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"Listen," Morgana said, her voice rising, "This is very important. Now where is it?"

"Lady," the man behind the counter said, "I don't have no anti-smirk medication. They don't make it."

"Oh? They don't, eh?"


"But my sister told me…. Do you have anti-sissssstering meds?" Morgana asked.

"Anti-WHAT?" the guy asked.


"What the –"

"Fine," Morgana said, "I'll take my business elsewhere."

"You do that!" the man yelled, as she turned and walked away, "Crazy lady!"

Morgana turned around and blasted him.


"Useless, as usual ." Morgana told Morgause.

"Shame. We really needed that anti-sissssstering/anti-smirking medication, too."

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