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Chapter 1: Caught in the Act

Stiles stood outside his best friend Scott's bedroom door while he had sex with his on-off again girlfriend, Allison Argent. Stiles sighed knowing that Scott's mother, Melissa would be home soon. Reaching for his mobile phone, he pulled it out of his pocket and started to text away a message of warning to Scott. He had just heard Mrs. McCall's car pull up in the driveway.

Scott lay on top of a naked Allison. "What're we going to do?" she whispered against his lips.

"What do you mean?" he asked in the same toned whisper.

"If your mother comes home and Stiles can't stop her from walking in on us," she wasn't at all worried but she did fear the interruption.

Before Scott could open his mouth to answer her question; his phone vibrated on his bed stand. Reaching for it, he saw that he had one new message.

"What is it?" Allison asked him. Holding his phone up so that she could see what the message said.

Red alert! Red alert! Your mom's home! Allison read but was interrupted when Scott started to kiss her neck. It was clear to her that Scott didn't care if his mother found out that he was having unprotected sex at 16. She didn't care either about what her parents and what her Aunt Kate said. Now being aware of her boyfriend's 'medical' condition, she had been the one that Scott was most careful around especially during their passionate moments. Allison was well aware that there was a really high risk of him killing her. Scott had now learned to control his passionate streak but the risk of killing Allison was still extremely high.

Stiles stood outside the door desperately waiting for Scott to reply to his message. When he got no reply, he raced downstairs and towards the front door hoping to stop Mrs. McCall from entering the house.

"Stiles, hi," she said as she stopped in front of him.

"Uh hi, Mrs. McCall," Stiles said as quickly as he could. "Scott's not home," he told her, his face going pale.

"You alright, Stiles?" Melissa asked her son's best friend.

"Yeah I'm fine," Stiles squealed.

Their conversation was cut short by metal hitting a wall upstairs in the house and several cries from a female wanting more of what she was getting.

"What the...?" Melissa discarded her shopping on the kitchen counter and started towards the stairs. Stiles raced in front of her attempting to stop her walking in on her son.

"I wouldn't go up there if I were you," Stiles stammered.

"Well, you aren't me, Stiles. Please just move," There were more yells from upstairs causing Melissa and Stiles to look at each other before hurling up the stairs with Stiles in the lead. Melissa got to the door only to see Stiles blocking her path to her son's room.

"Stiles!" Melissa grunted as she pulled him away from the door.

Uh-oh! Stiles immediately thought.

Melissa opened the door to Scott's room to reveal her son having sex with Allison.

Scott turned his head to see his mother standing there looking at him, her face not showing anger. It was pale and showing pure distrust. "Mom!" he gasped as he quickly pulled himself off Allison. Allison sat up, covering herself with the sheets.

"Mrs. McCall!" she gasped.

A few minutes later, the couple were standing fully clothed in the kitchen of the McCall house.

"Scott McCall," Melissa said pacing cross armed in front of her son and his girlfriend. Stiles sat on the counter top looking on quite terrified. "How could you be so stupid? Having sex in my house?" Scott and Allison turned to face a rather pale looking Stiles giving him rather disgusted glances. They knew how hard Stiles had tried to stop Melissa walking in on them so they easier forgave him but at the same time they hated him.

"I'll just be going," Stiles said jumping off the counter before Melissa grabbed his arm.

"Not so fast, Stiles; you aren't off the hook either," Melissa said making Stiles turned slowly back to look at her.

"The first thing I have to ask is if you were using protection," Melissa said with a sigh. Allison and Scott looked at each other in alarm before shaking their heads. "Right," Melissa said with a nod. "Your dad will probably need to know about this Allison. As for you, Stiles," Mrs. McCall said turning to him. "Since you are the Sheriff's son then I will let you off with a warning," That comment got a gasp from Scott. Stiles nodded before bolting for the door.

Melissa turned back to Scott and Allison. "Scott, take Allison home and when you get back you're grounded for a month,"

"A month?" retorted Scott.

"Yes a month," his mother said smoothly. "You disobey my wishes you pay the price," Melissa gave her son one last angry glance before turning her back and occupying herself in putting the shopping away.

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