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Chapter 2: Tested Positive

"Allison Kate Argent how could you be so stupid?" hissed her father Chris who just so happened to be a werewolf hunter as he circled her as if she was prey. Her mother and her Aunt Kate were standing there with their hands on their hips eyeing her angrily. Allison cringed as her father continued to circle her like a vulture circling its prey. "You are grounded for a month which means no parties, no movies, no going out with friends and especially NO Scott,"

"Isn't that a bit unrealistic?" Allison asked. "I mean, I'll see him at school,"

"You will only see him at school and that is it," Chris concluded. "Now go to your room and think about what you've done," Allison didn't hesitant and hurried up to her room. She was well aware of the piercing stares of her mother and aunt on her back.

Allison entered her room, shut the door and locked it. Dropping to her knees next to her bed, she pulled out a box where she kept several personal things. Digging through the box containing a pregnancy test, she pulled out a rectangular box and she hurried to her bathroom. She emerged a few minutes later looking down at the test. It had two bars which meant it was positive. She was pregnant with Scott's child.

The next day at school, Allison looked frantically for Scott but she came across Lydia and Stiles first.

"Whoa Allison," Stiles said when she almost ran into him near his locker. "Where's the fire?"

"Where's Scott?" she asked.


"Allison!" called Lydia from down the hallway. It was clear that she was annoyed for being deserted when Allison had rushed off to find Scott instead she had found Stiles.

"Allison!" Scott called causing Allison to turn around.

Uh oh! I need to tell him. Lydia and Stiles won't leave us alone. Might as well tell them too, She thought as Scott came towards him.

"Can I talk to you guys alone for a moment?" she asked.

"Ah sure," Scott said looking at Stiles who was looking at Lydia who was looking at Scott with bulged eyes. Looking around, he pointed out an empty classroom. "Over here," The others followed him to the classroom before quickly entering. They just prayed that no one saw them. Stiles locked the door on his way in.

"What's up?" Lydia said looking at a distraught Allison who had her eyes on the ground. Scott looked at his girlfriend to see her avoiding eye contact with them.

"I'm pregnant," Allison grumbled.

"What?" Scott and Stiles said unable to understand her.

"Darl, you're going to have to speak up. We can't hear you," Lydia said as Allison stepped closer to them. She lifted her head tears were now streaming down her face.

"I'm pregnant," she sniffed.

Stiles and Lydia immediately turned to look at Scott who's face had suddenly gone pale.

"Am I…?" he managed to say before stopping mid-sentence.

"Yes, you're the father, Scott," Allison nodded in confirmation.

Scott collapsed into the closest the seat. He was in complete shock.

"You can't be serious," Stiles said, his jaw hanging on the ground. Allison rummaged around in her bag her pulled out the test. She knew she would need it as proof.

"The test doesn't lie, Stinkweed," Lydia hissed. Allison handed Stiles the test so he could examine it better. Scott was now on his feet. Most of the shock was gone and he needed to comfort the mother of his child the best he could.

"We'll get through this," he said gently pulling her into a hug. He allowed her to sob into his shoulder. "I'm going to support you and the baby," he continued in her ear. "I'm sure Stiles and Lydia will be willing to help," Scott turned with Allison still in his arms. She looked up to see Stiles grinning at them and Lydia too busy examining her face in the mirror on the wall.

"Sure thing!" Stiles said cheerfully. "I love kids! Does that mean that I get to be the godfather?" he asked hopefully.

Scott and Allison looked at each other before nodding.

"Yes!" Stiles cried punching the air.

"Shut up! You'll get us discovered!" Allison sniffed.

"Sorry," Stiles said lowering his wrist.

"Lydia?" Scott said.

"Huh? What?" Lydia turned around to see Allison no longer crying.

"Would you be the baby's godmother?" Scott asked in a serious tone.

"Oh ah, I'm not really good with kids," Lydia said trying to worm out of it.

"You're great with kids," Allison said. "I've seen you talk to the little kids that are in the playground all the time,"

"Alright then," Lydia issued her best friend a smile before turning to face Stiles.

"What about him? I am not being the godmother if he's the godfather," she said hitching a thumb at Stiles.

"Deal with it," Allison and Scott said in unison.

Lydia's face fell but didn't say anything else on the matter. Stiles' face fell when reality hit him. "Why does she have to be the godmother?" he asked. "I mean, she asked her mother 'what the hell is a Stiles?' She doesn't even know who the hell I am. We're in the same classes for fuck's sake!" Scott was amazed. He had never heard Stiles explode… ever. They had known each other since they were really young. They were practically brothers.

"She's my best friend," Allison explained. "It only makes sense,"

"She tried to make a move on Scott, you know," Stiles grumbled.

"Well, she had a thing for Jackson!" Lydia exploded aiming her attack Allison.

"That was in the past," Scott said calmly. Yes, Lydia had kissed him but it had only happened once. "We have a much bigger issue to deal with now," he said placing a hand on Allison's stomach. She could only grin.

Stiles and Lydia crossed their arms knowing that they had lost their causes to have the other kicked out of being the godparents.

"Do your parents know?" Stiles asked.

"No, not yet, I was kinda waiting until you guys knew before I told mine," Allison told him.

"Your dad is going to kill me," Scott said suddenly panicked.

"He'll understand," Allison told him gently.

"He knows about me. He and Kate will do anything to kill me when we tell them," he said.

"I'll come with you," Stiles said. Lydia was completely blank about what they were talking about but didn't really care.

"Whatever," she said. 'I'm going to class. You three coming?"

Scott handed Allison back the test so that she could put it back into her bag. Stiles, Allison and Scott looked at each other before gathering their things and filing out behind Lydia. There was only one thing that remained: Telling the parents.

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