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Smiled softly, Kevin Brown ran his finger down his wife' cheek. His eyes locked at the starry night sky above his head. The woman,-in other side-shivering at the touch. She shifted from her comfy seat on grassy land, and leaned deeper into her husband's embrace. She sighed, inhales Kevin's sweet and calming scent.

How she loved that scent.

"Dear," she murmured. Her hand moved to covers his husband's.

"Hum?" Kevin mumbled mutely. His eyes never leave the shining stars.

"We will be together as always won't we?"

There's a long pause for the man. Instead of speaking, he ruffled his wife's hair lovingly. Then, he put his chin on the top of her head, trying to absorb as much memories of her wife in his mind. Her scent, her touch, her warmth...

Finally he decides to speak dryly.

The woman smiled, she looked up to her husband—the love of her life.

"Even if the worst thing happens to us we will stay like this? Even if the whole world fights against us..?"

Kevin's eyes still locked on the stars, million shinny dot on the dark night sky.

The stars were beautiful at the time.


Slowly, the man nodded. His embrace grew even tighter, as if he wants to hold his wife's body forever, and let her body melts with his, not wanting to let her go.

"Yes, dear." He said hoarsely.

"Nothing would break our bond. Not even if the whole universe fights against our way, our bond will remain forever."