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Note: I wrote this epilogue since some people have requested one and I also apparently gave some the impression that my last chapter would not be the last chapter. The following chapter contains somewhat graphic sex, general cheesiness, and a tinge of cuteness that some people might not be able to take if they are not in the couple displaying the cuteness. The events of this chapter in no way invalidate anything that previously happened in earlier chapters, and I am not going to end the chapter destroying their relationship or suddenly making Sam pregnant or Freddie deciding he still loves Carly. If you were happy and comfortable with the way the last chapter ended, you can choose to not read this and probably still feel good about the story. Just think of this as the director's cut alternative ending to the story.

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive, Sam?"

Sam had her license, but Freddie still wasn't firmly convinced that she hadn't intimidated the evaluator into giving it to her. She was driving about ten miles over the speed limit, and she had an annoying and life-threatening habit of practically touching the bumper of the car in front of her before she switched lanes to pass.

"You don't know how to get there. And if you wanted to drive, we should have taken your car," she said. She looked at him and raised her eyebrow, and he felt his sphincter tighten until she looked back to the road.

"This is my car, Sam!"

"Well, you're my boyfriend. What's yours is mine."

"And what's yours?"

"Is also mine. Pure sexism, I know. You guys should get together and do something about that." She grinned. She was in a strange mood. For one, Sam Puckett never showed up at her boyfriend's apartment at eight in the morning, informing him that they were going to where BBQ Monthly called the best BBQ joint in the western United States.

They had been dating a little over four months and, even though he knew Sam probably better than anybody else did, she still found ways to surprise him. Some of the ways were annoying and some were fantastic, but he had to admit none of them were boring.

The morning after Sam had told him she loved him too, they had walked into Carly's apartment, holding hands. They agreed, after allowing themselves to be distracted by several amorous interludes, they would have to keep Carly in the loop, or else she was going to harass them until they did anyway.

When they came in, Carly looked up from the couch and took less than a second to note their joined hands. She jumped off the couch and hugged them both together. And then she took Sam alone to her bedroom.

Spencer looked at him from the couch. "So, you and Sam. Together."

"Yeah," Freddie said.

"Be good to her, Freddie."

"I will."

"I know," Spencer said. He gestured for Freddie to sit down.

"But Sam-"

"They won't be done for a while, Freddie."

"Why not?" Freddie asked.

"You'll see. And by the way, I don't want to know about any of it." Freddie wondered what he was talking about. When Sam and Carly finally came downstairs after nearly an hour, Spencer said something about seeing Socko, and he headed out. Nobody said anything, and every time he looked at Carly, she would blush and look away.

"What did you say to Carly?" he asked Sam when they left.

"I just told her we were together," she said.

"And that took an hour?"

"Well, I had to share details."

"Wait. You shared details. Like details?" Sam nodded. "Oh, man, no wonder she couldn't look at me. Why did you do that?"

"She's my best friend," Sam said.

"She's my best friend, too. Or she was-now she won't even look at me."

"She'll get over it," Sam said, and kissed him.

"Are you going to continue to tell her everything?" he asked.

"Yep." And, as far as Freddie knew, Sam did. It took about a month before Carly could look at him without turning red. It made for some interesting episodes of iCarly, and there were many comments about it from the fans. One time Freddie was having issues with the computer, and he he tapped it, saying, "this bites", and Carly almost asphyxiated on her lemonade.

They broke the news on iCarly that they were dating. Neither Freddie or Sam wanted to, but Carly pointed out that, unless they wanted their relationship to consist of "secret rendezvouses", people were going to find out.

"Do you have something to tell the people, Sam?" Carly said during the broadcast of their first episode after Sam and Freddie officially got together.

"Yeah, so me and the nub are dating. Whoo hoo. Any of you people come up to me and say the word 'Seddie', I'm punching you in the ear." Sam shut her mouth.

Carly waited a moment. "Well, that's just wonderful. Congratulations to the new couple."

They, of course, had to tell Freddie's mother, or at least confirm her suspicions.

"That didn't seem to bother her that much," Sam said, and Freddie saw that she couldn't decide between happiness and disappointment. She knew Mrs. Benson could make their lives difficult, but she also found some pleasure in pushing her buttons.

"I guess you can never tell," Freddie said. He had planted the seeds with his mother before the broadcast, making sure to mention the brief time he and Carly had been together, watching his mother's mouth twist each time Carly's name was brought up. He also made sure to leave literature from Washington State University around, including his application form. Sure that he wasn't dating Carly Shay and that he might really go to college nearby, she reacted to Sam and Freddie dating with a minimum of protest.

After it became public knowledge that he and Sam were dating, Freddie found himself very popular with the Ridgeway female population. It had been flattering for a day. After that, it was annoying. Then a week later, no girls approached him. After getting date requests and phone numbers (which he threw away-no need for Sam to accidentally find a number) at least four times a day, all of a sudden he was a pariah.

"Are you looking for somebody else to date?" Carly asked, when he mentioned it.

"No. I love Sam," he said, and Carly smiled at the matter-of-fact way he said it. "And it was annoying. I wasn't sure why they all started coming after me. I mean, even more than before, when girls would ask me out because I was part of a web show."

"It was like a danger thing." Freddie looked at her questioningly. "You know, you're with Sam Puckett. Taking away Sam Puckett's boyfriend would be like walking through a lion's den and surviving. Like a rush kind of thing."

"That's sick," Freddie said.

Carly shrugged. "Problem was they didn't realize what would happen when Sam found out."

"Sam found out? I threw all the phone numbers away. I told all of them I was dating Sam, and I didn't want to date anyone else."

"Relax, Freddie. You're still alive, so obviously Sam doesn't blame you."

"Did you tell her?"

"Not me. Michelle."

"Michelle? the girl who asked me on a date about six months ago."

"Yeah...well, apparently Sam, uh, sort of threatened her soon after you started dating. But Michelle made it clear she liked you, as in liked you even if you weren't dating, and I guess the two of them sort of connected. Sam got her and Rodney together."

"Rip-Off Rodney?"

"Yeah, they're good together. I mean, he still sells stuff out of his locker, but other than that. Anyway, when the girls started going after you, she told Sam. I guess Sam took one or two and made an example of them." Freddie winced. He had seen what Sam could do to grown men.

"Should we talk about these girls asking me out?" Freddie asked Sam later that night.

"Don't need to," Sam said.

"Because I-"

She sighed. "Do you want to be with other girls, Freddie?"

"Not even a little."

"Then there's nothing to talk about. Now shut up and let me watch this show. The sooner I do, the sooner I hump your brains out."

"Guys!" Spencer said. "I'm going to Socko's."

He left. The door opened. "Don't do anything on my couch!"

Freddie reflected on his life recently. When you were sure you were going to die, he figured that was what you were supposed to do. Sam's driving made him think it was a definite possibility. Except for the possibility of upcoming vehicular catastrophe, his life had been great. He had been worried about Sam and him as a couple, in a relationship in which they couldn't hide behind games, but for the most part it had been better than he had expected. To many people, it might have not even seemed they were dating-maybe more that they were forced to hang out together for some reason. They still bantered. And Sam did not like public displays of affection. He had learned to live with the public girlfriend persona of Sam Puckett, because the one he got in private was amazing. His girlfriend Sam, without other people around, said "I love you" maybe more than he did. She would curl up in his lap on the fire escape, and they would talk for hours. That, and the fact that the Shays' apartment didn't count as the public (and therefore she would be affectionate to him there), made it all worth it. There were a few things that bothered him, though.

The first thing was the shirt. It shouldn't have bothered him. He thought the shirt was stupid, but that wasn't enough reason to get upset. No, he was upset because she wouldn't explain. She just said she lost a bet, but wouldn't say with whom and what about. And she lied. Because Sam Puckett losing a bet was like Halley's Comet-it happens, but infrequently.

She wore a jacket before they started a broadcast. As Freddie was counting down, she took it off, not allowing him anytime to say anything before the show started. It was a red Penny T with "Seddie" on it. Sam hated Seddie. Carly looked at the shirt, but didn't say anything. And Sam didn't mention anything about it during the show.

"What's with the shirt?" Freddie asked after filming stopped.

"Lost a bet," she said. He pushed, but she wouldn't tell him anything further. To her, it probably seemed he finally stopped caring about it, but he would find himself thinking about it at random times. Fuck the shirt; why couldn't she just tell him?

The second thing that bothered him was his birthday. It was less unexpected, but it still bothered him. Sam was not one for extravagant gestures, and he thought that he would be okay if she didn't make a big deal out of it. He was wrong, though.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Gift certificate. You're taking me out to eat." And he did. He didn't complain. He had seen her lift money out of his wallet a few days before. She didn't try to hide it; that was just one of the perks of him being her boyfriend. She just did her stealing outright. So he really just paid for his own gift certificate. It wasn't like she hadn't put a special effort forth for him later that night, but he was still upset. It was my eighteenth birthday. And then he got mad at himself for being upset.

And now they were driving to Boise, Idaho, and Freddie was scared for his life and tired, because he had stayed up late correcting Sam's English paper. She had been putting forth more effort in school, in part to get him to shut up about it, but that entailed him being involved with her school work as well as his own. He loved his girlfriend, but he knew he was just one more thing from saying something, something that with any other girl probably wouldn't matter, but with this one-well, he had been on the receiving of her punches, both physical and verbal.

His thoughts were replaced with a new one when he saw a sign for Ritzville. He had driven through there before. "Sam, you messed up. You should have taken I-82. We're still on 90."

"Have to pick something up," she said.

"Have to pick something...Sam, this is way out of our way. This will be an all day thing, and we might not even get there in time to eat your barbecue."

"Shush. Driving."

He opened his mouth to say something. He closed it. I love her. I love her. I love her. I'm just irritated, and I shouldn't take it out on her. It's been a week since my birthday, and I should just get over it. Maybe I'll contact Gunsmoke this week and agree to those sparring sessions he's been suggesting. And stewing in his own frustration and anger, he fell asleep despite his fear of dying.

"Wake up, nub." Freddie opened his eyes. He blinked his eyes a few times. He looked around. They were in a parking lot. A crowded parking lot.

"Where are we?" he asked.

Sam pointed. He looked out the window. Pear Technology Convention 2012. He gaped at Sam. The convention was supposed to have been held in Seattle, but there was a fire at the center where it was going to be, and it had been moved to Spokane. Freddie had been upset, because his mother had finally agreed to let him go this year (every year she had refused, because she was sure he would be kidnapped-at a technology convention). He had only expressed some disappointment to Sam when he first found out, because he knew she would tease him about being a nerd and tell him how boring it was, even if it was just the two of them.

"What are we doing here, Sam?"

"Being nerds." She held up two tickets. Two VIP tickets, which meant they also got to do a meet-and-greet with the actor who played Nug-Nug.

"Uh...thanks," he said, unable to think of what else to say.

She leaned over and kissed him. "Happy birthday, Freddie."

He looked around. "Did you do it this way to make me feel like an asshole?"

"Aww...was Freddie thinking his girlfriend was only going to give him a gift card for his birthday?" She smirked.


"You'll make it up to me later. Come on."

"Sam, how'd you buy these tickets."

"Tell you later."

"We're not gonna have cops come after us, are we?"

"No, now let's go, or we'll miss the nerd orgy."

He let her drag him along. "I knew nerds made you wet."

"Some do."

Freddie didn't know if Sam felt Spokane didn't feel like public or what, but she held his hand the entire time, unless she pulled his arm around her waist. She paid attention to everything around her, even if it seemed like she did it just so she could have a smart-ass remark to make. Freddie didn't mind. Sam was the funniest person he knew, and he appreciated her, even with most of her quips were at his expense.

Sam took a picture of him bumping fists with Nug-Nug. Freddie immediately sent the picture to Spencer, who replied within twenty seconds calling Freddie a jerk.

They left the convention, and Sam drove to a restaurant. Instead of barbecue (which Freddie had become pretty sick of), it was Italian. Sam listened as Freddie enthused about some of the new technology they could use for the webshow. He tried to talk to her about how this trip came about, but she returned the conversation to the technology again and again. She wasn't going to talk about it, not yet, he understood, so he allowed the distraction.

When the check came, Sam took it and put cash on the tray.

"Seriously, Sam, did you somehow get into my college fund? Because I really can't afford..."

"Don't worry about it, Fredward. Don't you trust Mama?"

"Sometimes." She stuck her tongue out at him. "Do you want me to drive, Sam?"

"Nah. I got it." Freddie sighed. He probably had another four or so hours of death-defying ahead of him. He got in the car and looked at the girl behind the steering wheel, her blonde hair seeming to sparkle from a nearby street lamp. He shrugged. There had to be worse ways to die.

But he didn't have four hours, because Sam was pulling into a parking lot only ten minutes later.

"What are we doing here, Sam?" He looked at the sign: Excalibur Hotel. The place looked expensive.

"Too tired to drive so long."

"I can drive, Sam." She looked at him. "Or we can stay here for the night."

"Go check in, Freddie. Just give them your name." He started to say something else, but she gave him another look. He wasn't sure what was going on, but she was not tired, he knew that.

"I'm Freddie Benson," he said to the desk clerk. The man nodded and typed on the keyboard.

"It will be room 112," he said, handing Freddie the key.

"How much?" Freddie asked, preparing for the worst.

The man looked at the computer monitor in front of him. "The room has already been paid for, Mr. Benson." Freddie nodded and walked out, bemused. He was surprised and yet not surprised. Being Sam's boyfriend did that to you.

"Room 112," he said, opening Sam's door.

"Good. Grab the bags out of the trunk." Freddie went to the trunk and saw that there were indeed two bags, one of them his. He opened it and was not surprised to see his own clothes and toiletries. Tired, my ass.

"Sam, I need to call my mom."

"Taken care of," she said. She took the key from him and opened the door to their room. Freddie stepped inside and saw the enormous size of it. Room? It was probably as large as his apartment. There was a king size bed and a jacuzzi.

"Sam, what's going on?"

"Okay, Freddie, here it goes...I'm a bank robber."

"Come on, Sam."

"Can't you let me be a bank robber for a little bit?" He just looked at her. "Party pooper. Fine, well, your mom already knows you're here."

"My mom knows I'm here? And she hasn't sent the state police after you?"

"Freddie, you're eighteen. And, anyway, I told her if she didn't put up a fight about this, since I was going to win anyway, that I would get you to agree to go to college in Seattle."

"I, uh, haven't made any decisions yet, Sam."

"You know I can tell when you're lying, don't you, Fredweird?"

"I am not sure of what you speak."

She came to him and looked at him seriously. "I would never had told her I would do that if I hadn't known you had already made your decision."

"You know that?"

She nodded. "If you weren't such a good boyfriend, I'd thump you in the forehead. You need to stop thinking that just because I don't act all girly when we're around other people that I don't listen to you or see what's going on in your head. I know you were worried if you told me, that I would fight you, and insist that you have to go to the college that is best for you, even if it's on the other side of the country."

"And you're not going to fight me?"

"No. I saw your pro-con list."

"Sam, is there any reason for me to even password protect my computers?"

"Well, it keeps your mom out. I saw the list, and Washington wasn't your number one college, but it was in the top three. And, of course, your number twelve reason for picking it kind of tipped the scale." He looked at her; he couldn't remember what number twelve was on the final list. He had written it over Christmas break, and modified lists at least a dozen times. "'I love Sam'. Well, you've been a good boy. I couldn't take you away from the best thing you've had." Her words were light-hearted; the glistening that didn't quite leave her eye was not.

"So you're okay with it?" Freddie asked.

"Well, I was hoping to start dating professors. Maybe explore that lesbian side you keep pushing."

"Ha ha, very fu-wait a minute." She grinned at him. "Professors?"

"Sit down, Freddie." He did. "And don't interrupt me. I don't want to have to repeat myself."

She smiled and then her face turned serious. "I know you were disappointed last week when I gave you your birthday gift." He opened his mouth and she stared him quiet. "I know, Freddie. But I had something planned, and I couldn't let you know. And I know you weren't expecting much." She dismissed whatever he was going to say. "Chill, Freddie, we both know you're a better boyfriend than I am a girlfriend. You cook for me at least once a week. You take me out to do the things I want. You always pay. You give me gifts, and it's never that crap that other girls like. And I know that it might look unfair to other people looking in."

"I don't think it's unfair, Sam."

"That's sweet." She flicked his nose. "No interrupting. But, just because I don't act the way other girlfriends might doesn't mean I don't love you more than any of them could." She stared at him. He nodded, not saying anything, earning him a smirk. "But I knew you're really just a big girl, so I wanted to show you."

"I went on our message boards and sent e-mails to the people in the 'Seddie' group," she said, shuddering. "I told them if they donated enough money, I would wear that shirt on the show. Which is how I was able to afford all this."

He raised his eyebrows, signaling he wanted permission to speak. She nodded. "Thank you. But what about-"

"Professors?" He nodded. She went to her bag and pulled out an envelope, handing it to him. He read it.

"Seattle Community College? You're going?"

"Yes, it seems my grades have improved enough-"

"Sam, that's great," he said, standing up and ignoring her no-talking rule, kissing her hard on the lips. "I'm so proud of you."

"Whatever," she said, but he could tell she was pleased. "Anyway, it's less than three hours from your college. And Carls and I were talking getting an apartment together, rather than her get a roommate at WSU."

She put her arms around his neck. "So, happy birthday, Freddie Benson. Happy six-month anniversary from the time you first tagged me. Congratulations on being lucky enough to catch a hot ticket like me."

"I am lucky."

"Yes, you are. Now are we gonna get naked or what?"

"Uh, Sam...I don't have protection."

She nodded. "Oh, yeah, about that." She showed him her arm. "I got this put in, supposed to be better at protecting against pregnancy, even more than condoms or birth control pills."

"But sexual diseases?" he asked.

"You calling me a slut, Benson?"

"No, Sam-" He saw her grin. "You're frustrating."

"You love it." She went back to her bag and handed him two pieces of paper.

"This is a medical...Sam, you got tested?" He looked at the other paper. "Sam, this is for me!"

"Yep...I found out from your mother that you were going in for an exam, and I knew that since you were with a harlot like me, she would have everything checked. So I did, too. So, unless you've cheated on me in the last week, we can play outside the bubble."

"I would never cheat on you," he said. "You're too scary." She laughed and kissed him.

"Get the jacuzzi going, Freddie." He started it. He turned back to Sam, who had moved closer to him. "I seem to be wearing way too many clothes, Freddie." Freddie laughed. Sam had taken to saying that she was too lazy to take her own clothes off, but he knew she liked it when he did it for her. He did, too.

Freddie brought his lips to hers, capturing her upper lip and sucking at it softly. He cupped her butt cheeks and pulled her closer to him. He moved his hands to her waist and pushed her shirt up. Too slowly, judging by Sam's growling. He grinned. He let go of her lip and lightly nipped the skin where her shoulder blade and neck came together. She moaned. Sam generally didn't like being bitten, but Freddie, through careful exploration, had found there were certain parts of her body that were the exception. He pulled her shirt over her head.

Freddie looked down. "Sam?" She blushed. The bra she was wearing was a lacy blue one that left very little to the imagination. He could see her nipples poking through the fabric. "That's very girly." Sam was pretty much a plain bra sort of girl.

"Yeah, well, I figured you could borrow it afterward," she said, still blushing furiously. "Do...do you like it?"

"Unbelievably sexy," he said, cupping her breasts. He got down on one knee and took her shoes and socks off. He moved hands up her thighs as he stood back up and kissed her again. He unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them, sucking at her neck as she cupped the back of his head. He pushed her jeans down. She shook them down the rest of the way and lifted her feet out one at a time. He put his hands on her ass. The skin of her ass. He opened his eyes and stepped back.

"Samantha Puckett, are you wearing a thong?" The blush she displayed before was nothing compared to this one.

"Freddie," she said, almost pleadingly. the thong matched the bra.

"Sam, you are beautiful. And incredibly sexy." He pulled her close and put his hands back on her ass. "And you are just as sexy when you're wearing your boxer shorts." She smiled. "Although, I have to say, I could get used to this."

"Don't get too used to it, nub," she said. He spun her around. "Are you checking out my ass, Freddie?"

"Indeed I am," he said.

She backed up into him, grinding against his crotch. "Maybe you should use a few more of your senses, Freddie?" She twisted against him, smiling at his hardness against her. He brought one of his hands up and cupped a breast again. He used the other to release her bra snap easily. He had practiced a lot. He let her bra fall to the floor and moved his hands back to her breasts. "I swear if you could have my breasts without me, you'd break up with me, Freddork."

"Well, they are beautiful breasts," he said, lightly squeezing her nipples to make them harden. He kissed her neck from shoulder blade to just behind her ear. "But I need the entire package."

"Aw, Freddie called me a package. How sweet." He laughed lightly against her throat, making her shudder. He grabbed her thong and pushed it down her thighs, letting it fall. He looked at the water in the jacuzzi, which had gotten fairly high. He turned it off. He turned around in time to get hit by Sam's body, and they both fell into the jacuzzi.

"Sam!" He got a panicked look on his face. "My phone. My wallet."

"Relax, nub. I already picked them." She pointed to where they were on the floor.

"That's it, Sam." He started tickling her, laughing as she thrashed in the water. Somehow the tickling turned into kissing again, with Sam frantically pulling his wet shirt off him. Freddie stood up and pulled his jeans off. Finally all of his clothes were off, slung over the side of the jacuzzi. Sam hit the button to start the water jet.

Sam moved on to Freddie's thighs and wrapped her legs around him. She grabbed his cock. He spun her around so that her back was close to the jacuzzi's side.

"Oh," she said. He looked questioningly at her, then realized that the jet's water stream was hitting her pussy. He grinned, and positioned her closer. "Freddie...oh, god." He inserted a finger inside her, and she slid down onto him. "Damn it, Freddie. Fuck!" He felt her tighten around his finger. Then she collapsed. "Wasn't supposed to be so quick."

"Sorry, babe. Can't help the skills." She laughed, shaking. "In fact..." He grabbed her and put her on the raised seat. She propped her hands on the side of the jacuzzi. He pushed his tongue against her clit. The motion of the water lapped against her pussy lips. She thrust against Freddie's mouth, and he obliged her eagerness by sucking on her clit and pushing a finger insider her. Her arms stiffened, and she wrapped her legs around his neck, pulling him toward her. He thrust his finger harder as he felt her orgasm against him.

After she recovered, she said, "I want you inside me, Freddie."

They scrambled out of the jacuzzi, frantically and haphazardly drying each other. Freddie picked Sam up around her thighs, sucking on her breasts as he moved toward the bed. He set her on the bed, but she grabbed him and threw him down next to her. She straddled his thighs.


"Shhh. Mama's in control." She reached between her legs and grabbed his dick, holding it firmly, as she lowered herself down on him. Freddie watched with fascination as his cock slowly disappeared inside her. He understood the need for condoms, but the feeling of her warm wetness around him was incredible.

Sam had her eyes closed as she pushed down on him. Her thighs were outside his thighs, while her feet rested above his knees. She slowly sunk down onto his cock and then pulled back up again. Freddie watched as she began to move faster. He cupped her breasts.

"You feel so good inside me," she said. He raised up and sucked on a nipple, letting his tongue flick against it. She increased her thrust. Freddie felt her pussy walls tighten around him.

"Oh, god!" She grabbed his shoulders and squeezed tightly, leaving little impressions with her fingernails. She collapsed against his chest. He caressed her back. She looked up and smiled at him. She pulled up, so that his dick came out. Still keeping her eyes locked on his, she moved down his body, until her mouth was above his cock. She slowly licked the tip of his cock.

"You like it when I taste myself, don't you, Freddie?"

He nodded.

"Tell me."

"I love it when you taste yourself. I want you to suck your juice off my cock." She smiled. She grabbed his cock at the base and lowered her mouth over the head of his cock. Slowly, she pushed her mouth down, sucking as she did so. She cupped his balls and lightly fondled them, as she went down. She finally had his entire cock inside her mouth and pulled up slowly, exerting exquisite pressure on him as she did so.

Sam took him out of her mouth and grinned, and then went back down on him again. He knew if she continued this, he would cum very quickly. And he wanted to cum inside her pussy. When she took him out of her mouth again, he moved out of her grasp, picking her up and putting her on her back.


He said nothing. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, while he stood on the floor. He grabbed her by the ankles and pushed her legs up, so that they were almost perpendicular to the rest of her body. Holding both of her ankles in one hand, he positioned his cock and pushed all the way inside her pussy.

"Fuck!" Freddie nodded and grinned. He moved his hands back to each ankle and pushed hard inside her. Sam was moaning more and harder than Freddie had ever seen, so the angle must have allowed him to hit her G-spot.

"Fuck me, Freddie! Fuck me harder." He brought his knees up on the edge of the bed, pushing her legs so that they were on his shoulders, arching her so that he was almost fucking her from above. He grasped the blanket as he thrust deep insider her, feeling her pussy contracting around him. "Cum inside me, Freddie." And, as if her request triggered him, he growled and shot his seed inside her, thrusting harder as he did so. She positioned her legs from his shoulders to around his waist, helping push him as his thrust lessened. Finally, he collapsed against her, his head above her breasts.

"I love you, Freddie."

"I love you, too, Sam." They lay like that for a while. Then, without conversation, they got up together and went to the shower. Taking a shower together had been an unspoken agreement, and it was as much a part of their relationship as the sex was (and sometimes the two intertwined). Sam insisted she be washed first, even after Freddie had pointed out you always saved the best for last. Sam made sure when it was his turn that his dick was extra clean, he was fully hard again.

He dried her off and brushed her hair. She stood in front of him, making sure to let his cock brush against her ass. When it was her turn to dry him (even though he had essentially dried while brushing her hair), she was careful to not go anywhere near his cock with the towel, but somehow she found ways to brush it with her hip, her elbow, the back of her hand.

She got down on her knees. The carpet was plush, so it didn't bother her. She carefully used the towel to dry his testicles. Instead of using it on his dick, she grasped it by the hand.

"You interrupted me, Freddie. Not that I minded the end result, but you have to know not to do that. You have to be punished." She took the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking slowly, rolling her tongue around its circumference. She ran her tongue along the length of his cock, just barely touching it. He put a hand on the back of her head and tried to maneuver her, but she simply pushed him away, and he heard her chuckle. She licked all around his shaft, torturing him. She placed her mouth around his head, but just lightly touched it with her lips. She continued this for several minutes, until he felt he could not take the slow torture anymore.


"What, Freddie?" she asked, smiling.

"Suck me," he said. Her smile became larger.

"I don't think so. You shouldn't have interrupted me before."

"Sam, do it, or-"

"Or what, nub?" She licked the tip of his cock. "You can't do anything."

In one motion, he picket her up and put her over the side of the recliner. With no hesitation, he pushed his cock all the way inside her pussy. She moaned. He did not see the smile on her face, but he knew how much she liked it the few times he did get rough with her. Most of the time she preferred the gentle side of Freddie, but occasionally...

He grabbed her hair and pulled, craning her throat back. She had another orgasm. Suddenly, Freddie did something he had not done before: he spanked her ass. She turned around and glared at him, but was unable to hold it against the brilliant grin he showed her.

"Better not do that again, nub," she grunted. He said nothing, but she felt a sharp sting on her other ass cheek. She tried to protest, but the pleasured moans gave her away. He roughly pulled her around and pushed her on her knees and pushed his cock against her lips. This time, she took him in willingly, going all the way down on him, pulling away, one hand stroking him when she moved her mouth up, the other lightly teasing sensitive area under his balls. And Freddie did another thing he hadn't done before; he grabbed the hair at the back of her head and held, as he thrust inside her mouth. She kept enough of her hand on him that he didn't push too far back. He looked down to see her looking back at him, those beautiful eyes. And he shut his eyes and groaned, feeling his cum shoot out. It should have been less impactful than his first orgasm, but it wasn't. When Sam got him in this state it upped his arousal, and he was sure he had somehow drowned her in his cum. He looked down to see she was not; in fact she was sucking at him even harder. She grasped his ass cheeks with her hands, pulling him toward her.

She got up. "That's better," she said. She went to brush her teeth. He followed her and did the same. "By the way, Freddie," she said, grabbing one of his ass cheeks and squeezing hard, almost painfully, "you're going to pay for spanking me."

He winked at her. "I hope so."

They got into bed. Freddie always insisted they sleep nude; Sam said he was some type of secret nudist, probably one of those perverts who went to a nude beach with a hidden camera. They assumed their accustomed position, his front to her back, his hand on her breast.

"Happy late birthday, Freddie," she said, snuggling close to him.

"Thank you, Sam. I love you."

"I love you, too. Now, if you're feeling frisky during the night, you just need to remember Mama likes her sleep. So you better make it worth my while." She felt his cock twitch and then harden against her ass. "Already, Freddie?"

"Well, you're not asleep yet," he said, grinning.

"True, I'm not." And she turned around.

A/N: I hope everybody was pleased by this. I did have another idea for another story, but I got some issues going on and don't know when or if I will be able to work on it.