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Another sunless day in the Darkovia Forest. All there was were leafless trees, small dirt roads, and the lingering scent of death and blood in the air. Along a certain path leads to the castle of a certain reigning vampire queen, Safiria. A brown haired girl dressed in scholar robes was walking along that very path, dispatching undead easily with only a Water Gem Staff. The girl's eyes were glazed over and shining blood red. Once she was in the vicinity of the vampire stronghold, the girl shrugged off the robes with ease. Under the scholar robes was a slightly modified Vamp armor. Most of the armor was replaced with leather with inwoven pieces of mythril, only the chest plates, arm guards, and leg plates still metal. A blood red wrap was tied around her waist and the fur-trimmed cape was still draped on her shoulders. Soon, her face contorted in slight pain as she picked up the fallen robes and as her eyes opened, they were once more a chocolate brown. The Scholar Raine has regained control of herself once more, but for how long is the question.

Taking off her glasses, the young Scholar sat against the stone wall of the vampiric fortress and pushed her bangs off of her forehead. Reaching down, she gripped her hand around the wooden staff and gazed at the ocean-blue gems set in at the top of her weapon. A wisp of a smile played upon her lips before she sighed.

"Oh Hiro..." she mused and poked one of the larger gems gently, "I hope you're okay. No, no. I know you're alright. You're Hiroko Echo, you always come out of things in one piece."

A rare laugh tumbled from Raine's mouth as she started to talk to her staff like an old friend. Wiping a tear from her eye, she kept talking and held her weapon tight.

"Knowing him, he must've hooked up with a nice girl by now. I hope it's that Robina, I've seen those sidelong glances they gave each other. Besides, they look good together. They'd be happy..." the girl smiled at the gems, almost expecting a response but got silence.

"I haven't seen anyone in four years," she closed her eyes and relaxed against the cool stone, "Mom must be worried sick, heh, I bet she never expected her daughter to be a mercenary to the Vampire Queen. I know Hiro's grown, but he's still the goofy and the lovable brother I never had. And Warlic..."

Warlic. That name always made her heart skip a beat, even as a vampire. A faint blush tinged her cheeks as she brushed her bangs out of her eyes. She always had a crush on the Mage, since she became his student, but over time the crush turned into full-blown love. Even thinking about him gave her a warm feeling in her heart. However, the young Scholar gave a sigh and shook her head.

"I know he doesn't like me in that way," she said reluctantly, "But that still won't stop me from loving him."

Soon, a slight throb started in her head. That always meant that Safiria was trying to control her again. Taking in a quick breath, the girl folded her hands together and looked toward the sky in quick prayer. "To any god or spirit that's listening," she started, "please watch over my mother so she will be safe and tell her I'm alright, make sure Hiroko is alive and well, and that Warlic will understand my feelings one day."

Raine closed her eyes for a moment before she felt slight pain in her head. Her thoughts became hazy as she tried to shake it off.

"N-no! Not now, not now..." she said as she gritted her teeth, trying to block out the dark influence that was invading her thoughts. Though try as she might, the will of Safiria was too strong. Soon, her brown eyes turned to red, her face was set into a lifeless frown as she soon entered the palace with her Scholar robes tucked under her arm. But before she did, she shrunk her Water Gem Staff and hid them in her robes, as a tiny piece of herself was strong enough to do so. Soon, Raine was suppressed once more, all that was left was another extension of the Vampire Queen's will.

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