Written for Vanity Sinning Starship Ranger's 'Next Generation Musical Challenge'

There are five chapters each based on a different Disney song. I simply took a few lines and then wrote what I felt.

My characters are Rose and Lucy Weasley. Each chapter is a one shot. The Lucy in one chapter may be a completely different Lucy from another chapter (and the same goes for Rose). It depended what the song and my muse said to me. They are not supposed to fit together perfectly. Just little fragments of what could've been.

The wedding dress mentioned in this chapter can be viewed at: http:/www./2011/04/09/classic-wedding-dress/

I will never pass for a perfect bride, or a perfect daughter
can it be I'm not meant to play this part
now I see that if I were truly to be myself
I would break my family's heart

Reflection- Mulan

Lucy Weasley looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. There was chiffon strewn across the plush fitting room, tens of dresses heaped upon her by every female cousin who insisted that they absolutely had to be at the dress fitting. Currently she was in a dress she knew they'd love. The small, lace straps, the beading accentuating her tiny waist, the skirt falling into a perfect circle around her legs. The colouring complimented her complexion and she looked like a bride. A classic, beautiful bride.

Lucy Weasley was engaged to James Wood and they were to be married in a month. The capable, successful son of a semi-famous quidditch player married to a Weasley, regardless of being Percy's daughter, her last name was well regarded. This marriage was so obviously semi-arranged. The small networking circle Percy was an insular community, leading to the young people being pressured into all sorts of relationships.

The man Lucy truly loved was Lorcan Scamander. At school, seventh year, they spoke of travelling to see the beaches and rainforests of this world. To clamber barefooted through the wilderness of the moors surrounding Ottery St Catchpole, wearing charity shop clothes and eating only organic vegetarian food. Lucy dreamed of marrying the boy at sunrise, in a field as their families joined together to celebrate with wild raspberries and home made sugar syrup. At school together they often found each other behind the herbology greenhouses, the smell of plant life spurring on their intense conversation.

When they graduated, they wanted to travel together, Luna and Rolf being completely permissive but Percy restraining Lucy to their home. It apparently not appropriate for a 'young lady' to go off gallivanting with only a young male for a companion, Lucy sulked silently in her room, not wishing to attract the ire of her father by showing her misery in public. Brought to dull dinner parties and pushed into awkward, painful conversations with James. She took to imagining world travel as James enquired into her personal interests, with his pushy mother and her pushy father looking on.

Lorcan had gone off alone. There were frequent owls and the occasional floo-chat but not much they could do, when he told her that he planned to stay in Peru for another six months, she lost hope that he was ever coming back, partly to do with every conversation she had with her father containing veiled hints to romantically involve herself (with obvious propriety) with James.

Then the proposal dinner arrived (with plenty of awkward silences) and the hints become so much stronger. Eventually Lucy's will caved in; she took the diamond ring and announced the news. Here she was now, standing crying silently in a wedding dress fitting room, the aide escaping earlier to giver her a few moments alone. She rubbed her eyes, sucked in her emotion and stepped out to greet her female cousins, mother, sister…and father.

Percy Weasley stepped over and kissed her head,

"I'm so proud of you."

They were the words that turned Lucy's insides to nothingness, plunging her heart into a pool of acid where it melted. She couldn't stop now, not to lose her family like her father did once.

Several years ago Uncle George had gone on a drunken rant, weeping about Uncle Fred, and he let one important detail slip,

"Percy had been gone so long you see…"

Lucy had always sworn that she wouldn't be like her father, and if she had to repress herself to achieve this, then she would make her heart disappear.


As Lucy let her self be blindly wrapped in more silk, lace and taffeta Lorcan stood on the side of a market in Peru buying earrings for his beloved. It was odd, her letters were becoming less frequent, and she must be busy.

When Lorcan returned to England only months later with fourteen pairs of beautifully, handcrafted earrings and a ring to propose with. He found her gone.