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And so everything went back to normal. Well, as normal as it could be in Namimori that is. Explosions, a boy running in his boxers, gun/grenade wielding babies are still considered regular occurence in this town anyway. The point is, everyone thinks that everything actually went back to normal.

In the skies of the little town the canary flew quietly. Nobody noticed the subtle change in a little yellow bird's behavior not even her so called owner. You see, the trip back to the past triggered distant memories the little bird would rather forget. The image of the small barred room was refreshed in her mind. It gave her the same feeling as when she was still imprisoned in the tiny cage.

From snippets of conversation she heard from Hibari's herbivores, she knew a little bit of what happened. Ever since then, she earned couple of suspicious stares from her beloved master. He never did bring it up. She knew it troubles him a bit though so she usually stayed out of his way these days. For now, she contented herself by spending time alone than with her master.

It wasn't as if she deliberately kept about being human a secret. It just so happened she chose to be in her present form instead of what she was before.

Ten years ago when she was chained to the wall, something happened. When she opened her eyes, she was looking at the bright blue sky. There was no barred window, no overwhelming white walls and no locked doors. The first person she landed her eyes on was someone with obsidian hair. A tall boy wearing dark clothes. For Nine, the sight was a welcome change from the pristine white lab coat she grew anxious off. The image of the young man standing before her was clearly imprinted in her mind.

Next thing she knew, people are smiling warmly at her and kept fussing over her. She was treated differently that it confused her. For the first time in her life, she felt what it was like to be taken care of with kindness. One of the strongest thing she could remember from her childhood was that warmth. It was so brief that she thought it was just a dream.

After that, she found herself out of her cage but her nightmares were just starting. Nine was in a deep pit of despair that in order to preserve herself, she asked for a miracle. Perhaps, whatever gods were listening that time probably heard her prayer and granted it when her life was hanging by a thread.

She found out that her life as a bird was significantly easier than when she was human. It was simple, convenient and almost worry-free. She gained freedom that was previously denied to her. She learned insight about lots of things. She was a bit troubled because she have difficulty understanding humans. She just learned to classify them to human she likes and human she didn't like. More often she found humans she dislikes. She was lucky her existence was mostly ignored.

Sometimes her curiosity when it comes to human behavior would win over her sense of preservation. It may have stemmed from the lack of human interaction. She knew that her choice to live as a a bird had severely impeded the way she should understand human. So when she met the old man Birds and his odd companions, she didn't hesitate to follow the lead of the other birds. She was with them for a short time so she was not able to determine what group of people Birds and his human companions belonged to (some of them look familiar though). Not that it matters because a little while after that, she met Hibari. The very same person she imprinted on from a long time ago.

Ever since then, she had been a faithful companion to Hibari. She liked the way Hibari talked to her as if he is talking to another human. Needless to say, Hibari ranks as the person she likes the most.

The canary circled above Namimori Middle School's rooftop and gave a small tweet after seeing the dark haired boy. She hopes that Hibari is in a good mood. She did miss their small talk when they are alone. Hibari never does that anymore ever since she got back. It was getting lonesome. She already got so used to the idea that she have a human companion.

"Hibari! Hibari!" she tried calling out.

The boy looked up and waited for her to come down. She hovered near his shoulder hesitating to land. "Hibari?" she called out once again.

They stared at each other. He raised his index finger to her. An invite for her to come nearer. Small feet landed on the boy's finger.

"Hn." The boy grunted, satisfied. He then settled down to sit, his back to the wall. "I'm going to sleep. Don't disturb me."

She chirped and then flew gracefully to the boy's shoulder to keep him company while he takes his afternoon nap.

Things are back to normal between them.


From a far, a certain fedora wearing baby was observing the interaction of Namimori's skylark and the canary.

It's about time he investigate the origin of the mysterious little bird.

He made a call to Italy.


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