An Aoshi and Misao Story

1 Year Later

Misao rifled through the envelopes that had been dropped off a few moments earlier. There were reports from active members of the Oniwabanshuu, a letter from Kaoru, bills anda plain cream colored envelope. She looked at the plain stationary curiously. Most of the letters were either addressed to Aoshi, or her and Aoshi jointly. But this letter bore only her name. She slit open the envelope and read the letter with increasing excitement.

Dearest Misao-san,

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy. I was pleased to hear of your marriage, although I know I am many months late on my congratulations. I am glad to see that your Aoshi was not as stupid as we feared. I myself have happy news to share. A few months ago, I happened to meet a young woman who was an acquaintance of my sister-in-law. We fell in love and a few days ago, we were married. She truly loves me, Misao-san, and now I can see why you advised me to wait. Thank you. Hanae is a lovely, wonderful young woman. She has expressed some interest in meeting you. If you and your husband are ever in the area, please, come and see us. My mother has finally forgiven you.

Harada Akira

"Aoshiiiiiiii!!!!!!!" Misao rushed to find her husband, only slightly impeded by her very large belly. Huffing, she ran into the hallway and nearly knocked him over. "Anataguess what?!"

"Misao?! Are you okay? Do you need me to get the doctor?" Aoshi was as near hysteria as he would ever get, his wife's pregnancy had been causing him great stress since the very beginning.

"Baka!" Misao swatted him with the letter. "I'm fine! But listenyou remember Akira, right?"

His eyes darkened. Of course he remembered Akira. Misao had told him everything. Harada Akira...the man who had dared to propose to his Misao. "Aa." He said tersely.

"He got married! He finally found someone!" Misao exclaimed, waving around the letter in triumph.

Aoshi relaxed slightly. "Good for him."

"Damn right, good for him!" She rubbed her belly with a smile. "He's going to make her very happy."

Aoshi raised an eyebrow. "Did he make you very happy?" He couldn't help the small tinge of jealousy in his voice.

"Oh yes, Aoshi dear. Especially when he kissed me!" Misao teased.

Aoshi's eyes narrowed. "You didn't tell me about that."

She rolled her eyes. "Get a hold of yourself." She said, annoyance creeping into her voice. "He wasn't the one I married, now was he?" She looped her arms around his waist and got as close to him as her big belly would allow. Tilting her face upwards, she asked silently for a kiss.

He hesitated for only a fraction of a second. How could he refuse her when she looked so cute like that?

Their kissing was interrupted by a strong kick from the baby.

"Ow." She muttered, rubbing her stomach. "I think he's practicing kenpo in there."

Aoshi laughed and placed his hands over hers, marveling at the strength of the kicks. "I think you're right."

When the baby seemed to tire of abusing his mother, Misao let out an audible sigh. "My back is killing me. I think I'll go soak in the tub for a while."

Aoshi nodded. "I've got some paperwork to finish."

"Why don't you come with me?" Misao asked coyly.

Aoshi shook his head. "I really need to finish"

"Oh come onyou can rub my back." She smiled sweetly.

"WellI suppose I can finish up later"

"That's the spirit!" Her eyes suddenly got a rather wicked twinkle.


She laughed and began walking quickly in the direction of the furo. "First one into the tub holds the title of the strongest!"

The End