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Chapter #1

It was the morning of a new day she was curled up in her blankets laying on her bed taking in the fresh air of the morning breeze, why its not always like this especially on a navy ship sometimes you dont go home for 3 days maybe even a week. she lay there nice and cosy in her bed very relaxed thinking to herself this is to good to be true, it wasnt even a minute before she came back to reality the phone was ringing she threw back my blankets and jumped out of bed to reach for the phone.

Kate McGregor she said as she answered the phone yep ill be there within an hour, it was the Navy duty calls. It was 0900 hours when I arrived on the HMAS HAMMERSLEY, kate was the last to arrive for the breifing there was only one seat left and that was her own seat the XO's seat next to the CO's seat who was indeed Mike Flynn the spunkiest man in the Navy. kate appoligized for her latenest and they got on with the briefing they had been appointed a task to pick up a man seeking refuge on Tomalsin's Bay.

The HMAS HAMMERSLEY left port at 0950 hours Kate sat in the XO's seat looking out at the ocean it felt like any other day on watch nothing but sea glorious sea all was quiet charge was texting his wife appologizing for leaving quickly this morning and not saying goodbye to his kids whom where just waking up to get ready for school, Bomber was getting annoyed at Buffer because he was getting all confuzed on what had actually happened to the guy that they arrested the previous day whilst RO just sat there quietly like usuall.

they arrived 200 meters out of shore on tomalsin's bay it was Kate who said away seaboat including Kate bomber, Charge, Buffer and 2dads they were ready for the task set ahead for them it wasn't until when they arrived on shore tomalsin's baythat they realised it wasnt all as quite was said to be this was no man seeking refuge this was a war against the welcomed and unwelcomed of tomalsin's bay see the guy who was seeking refuge was one of the welcomed who had been shot in the leg unfortunately when they arrived he had bled out.

they took out their guns and were sweeping the island when Bomber and Kate fell across a grenade the explosion rocked across the bay even the HAMMERSLEY heard it the explosian had sent Bomber and Kate flying into the air bomber was alright she landed on the sand but Kate wasnt, Kate landed on the rocks she was unconcious. Bomber used Kate's radio to call HAMMERSLEY, HAMMERSLEY this XRAY2 come in HAMMERSLEY, XRAY2 this is HAMMERSLEY what the Hell was that, that we heard said the CO

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