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Now I realise
Love is never wrong

Love Will find a Way- The Lion King

"Scorpius…we just can't"

"Can't do what, Rosie? Fall in love?"

He took two steps towards her, effectively closing Rose off from escaping. It wasn't as if she didn't like Scorpius, that she wasn't thrilled by the whirlwind romance, that his kissing didn't blow her away or when their bodies were pressed together she didn't feel a wave of excitement surge through her, even through the standard school robes. Rose wasn't going to pretend she didn't love the way Scorpius smiled at her as they sat opposite each other at the Ravenclaw table for breakfast. The way he valiantly defended her from the bastards whose fathers hated her father and his best friend. When in charms she was awarded twenty points, the way he smiled at her made Rose swoon. When she silently pirouetted down a corridor she thought was abandoned. When she couldn't take anymore of being the daughter of 'the brightest witch of her age', Scorpius held her tight. One Hogsmeade weekends, they escaped the crowds. Sipping butterbeer whilst standing in the corner store behind Madame Puddifoots, a place the others didn't visit often and Rose Weasley was definitely not afraid of telling her father that she liked Scorpius Malfoy. Her hate of ignorance was of the same quantity of her like for kissing Scorpius, it was just the niggling feeling that Rose was losing control. It came out through small sings. The subtle slip in her neat handwriting, the casual spill of pumpkin juice onto her robes, the absence of a 'sleek hair' charm in the morning, she forgot small pieces of information in class. Her emotions, the very part of her she though she had complete control over. In her classes, in the great hall with her dead-straight posture, at home with her annoying father. Her clever, logical mind had easily deducted that Scorpius was the reason she was slipping.

And Rose Weasley never slipped.

"Exactly Scorpius, we can not fall in love. Now, if you excuse me I have to get to the library."

"Rose, you can't just tease me along for months and then tell me that we can't fall in love. You can't end it like this, what am I, some kissing dummy! What am I supposed to do? Just pretend that nothing ever happened between us, that I should just walk away and be glad you enjoyed whatever you manipulated out of me! Or did you not like it? Am I hopeless? Am I Rose, answer me!"

"No, Scorpius, you're not hopeless! You're a fantastic kisser; I never wanted this to happen."

"You didn't want what to happen? Us? I'm not an idiot Rose! Don't be coy" at this point Scorpius put on a voice, his feeble imitation of a girlish whine, "Oh Scorpius, I never meant this to happen." He mocked.

Rose blinked her eyes furiously. She didn't cry in public. Ever.

"I don't know Scorpius" and Rose took a steadying breath, "I just know we can't be together anymore."

"Why?" He wasn't shouting anymore, Rose wondered if that was indeed a good thing.

"I can't tell you."

Mute silence radiated from the boy.

"Goodbye Scorpius," Rose said with as much dignity as she could muster and as she straightened her shoulders and turned her back she could feel her insides turning to nothingness.

It wasn't until she'd reached the prefect's bathroom and locked herself inside that she cried.


Scorpius was at a loss. They'd be fantastic together, they'd talked, chatted, kissed and he heard how all the others thought they'd stay together. Scorpius, of course, attracted plenty of dark looks. Having a family that had supported Voldemort wasn't really beneficial to one trying to get ahead in life, at least his father had deferred and Grandmother had saved Harry Potter.

Rose understood him. She understood the stares and the rumours and together they'd fought off opponents. They were sixteen and he knew he was in love. He didn't care what they said about teenagers not being able to recognise love. Love didn't have limits.

He wanted to know why Rosie would cast him off like that, half of him was angry at being made to feel like a fool and the other part of him wanted to know what made Rosie act this way, what made her mind change so quickly. He was worried about her.

He was resisting the temptation to throw a decent rictumsempra at some snotty first year that was stage-whispering wild rumours behind him as Scorpius walked down to the Quidditch pitch. He didn't care if Gryffindor was practicing, he needed to fly. He took his broom from the cupboard and flew out so he directly overhead the lake. Below him the giant squid was chortling away and the complex knot of emotions in Scorpius' stomach made him want to pitch rocks at the beast. He angrily zoomed away before he succumbed to the temptation.

When it became evident that flying wasn't going to make his feelings go away, Scorpius hurtled towards the ground at a break neck speed and abruptly stopped moments before he broke his neck, effectively terrifying a second year who was wandering aimlessly around the outskirts of the castle.

He turned on his heel and marched stormily up to the school.


Rose had had a bath and was now wrapped up in her warmest dressing gown, lying in bed and attempting to read a very serious textbook and not think about Scorpius.

She shared a small room with the sixth-year prefect, Emily, and the walls, painted Ravenclaw blue, were lined with bookshelves.

Rose dabbed at her eyes, threatening the tears that wished to fall. She heard a tentative knock and Emily's voice call out,

"Rose, Scorpius wants to talk."

Rose thought for a moment before replying.

"Coming, Em." Then she stood up and threw an old cloak, from several birthdays ago, around her shoulders. She was uncharacteristically cold. Stepping over several piles of books she was forced to exit the room sideways and turned suddenly only to have Scorpius directly in front of her and before she could as much as let out an exclamation he had done something so unexpected her breath was taken away. Scorpius Ares Malfoy leant her back and kissed her.

They'd spent that last few weeks experimenting with kissing but there was always some indication that it was going to happen, an unwritten decorum.

"I'm crazy about you, Rose and I don't know why suddenly you want to break up. I don't understand, maybe I'm not good enough? I know I'm flawed but I will work on eliminating any imperfections for you. I will love you unconditionally, I will put up with your crazy study habits, actually no I will EMBRACE your study habits and your funny little mannerisms and the way your hands flap around when you speak. I will liberate my house elf for you and learn to scrub the floors myself. I will sell my broomstick, attempt to force my father to give yours a social call and then provide the musical entertainment, no matter how embarrassing, myself. I will publicly declare my love in the face of a thousand haters, I will stand with you when everyone runs away. I will learn the names of all of you cousins. I will…"

"Scorpius," Rose interrupted, "You don't need to do any of that, well maybe you should learn the names of my family members, but I love you. I really do. It's just that I can't..." Her voice stumbled off into nothingness, the final words dying in her throat.

"Rose, look at me, answer me this, how can love be wrong?" Scorpius's deep blue eyes bore deep concern.

"I don't know, Scorpius, I feel like I'm losing control, losing myself"

"Maybe, just maybe Rosie, you are actually finding yourself." Then Scorpius Malfoy gently took brought his lips to meet the lips of Rose Weasley and together they melted into an embrace.

Weeks later as they shared an armchair by a roaring fire, late at night after all of Ravenclaw had left the common room for bed, she turned to him,

"I don't know how I could have made such a mistake, now I realise love is never wrong."