Chapter Eleven: Can't Leave You Alone

Nothing like I've ever known
Girl you're so incredible
Nothing like I've ever seen
I give you what you want
You give me what I need
Girl it's funny

Girl its unbelievable
Never thought I'd be this way
whenever we're apart, don't know where to start
Trying to catch feelings
Doing things I never do
Saying things I never say

Hard to stay away from you
I just want to play with you
Baby all I know is I can't leave you alone
Can't leave you alone

-Brian McKnight's Can't leave you alone-

Finally, it was her favorite time of the day, to be able to go home and soak in the comfort of her bubble bathtub. Today's hours went by slower than usual, she had met with a couple of new clients and she had explained to them what a great company she worked for, and all the benefits of allying their products with it. And like always, they would ask more questions and they would request to have their products shipped to China or The United States by the nearest Japanese port closest to them. Kagome was currently at the process of finishing up typing a couple thank you letters for her new clients and all she needed now was to finish the last two sentences, so she could bring it to Mr. Takahashi's desk and have him sign all of them before sending them off first thing in the morning. On her desk there were a couple of names and phone numbers written on an opened agenda, numbers and visits that she needed to type down on her boss's busy schedule.

Kagome smiled as she finished typing the letters, writing down the last sentence. She was exhausted, but thanked Kami that she was about to be on her way home in a matter of minutes. Her stomach growled and she frowned since she had not eaten lunch due to some meeting she was forced in going to. And when it had been over, her appetite had magically disappeared but here it was back again making her wait more difficult than it already was.

She clicked print on the screen of her desktop and before she knew it, her letters were all done with. She picked them all up placing them in a neat organized pile along with other papers she need to give her boss before heading home. Meanwhile she stood up realizing that Yuka had long ago gone home. The waiting room was absolutely empty and she felt all alone knowing she was one of the few people that still remained in the building while others had extra hours to accomplish from their overtime work.

She walked to her boss's office and the foggy-like glass doors opened, allowing her access to the wide and large vintage office with a unique magnificent view of the city at night. The wall behind him was completely glass. This was probably the only reason why she liked coming into this office in the first place, so she could admire the excellent view and gaze like an idiot. She noticed that sitting on the comfortable leather computer chair and typing something in his laptop that was on his mahogany wooden desk, was none other than Mr. Takahashi whom she still did not addressed by his first name. It wasn't that she didn't want to, as a matter of fact she lazily though his last name was too long to pronounce, but since he had never asked and still called her by Ms. Yoshida she never dared to call the guy Inuyasha.

She just stood there and noticed he struggled trying to solve a conflict and so he drummed his finders on the wooden desk making that exasperatingly irritating clicking rhythm he usually did when tensed. His expression remained as gravely serious and focused as it always was whenever she saw him. Never, not even once had she seen the guy smile freely like Miroku normally did; every morning as he stopped by her desk before going to pay a visit to the boss.

And there he was stressing over whatever it was he worried so much about; today like any other day he wore his silk silver tie loosely around his neck, his black men's designers business suit made him appear as professional as ever but he had taken off the jacket leaving on just his white inside dress shirt which was unbuttoned a little, and his long silver locks were tied back out of the way in some sort of ponytail to not get in the way of his work. Kagome had to admit that for a well-off guy, he had undeniable and impeccable taste in clothing. And for the first time, she noticed he had a tiny diamond earring on one ear, a diamond golden wristwatch that spackled as ever, and she definitely did not recall seeing a tattoo on his right-hand wrist. It was a small worded written tattoo, but she could not make out what it said from where she stood. She also wondered where else on his body did he have a tattoo but quickly pushed the idea away from her head, refusing to let her mind get the best of her.

Inuyasha growled and then sighed frustrated before catching sight of the beauty that stood in front of his doors, long legs appearing into view first till he looked at her all the way up, her eyes staring at him with weary light blue orbs. He hated having such a sex toy as a receptionist, unable to use. He was well aware of her physical appearance and it bugged him not being able to take advantage of having her, like maybe a friend with benefits. "Are you going to stare at me all night or do you wish to tell me something important wench." Kagome frowned and nodded still wondering what it was that he struggled with.

"Here are the letters you requested, all I need now is for you to write down your signature." She informed him, too tired to argue with him, but instead letting all his unfriendly comments slid by.

Inuyasha looked from the laptop to Kagome back and forth, wondering how he had gotten stuck with her in the first place. He wasn't complaining about her work or job experience, as a matter of fact, she was good with his customers and knew how to treat them well. Some of them he already knew and had just recently met her, had the nerve to ask him if they could have her phone number or she was currently single, how the hell was he to know if she was single or not. Well maybe he did know something regarding the matter, after all Sango just had to mention something on one occasion or another about how she was datable, and not that it was something he cared the sliest bit about.

After all, since the first couple days she had made her appearance, he had only had two sentence-long conversations with her and nothing else, he didn't know shit about her. Well maybe except the fact that she was one sexy erotic vixen in bed, nothing especial, he though to himself.

Apart from all that however, there was something about her that really, really annoyed him…every damn time he saw her, he saw Kikyou. Therefore, he always choose to ignore her no matter how little attracted to her he already was. "Is there something else you would like to tell me by any chance Miss Yoshida?" He asked trying his best to get rid of her.

She just stood there and nodded. "Is there anything you could require my assistance for before I'm off for the rest of the evening? You sure do look like you could use some help sir, honestly."

"Well if I tell you what's fucking bugging me so much, will you leave me alone wench?"

"It could be a strong likely possibility Mr. Takahashi."

"What do you know about Korean products?

"Sir I know that they are extremely rare in the market nowadays."

"Good enough…"

"Why do you ask sir?"

"Because I was getting paid minimum wage to send these rare products to the states, to then have my ship sink in the middle of the Pacific Ocean before reaching American ports, that's why."

"Well sir, my guess is that there was something wrong with these products and that someone was trying to stop these products from getting to their waiting destination."

"I know that already wench. I personally went to the harbor to check these products myself and found that the Korean company I'm shipping their products off for, was ripping me off. So there I go, telling the owner of the damn company that they would be sued for false advertisement."

"And did you sue the company sir?"

"No, I couldn't."

"And why is that sir?"

"Because this company had already sent their real products to the states on another one of my ships, sometime before the other ship that sank."

"Then that clearly indicates that someone had planned to use your ships to have them deliver impersonating products that were less worthy of the real ones, under the real Korean company's name that is."

"Tell me something I don't know wench…" Inuyasha would never forget the scene that followed. "Here is everyone in the warehouse dressed in suits and ties on their knees sawing the Bentwood Rockers, from the real Korean Company. The same company which was to use another one of our ships to America this fallowing month, just like they had done before the impersonating products had managed to sink. I just sat and watched the show. After seeing only six plies of wood, the suppliers agreed to give us credit of one American dollar per rocker. We had ordered one million pieces, and the very next day they wired 1,000,000 dollars to our bank and they sent a fax promising never to allow such a thing to happen again."

"Well what's wrong with six plies of the best wood in Asia sir?"

"Instead of sixteen plies of wood, there were only six plies, does that not tell you something? Well it sure as hell did to me; therefore I went down to my office, called the warehouse people to contact four different Korean stores in Japan to bring me a sample of the Bentwood Rocker from what the Korean Company had in stock and a saw. But then I also requested for a Bentwood Rocker that was already on a container in one of the warehouses by the port, one of the Bentwood Rockers that were to be sent next month and that were already in containers. A very strange request, but anyway, they brought me the samples and a saw and began sawing."

"So the real Korean company took the blame for the false products that had already been sent and sunk, for the same products that were about to be sent again in a month, paying you in American dollars. When before they had sent the real rare products on one occasion, thinking that they had accidentally mistakenly done it again twice but that this time, the products were half as good."

"Exactly…I don't know who did it, nor do I know why they would send half as good products than the real ones, impersonating that real company. It just couldn't be an honest mistake if it happened twice from the real company. Since the products in the ship that sank had the same problem as the ones in the ware house that were about to be sent. And I'm sure it also involved other kinds of merchandise, like priceless vases and other products along those lines. It's a shame we didn't pay much attention to the matter from the beginning."


"Come again?"

"I said drugs sir. Someone was trying to export hidden illegal merchandise in those products."

"So you're trying to tell me that someone out there is manipulating me by trying to export illegal products to the United States?"

"It could be a highly possible risk, but yes. I do mean illegal drugs or something else that's illegal."

"There's only one problem with that wench."

"Which is sir?"

"Like I said before, Miroku and I had checked these products and they did not contain any illegal merchandise on them. Every one of my containers was professionally checked before being placed on the boat, like they usually are, after we had sawed that one Bentwood Rocker that only had six plies. We started checking and comparing every imported item submitted to us prior to ordering it. We checked everything: measurements, weight, material, fabric, and design etc…everything to the smallest detail, you name it. And we started to fine our suppliers. Since we did substantial business with them, they did not want to lose our business deal."

"Maybe that's why it sank in the first place sir."

"Oh yeah, then explain to me why they would pay under 50, 000, 000 dollars to ship illegal drugs to the states and remain anonymously unknown after impersonating a company of well significance?"

"Perhaps who ever impersonated the real Korean Company did it on purpose sir. To make you look bad in front of the media."

"But no one can do such a thing; there isn't anyone who can impersonate another company since we investigate them before we negotiate with them in the first place, though it's hard to believe that the real Korean company was the one that did it intentionally twice."

"Well no, unless it's someone who works for you sir…someone who knows access to the archives and exporting and importing files, someone who has been working here for a long time and wants to see you in the ruins by impersonating that company."

"What?" He burst abruptly standing up furious, knocking down his coffee allover his white dress shirt staining it in the process. "Holy fucking shit!" He cussed frustrated and angrier than ever, the hot coffee burning as it penetrated through his shirt. Kagome had shrieked when she heard him cuss making her jump after witnessing him drop the coffee on his now stained shirt. She hurried over to where he stood in front of and helped him by bending down on one knee to pick up the plastic starbucks coffee container that had dropped half the coffee it once contained. On his desk there were puddles of coffee that dripped down from the edge of the desk, into the floor dripping down to the red carpeting. He sighed, his usual pissed off face replaced his stressed out one, and just watched as Kagome grabbed half the tissues in the tissue box on his desk to clean up the mess on the wooden desk keeping the substance from dripping into the floor any longer.

"I'll just go to your bathroom and get a towel for your shirt or something." She told him and he nodded quietly but still remained as pissed off as ever. As soon as she walked into the bathroom, she noticed a white towel with the letter 'T' on it and grabbed it, socking it with water to clean his desk a little better. Before walking out, she grabbed another towel that was on a shelf just incase he needed it. When she was ready to go back into the office, she turned around and bumped into a well-toned chest. At the moment Kagome could not possible be more embarrassed; she gradually backed away just a little, their faces inches apart. Miroku was right, from up close she isn't identical to my wife, but she does have some characteristics that are very similar to Kikyou's. He thought as he stared at her again. He eventually realized she was blushing due to him staring at her, he at the moment felt stupid for looking at her the way he did.

Kagome was flushing more than ever as the more his eyes stared down at her, his emotions hard to read. And for some dumb reason, the bathroom seemed to get smaller and smaller by each passing second. Kagome had felt as her face had suddenly starting to heating up just for staring at a bare muscular and well-toned chest, something she had seen before but still felt awkward having him just standing there like that exposing his torso in front of her.

She noticed that he was holding his damp and stained shirt on his right hand; he was currently half naked while just wearing the black pants that were once part of a complete set of fancy clothing. She also noticed that he had an arm tattooed like a sort of thorn looking tattoo that circled around his muscular arm, he wasn't exaggeratingly too muscular but looked very handsome the way he was indicating that he must work out often, which most definitely suited him.

"I have an extra suit in here somewhere, although I've never thought I would find an excuse to use it. You can go home now; I called to have the janitor clean up the mess up." He informed her and she nodded walking straight to the bathroom door but was unexpectedly stopped a foot away from it. Inuyasha had grabbed on to her arm and spun her around on her heals to stare up into his eyes skeptically. As he inhaled deeply the smell of her intoxicating scent, his mind was meek but remained as conscious as ever, for a moment or two he reminisced her soothing fragrance that brought back memories he quickly pushed away.

"I guess we were never introduced properly huh?" His husky voice was deep and harmless as he spoke almost too calmly. Kagome smiled brightly and shook her head no as she looked at his honey colored eyes. His eyes didn't hold any more anger, but instead they appeared almost inoffensive and less self-observant. She could nearly feel his breath as he spoke to her. Indeed, they hadn't been properly introduced. The closer he got to her, the more it affected her and he smirked slightly, knowing he could use that as an advantage; and watched as she backed away a little not comfortable with their closeness. Her heart rapidly thumping hard on her chest uncontrollably fast as the seconds flew by and it seamed to her as if the little bathroom was getting hot and harder to breathe in.

"Nice to meet you…Yoshida Sakura, right?" He asked as he reached over to shake her hand. Perhaps this new receptionist wasn't too bad of an idea to have around, the though of having her around the building was sort of delighting to him; like an entertainment, an amusement or a distraction he would take full advantage of.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too Takahashi Inuyasha," after placing her small famine hand in his manly one, she shook it, reluctantly letting go of it. "Maybe I should go and leave you to change." she said getting ready to march out so that he could change into his spare clothing, the embarrassment and the uneasy situation they had encountered in the bathroom was too much for her in one day.

"Maybe you should."

"Well then, good night Mr. Takahashi."

"Good night Miss Yoshida."

"Oh umm…Miss Yoshida?"

"Yes Mr. Takahashi?"

"Call me Inuyasha, though I prefer sex god, you pick." He joked sarcastically and Kagome laughed out loud, discovering that the guy could grow sarcasm over night. And then she mumbled something that was heard as, fat chance or dream on it. Which Inuyasha heard perfectly and thought nothing of it for now.

"Inuyasha is fine, but only if you call me Sakura," she stated and walked out after unpredictably having witnessed a smile creep up on to his handsome face for the first time that week.

Since she had first arrive to work at Takahashi Productions Inc…she had never seen the same grumpy guy who was accustomed of walking into his office and never coming out all day, smile sincerely like he had done just a minute ago, lightening up her day. Kagome had returned the smiled as she closed the door to his bathroom so he could change, thinking that maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to work there after all, as long as she saw him smiled more often.

If perhaps he wasn't ill-tempered all the time, maybe no one else would be. Kagome's smile widened as it hit her in the face, today she had successfully had a decent conversation with her boss without having to bite each other's head off. And perhaps she would have a tiny bit of hope of going to work, and something else to look forward to day after day.

He entered a huge well-managed apartment building. Inuyasha looked at his wristwatch, it was approximately nine o'clock at night and he was dead tired and exhausted. Today's events circled in his head, not sure if to believe that someone out there was planning to break him apart, to destroy him and all his father ever worked for. Surely he knew that it was against all odds to think it could not happen, since it was a possibility well won over the years. He knew clearly that not everyone on the face of this earth loved him but that many were out to get him. Naraku…he thought, was the only person capable of going through all that trouble to see him fall apart. Bottom line was that the bastard still wasn't pleased with how miserable he had made him over the years but he still continued making his existence a living nightmare, a hellhole to say the least.

He walked to the large vacant elevator on his way to his apartment, pressing a button that indicated to his floor. All he wanted was to feel the undying comfort of his satin bed sheets and to take off the monkey suit he currently wore. He hated wearing suits, and it made him appear something that he undoubtedly wasn't. Come to think of it, it made him materialize somewhat like Sesshoumaru; more of a reason to hate having to dress up like him, let alone look like the bastard as if it wasn't enough torture already. He sighed warily hating the fact that again he would repeat his day tomorrow. It was official now, he had no real life.

Once the elevator had come to a sudden halt, Inuyasha walked out on his way to his apartment. When he was finally standing in front of his door, he knocked and a teenage girl about seventeen years old answered the door and smiled as she saw Inuyasha with a fist in the air just standing there ready to bang on the door yet again.

Inuyasha placed his briefcase down on the ground where he stood at the door, reaching over in his pocket. "Hey Suki, how was he?" The teenage girl smiled and walked over to the couch picking up her backpack, careful not to step on the little kid on the floor that was concentrated on the huge plasma screen television while holding an x-box 3 controller in his little hands. Suki was the high school student that lived a floor underneath Inuyasha's, who occasionally babysat for him when he wasn't able to do it himself.

"An angel like always Mr. Takahashi," responded Suki who was a head or two shorter than Inuyasha, and walked over to him taking the four fifty-hundred bills that he had taken out of his wallet before putting it back in his pocket. It was all the money he was accustomed in giving her for babysitting approximately five hours before he would arrive home.

"Thanks again, Suki."

"No problem Mr. T, you know I love taking care of him every now and then." She commented bowing her head, and then walking straight out the door as he closed it behind her.

"It's just you and me now squirt." Inuyasha mumbled halfheartedly, then picked up his briefcase walking past the red lavishing living room and into a large spaced out marble-floor kitchen. He threw his wallet, large set of keys; from the car key to the apartment keys and so on, into a bowl in the kitchen also marble made counter. After walking around loosening his tie and disappearing into a hall, he came back after a while dressed in boxers and a plain t-shirt.

"Oh hey Inuyasha! Wanna play a quick round of boxing before dinner."

Inuyasha walked over to his black fine leather sofa and collapsed down looking at his little friend with molten gold weary eyes. "I'm really tired tonight Shippo."

The little kid insisted and handed him a spare controller. "Oh c'mon Inuyasha just one round. I can beat you this time, I know it!"

Sighing with a smile, he nodded his head overpowered by the hyper little kid with chaotic red head. "Okay…sure thing kid, but remember, just one round." He grabbed the controller with one hand; he had to admit he was always a sucker for redheads, in the end the little kid always got to him. Shippo was always his weak spot, no mater how hard it was for him to admit it and how long it had actually taken him to accept it.

Ten minutes later, "You suck Inuyasha."

"What? Are you mad because I didn't let you win this time?"

"Nope," Shippo quickly denied. "I beat you the other two times fair and square."

"Then learn to take it like a man kid."

"I am a man." Shippo objected defensively, sticking his chest out.

"Sure whatever you say little man." Inuyasha scoffed with a laugh.

"Hey," the little seven-year-old narrowed his light greenish eyes and slowly crossed his arms over his chest still holding the controller with one hand. Shippo was very short for his age and it was the reason why other kids made fun of him in school. "So when are you going to teach me to fight?" He questioned his older sibling and looked into his golden eyes while pouting his lips.

"Maybe this summer Ship," Inuyasha grabbed him into a headlock position and messed with his red hair playfully. Shippo nodded his little trapped head the best he could and poked Inuyasha in the chest so that he could let go of him and he could continue playing his video games, and that he did. Thanks to Shippo, or the miracle worker as Inuyasha called him by, he was no longer that tired.

Shippo had been his responsibility for the last three years and the next fallowing month. If there was one person that could make Inuyasha smile, it was definitely Shippo; the little cousin he was in charge of until child services would make him choose if he were to keep the kid or hand him over to a foster home. Something Inuyasha still wasn't sure about, he liked and enjoyed having the kid around, but no matter how little he had spent time with him for the last couple years, Inuyasha still wasn't over the idea about being a temporary dad let alone permanently. It was hard for him, no matter how much he already liked the kid and enjoyed having him around. In a way, Shippo reminded him of a younger version of himself and for this he had gotten more attached to him over the years.

Ever since his uncle died, a couple years before his own dad passed away; Inuyasha had been named the caretaker of the little kid by his uncle, as it was written in his will, and at least until child services would make him choose. Never really understanding why his uncle had given Shippo to him and not Sesshoumaru. But he had guessed it had something to do with Sesshoumaru being a complete jackass to most little kids, and did not look like the kind to ever father kids even though he had a wife, money and all.

Perhaps just because he was an asshole above all else end of story. It wasn't that Inuyasha hated the man but instead felt in dept with him for having practically taken them in after his wife had died. Other than that, he wasn't sure if there had actually been a time when Sesshoumaru wasn't a dickhead to him, specially when they were kids, being the oldest of course, he had always put Inuyasha in his place beating the crap out of him whenever he had the chance and their dad wasn't around to do anything about it. At least he wasn't ashamed of admitting he had gotten his beating out of his system when he was a rebellious and uncontrollable kid like any other.

With Shippo, things were different in a lot of ways; Inuyasha had not once touched a hair on the kids head, not once. But the thing was, he never really needed to and it just wasn't necessary, the kid was well behaved overall and this at times surprised him. Sure he was nonetheless over-hyped about most things and had a problem with making friends, but other than that he was good and he had his few times whenever he was disobedient. Although he was calm and controllable, the kid still somehow and at times reminded him of himself back in the day. Just few aspects but things that were still present and not so difficult to detect, maybe he just found such a resemblance because he was good observer of people and their behaviors.

Shippo, had been adopted by his uncle when the kid was barely a toddler since the old man was not capable of having any kids of his own; Shippo had always been in their family and everyone loved him, including his late father and sometimes Sesshoumaru who had taken a while before he had come to accept him as part of their family. The kid and Inuyasha got along fine, occasionally fighting and disagreeing, nothing out of the ordinary. To him, the little kid was also sort of like the brother or son he was never capable of having.

When Shippo first had been placed under Inuyasha's care, he had been married to Kikyou for a year and a half. Together they had lived as a family with no real kids of their own and until the tragedy that had taken his wife away from him that is. And not only had it affected Inuyasha, but Shippo as well for he had become quiet attached to Kikyou before she passed away. Thought Kikyou was never like a mom to him as Inuyasha would have liked her to be, at least she was Shippo's only friend. Maybe his wife just wasn't the mother type.

Perhaps that was why Inuyasha had come to care for the kid greatly over the past two years that they had lived together without her, he was sort of like a cornerstone for him and a shoulder to lean on. Also being that a contributing reason why they had decided to move out of Inuyasha's mansion and into his college apartment. But they always chose an appropriate time to return to the mansion in the summer, when Shippo would come out of school for summer vacation.

Shippo whinnied disappointedly as he lost another match of confu fighting, distracting Inuyasha from his numerous thoughts. He blinked and watched the TV attentively realizing he had forgotten to pick him up again and had yet to excuse himself. "Sorry I didn't pick you up after school today kid. I was stuck with work and you know how busy I get, so I had no other choice but to get my driver to do it for me." He lied; he knew perfectly well that he had forgotten yet again.

Shippo nodded and kept his undying attention on the TV, while still holding the controller. "It's alright Inuyasha. You always pick me up when you can."

"So what do you want for dinner today?" Inuyasha suggested as he stood up and walked over to the kitchen.

"I don't know…what do you want?" Inquired the little redheaded kid, he turned off the TV with the remote and turned off his x-box three, dropping down the controller and running after Inuyasha, his stomach growling at the thought of food.

Inuyasha checked in the fridge, and opened the many dark wooden cabinets and pantries searching for something eatable and not rotten. "Well Ship, it looks like it's either left over pizza from last night or the old time favorite ramen."

Having lived with Inuyasha for quite some time, the kid knew what he wanted and what he had come to like the most. "Ramen, ramen!" he chanted and Inuyasha grinned.

"Then ramen it is. I must say you got great taste in food buddy." He told him and Shippo casually leaned across one of the seats from the four-people table, feet propped up and elbows on the table.

"I learned it from you duh!" Inuyasha laughed and took out his favorite kind of instant noodles from the microwave, a pair of chop sticks and walked back to the living room.

"C'mon, let's eat on the sofa and watch wrestling on pay-per-view." He picked up the remote control and turned on his large flat screen as it flickered on.

"Count me in…umm hey Inuyasha?"

"Yeah kid?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Go for it kid…"

"Where do babies come from?"

There was a momentary pause.

"Awww shit…not now Shippo! Can't you see I'm about to eat?"

"But I want to know!"

"Ask Miroku next time you see him, he'll tell you."