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Me: Hi. Rose, say the disclaimer.

Rose: I don't want to.

Me: Say the disclaimer.

Rose: Fine. Suki-Alanna doesn't own Harry Potter.

Me: Thank you, Rose. Go have fun now.

See? It isn't funny. So please stop.

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A crack of thunder, quick, run. But no one does. Because they couldn't hear the thunder. She must be going crazy. Fred squeezes her hand, but it's compressing her. She knows she doesn't love him, so why are they still together?

She runs, hurrying through the crowd. She bumps into Teddy and Victoire as they kiss and Lysander and Louis as they softly talk.

She hears the whispers behind her, but she thinks they understand. Fred runs after her.

"Rose, wait!" he yells.

He chases her, but she doesn't want to be found. Slowly she slips into the crowd, whirling through the dancers quickly, joining the dance to get away from the man she doesn't love. She's a coward. She can't tell the man that loves her that she doesn't love him back.

His footsteps behind her. She turns, quivering.

"Rose?" he asks.

"Fred," she sighs, "I just can't do it anymore."

Then she runs again. She knows that he's hurt, but she can't fix it. So she does the only thing she knows. She runs.