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It was a cloudless night, a full moon was in the sky along with thousands of twinkling stars. A very soft breeze blew through as Raine walked down a familiar dirt road a few miles outside of Battleon. She wore no armor, Vamp nor Guardian Robes; just a plain lavender dress and a thin white cloak. The only weapon she had was her Water Gem Staff. She didn't need anything else for where she was going. Soon, the faint scent of pink roses and tiger lilies hit her acute vampire senses. A faint smile set on her lips as her pace slowed to a leisurely stroll. Her footsteps stopped a foot away from a moderately sized wooden cabin. Ivy grew along the walls of the house, and three potted plants were lined up in front of the door; pink roses, tiger lilies, and forget-me-nots all in bloom and thriving. All of the lights were off and no smoke came from the chimney, so whoever was in there was asleep. Taking a deep breath, Raine walked up to the door quietly and looked at the wooden door wistfully.

"Hey mom…" she whispered and pressed her hand against the door, "I'm home…"

Stepping one foot over the threshold of her home, Raine cast a spell, making a small ball of light appear so she can see. The light cast shadows about the living room, highlighting the couch in front of the fireplace and the mantle above the unlit fire. Moving closer, she took down a picture of three people and sighed. One person was a beautiful black haired woman with blue eyes and caramel colored skin in a vibrant green dress, the other was a man with chocolate brown hair and eyes with fair skin clad in Vampire Slayer gear sans the hat. The final person was a two year old girl with chocolate brown hair and eyes with tanned skin wearing a cute light purple dress, happily holding the man's hat. This was her family when she was younger: her mother Ariel, her father Sven, and Raine. Silently putting down the first picture, Raine picked up the only other picture on the mantle.

"I remember this," Raine mused with a smile as she looked at a picture of herself, Hiroko and Ariel, "It feels like a lifetime since we were all together."

Once the other picture was set down, Raine looked up at the stairs leading to the second floor. Taking quiet baby steps, Raine made it up to the top floor and bypassed every other room; her old room, Hiroko's old room, and her father's former study. She stopped at the room at the end of the hall and made the ball of light dissipate before entered the room. The powerful scent of aging holy water overwhelmed her as she looked in the bedroom. Only the moon provided light as her eyes scanned the area. The bed was made but full of notes and books. Various herbs, flowers, mosses, and other assorted plants were strewn about the floor and desk; some soaking in bowls of aged holy water. Holding her nose, she ventured in the room and looked at the desk to find a sight that made her heart ache. With her head rested on arms on the desk, Ariel was fast asleep in nothing more than a green tunic and cream colored pants. Her black hair has thin strands of grey in them, bags under her eyes, and worry lines on her face; all of it from stress and lack of sleep.

"Oh mom…" Raine said very softly and wiped her eyes. Taking in a breath and braving the pungent odor of holy water and herbs, Raine cleared the bed of the papers and books. She soon gently took her mother from the desk and placed her in bed, ever so quietly tucking her in. Taking a moment to look toward the papers, Raine gasped silently and began to tear up. All of these were failed recipes for vampirism cures. She looked at her mother asleep in bed and kissed her forehead gently. Raine put down her staff and cast a small spell that left a bouquet of forget-me-nots on the pillow next to Ariel's head.

"I'll be back home soon, for good this time. I promise…" she whispered before picking up her staff. Opening the window and climbing out of it before jumping to the earth and landing on her feet. Taking one last look at her home, Raine let a few tears fall before beginning her walk back to Darkovia; her eyes slowly turning red.

And another oneshot is done. I hope you liked it!