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Arthur followed the Will, frog, whatever it wanted to call itself as it kept moving. Arthur had no idea where it was going, and he highly doubted it knew either.

"There was a weirdway around here somewhere." It said, stopping near a blank wall. Surprisingly, the Will was able to slip through it as if it was air. Arthur glanced around, and once again closing his eyes, slowly walked forward.

They were inside some sort of a narrow tunnel that went upwards. They were at the bottom, with a ladder.

With surprising speed, Arthur climbed up and after the Will.

"Actually, I managed to escape for a moment while Lord Sunday was away near another one of my parts, and we were able to exchange information. It appears that the crystal that was in the possession of the Seventh Part of the Will's that was supposed to be used by us once the Will was complete. However, Lord Sunday guessed what it could do and forcibly ripped it from the Will, as it was not a true part of the Will, merely in its safekeeping."

"And if he fuses the Keys, he could destroy you?" Arthur asked.

"No." The Will said. "He could not destroy all of us combined. However, separated as we are, he would probably be able to get rid of all of us save for the seventh part, not that that would do any good. The Will would remain incomplete forever."

"I just want to get Uncle Albert and get out of here." Arthur said, still marveling at the speed with which he could climb.

"I am afraid that will not be possible. Friday was careless with the portal which allowed me to enter, but I could not take more than one mortal. I needed only one mortal for the Will to be executed. I chose you as you were the youngest of all of them, more fresh, better for-"

"Yes, well, what do you propose we do now?" Arthur asked.

"I'm not sure." The Will said. "The first thing we will have to do is enter the Incomparable Gardens to stop Sunday, though normally the process should begin at Monday. We must take the crystal from him. This weirdway leads up to the Gardens, though I doubt even Saturday knows of it. It would be of no use to her anyway, as it is very small and too narrow for most Denizens." The Will was right. After what seemed like forever, they began to approach the opening. It was kind of like a manhole. Opening what looked like a cover, they both stepped out, beholding the Incomparable Gardens.

It was more strange than wonderful to Arthur, who was rather freaked out at the variety of plants. He was too busy to notice that someone was above him.

The Will, was, too was slow. Saturday swooped down upon them, with her Noon, Dawn and Dusk behind her. Her Noon was holding someone who Arthur recognized. It was Uncle Albert, still asleep, with Noon's umbrella at his throat.

"Give it up." Saturday said. "Surrender all rights of being the Rightful Heir and declare me as the Heir, or he dies." Arthur knew that she meant it.

The Will kept trying to move, though apparently it was being resisted by the Sixth Key.

Just then, a fork, no, a trident flew at her noon, completely enveloped in flames. Noon let go of Uncle Albert, and then barely avoided the trident itself, which Saturday deflected with ease using her Key.

Using the momentary distraction, the Will puffed up a large cloud of smoke, grabbed Arthur, and made a run for it. They heard Saturday screaming in rage as they ran for a long time, finally hiding behind a low ledge. Arthur guessed the Will could use its powers to conceal them from the Sixth Key for now.

"Who was that?" Arthur asked. "We have to go get Uncle Albert!" He suddenly realized, getting up quickly, angry that he had forgotten all about him.
"We cannot." The Will said. "Saturday will do no harm to him, she needs him alive. She wants to bargain with you."

"Why?" Arthur asked.

"Should she become the rightful Heir, which she cannot otherwise, she would have no need to continue keeping us. She would rule like the tyrant she is. And I suspect she knows about Sunday's plan. If he combines the Seven Keys, the other Morrow Days will have no authority left. That is not what she wants, though it is impossible for her, as deputy, to refuse a direct order."

Arthur didn't believe the Will, but just then, someone peered down from above the ledge. It wasn't one of the Morrow Days or their servants.

It was a small girl whose clothing was extremely dirty.

"Well done, Miss Turquoise Blue." The Will said. "I have procured some allies througout the House, though I am not sure they will be able to help us."

" 'leased to meet you." She said, spitting in her hand and offering it to Arthur, who just stared at it oddly. "A thank you would've done." She said later.

"No time for these necessities." The Will said. "Arthur, we must get to the Elysium and take that crystal. Using it, you will fuse the Seven Keys yourself at once, which you can do, as they are your rightful property."
Before anyone could complain, they bounded off to where Arthur guessed the Elysium was. Oddly enough, they didn't meet any obstacles on the way. Arthur felt nervous, as if the place wanted to lull them into a false sense of security.

When they reached the Elysium, which to Arthur just looked like a stream and a few rocks, the Will stopped.

"Here it is, my last piece." It said, motioning towards a tree that was locked up in a cage.

Before any of them could move, before the Will could shout the warning, they were surrounded by seven figures. The Morrow Days, with Sunday holding the crystal in his hand.

"Game over." Sunday said, smirking. However, just then, the tree reached through the bars of it's cage, and smacked one of Sunday's arms. He dropped the crystal in pain, and the others immediately diverted their attention to the tree. During this moment, Arthur grabbed the crystal.

He could feel its powers, just waiting to be used.

"Using this, I combine all of the Seven Keys to the Kingdom." The Morrow Days snarled, and the crystal glowed, but then went out.

"What?" Arthur said.

"Umm, it appears I have made an error." The first part of the Will said. "It appears that you do need permission from the Trustees to combine their Keys, or at least the other fragments of the Will."

"Rather bad, no?" Saturday said, smiling.

Just then, another thought occurred to Arthur. Taking the crystal again, he said,

"I fuse all parts of the Will." Immediately, he could hear the voices of the other parts, all saying synonymously, that they agreed. Words began to surround Arthur, none of the others seemed to be able to get past them.

There is a problem, Arthur. The words said. We are also about to fuse with the Old One, another one of our parts. But, that will lead to your destruction. As long as you exist, the Universe will as well. Otherwise, everything will once again return to Nothing, with no hope of anything being made from it again. You have not yet been transformed as you should have been.

Another idea entered Arthur's head. The process was not yet complete, so he changed the targets. All parts of the Architect did merge, but he made them merge with him.

All the voices, of the Will and the Old one, fused to become one. Arthur stood up. He was physically unchanged, though he could feel the power that flowed through him.

He no longer needed to speak, he merely thought of the Keys and all seven flew to him.

He had won.

"Arthur! Wake up!" A voice called.

Arthur got up. He was calm now, and looked at his alarm clock. If he didn't hurry up soon, he would be late for school. That had been one crazy dream, though it felt so real.

As he got up, he noticed that his head felt weird. Then, a voice seemed to speak in the back of his head,

The Will has been done, Arthur.

The End