriend" - "I deserve to be respected! Don't you dare mock me.." Miles loosened his grip on the defence attorney, fuming, but refused to let go.

I'm not letting go.. Not letting go at all.

Phoenix gasped for breath and clamped his lips shut to stop his laughter. His eyes were tearing though, despite Miles' intense glares.

"Alright. Edgeworth, do what you want to me. I'm waiting," Phoenix's lips were curved in a mocking smirk, but his eyes were now - deadly serious. Miles gulped, his throat becoming increasingly dry.

Do whatever I please? That's rather vague.

"What would a lover due to his partner if he could do anything he wanted to them?" Phoenix murmured, softly. "Do entertain me Edgeworth. Let's see what you come up with…"

The air of a challenge seemed to motivate Miles. He grimaced, as he racked his brains for an idea. Suddenly, it came to him. It was incredibly embarrassing, but it would throw even Phoenix off guard. Miles smirked, licking his lips slowly.


If I could make him feel would I felt back then, that would satisfy me enormously.

Slowly, the prosecutor lowered himself to a kneeling position. Phoenix's eyes widened in surprise - then recognition. He groaned out loud, and started to chuckle.

"Oh Edgeworth. Don't go bringing up the embarrassments of the past again." Phoenix was blushing furiously.

That's exactly the reaction I hoped for - but I want more. I want him to really.. squirm.

"You don't think I can do it, do you Wright?" murmured Miles, still smirking.

"Nah I don't," Phoenix admitted. "Let's see how far you actually get." His voice was sickly sweet. "I want to see you do it honey, and do it good."

Miles clenched his fists, fuming slightly. "W-well.."

I'll show him..!

Bracing himself, Miles leant forward to seize Phoenix's trouser zipper with his teeth. Phoenix allowed a small gasp to escape his lips - a gasp that went unmissed by Miles. Satisfied, he proceeded to slowly, but surely pull the zipper down with his teeth. Phoenix started to squirm uncomfortably.

"E-Edgeworth.." Phoenix moaned Miles' name in such a silky tone that Miles felt an excitement bubble within him.

The moment was everything they focused on, background noise, the sounds of the bubbles inside the fish tanks, everything, came second to the moment unfolding right in front of the two men. It was no wonder that they didn't notice the doors to the aquarium clatter and slide open.


Both lawyers froze, and slowly turned towards the now-wide-open exit. They both gaped at who they saw there - Miles gaping released Phoenix's zipper from his teeth hold. Stood in the door way was Franziska Von Karma with a police force, plus Kay and Maya were also stood behind Franziska, peering at the two lawyers in complete shock. Kay was the first to react. She smirked, which turned into a burst of heavy laughter that killed the awkward silence.

..For the love of God. Why does this have to happen to ME?

Franziska merely stared, wordlessly, shocked to the core, at the sight in front of her eyes. Miles grimaced at the sight of her sister's paling face. Phoenix, having regained himself, flashed their audience a grin.

"It's EXACTLY what it looks like!" Phoenix shot a mocking smile at Miles at his feet who was fuming and cursing profanities under his breath. He bowed slightly, earning looks of pure venom from Miles.

This seemed to jolt some life into Franziska though - she flinched, then flexed her whip dangerously. Miles winced in anticipation.


Both men cowered as Franziska let out a wave of whips on the two lawyers.


"Priceless. Seriously. Priceless."

Kay was still laughing, despite the fun being over and done with. Miles had decided to ignore her - it was easier for him that way. Maya, Kay, Miles and Phoenix were walking out of Gatewater Land's main entrance gates, the latter two embarrassed to a large degree. They were also aching from being whipped repeatedly.


"Mr Edgeworth, I think I discovered another you! I never knew you had a feisty personality somewhere in that shell," Kay continued to taunt the prosecutor mercilessly. "Who'd have thought it?"

"Let him be Kay," a voice beside him chuckled. "He needs space - though I'm not exactly willing to give that to him right now.."

Casually, the defence attorney reached out to clasp Miles' hand firmly. His fingers slipped nicely between Miles'.

Almost as if they.. belong.


Kay's voice interrupted the two lawyer's fantasies.

"You guys made up then? That's great news!"

"If they didn't make up why would they have been so intimately involved moments ago?" Maya, who was walking beside Kay, sighed, grinning and rolling her eyes.

Flushing, Miles rounded on the spirit medium. "It's not what it looked like! Don't listen to that damned defence attorney."

Phoenix raised his voice to be heard. "Maya, don't listen to the damned prosecutor, he was totally going for gold," he smirked. "Or should I say.. jewels."

Oh he's going to pay dearly for this..

"OBJECTION. Wright you're pathetic."

All eyes were on Miles, incredulous.

I didn't say anything out of order - did I?

Phoenix chuckled. "Honey you need to do better than that. And your boyfriend deserves respect.."


Chuckling, Phoenix finally turned to address Maya - something had been bothering him, and badly.

"Maya why on earth aren't you in Kurain right now?"

Maya flushed and shot a cheeky grin at Phoenix. "I lied."

Phoenix almost collapsed in shock at her words. He groaned. "Maya why did you have to lie like that-"

"All part of the plan," Kay answered, promptly. "Everything is of course, because of what me and Maya did. Even back then-"

"When you and Mr Edgeworth were on that dating site-"

"If it wasn't for both of us, you wouldn't have even-"

"..Felt incredibly awkward-"

"-Tried to avoid Wright and failed completely," Miles finished, dryly.

These two girls will be the death of me!

The moment of silence was broken by group laughter. It was ironic, and hardly a laughing matter, but the tension deserved to be broken by the heartiest of chuckles. Even Miles allowed a chuckled to escape his lips - willingly. He smiled to himself as his free hand slipped inside his pocket to grasp the keychain Phoenix gave him all those years ago.

And now I remember the significance, why I kept it, and the symbolism. At least now I know for sure, I'll never lose him again.

"Something the matter, Edgeworth?" Phoenix whispered in Miles' ear softly.

Miles shook his head and gave the defence attorney a smirk. "No, everything's fine."

Blushing furiously, he squeezed Phoenix's fingers tentatively - attempting to be affectionate. Phoenix noticed this and smiled warmly at him.

"Getting there aren't we - boyfriend?"

"One step at a time," Miles murmured softly. "And this pacing suits me just fine."

Phoenix grinned at the prosecutor he loved dearly. "I'll wait for you forever, after all, waiting for you is all I seem to have done during my lifetime.."

He'll always be by my side, as my partner, who loves me - and only me. Feelings are never clear cut, but there's no doubt that when you find the "one", your feelings for that person will last forever - an entire lifetime.

~ FIN ~

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