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~Previously BPOV~

"Happy Birthday, Jasper."

"There will never be a better present that you could have gotten me, angel. I love you and Charlie, more than my own life." He leans down and kisses me, then our son.

"We love you too."

~Ch 68~


So much has changed over the last year. Everyone has moved to Las Vegas permanently. Mom and Dad, and Lily and Jack have been trying to spoil poor Charlie, while Bella and I have been trying to stop them. We want him to know that even though we have more money than we could ever spend, we don't want him spoiled. We want him to grow up and want to work for the things he's got, not have them handed to him with no work involved.

The Jungle has been thriving, even in this economy. We still have live music every week, including our crazy brothers' band play. Everyone has seemed to pair off, and are very happy together.

Em and Rose have moved into a condo in Turnberry Place, and I have a feeling he will be proposing soon. They designed and oversaw the building of Whitlock's Vegas office branch, where Peter, Carlisle and Edward now work with them.

Billy and Jake are still two doors down, and Jake graduated and will be working for Whitlock in a few short weeks. He wanted to thank Bella and I by staying at the bar until the summer was over and we could find someone to take his spot.

Peter and Char got drunk one night at the bar and called Bella and I at 4am to come be their witnesses so that they can get married. We made them call Lily and Jack to come too. I knew Lily would kill him if she wasn't there. Little did we know that Michael Jasper Hamilton would show up seven months later. They didn't find out she was pregnant till after the wedding.

Edward and Alice weren't much better. They decided to have a June wedding and Alice is currently looking like she could fall over with that much belly sticking out. From the back she doesn't look pregnant, just from the side and front views. She's due in February with a little girl. I hope she's as tiny as her mom.

In August, for Bella and my one year wedding anniversary, we left Charlie with his grandparents, aunts and uncles and headed back to the beach house in Hawaii. Little did Bella know, the family joined us a few days later with everyone in tow. I knew she didn't want to leave Charlie alone for a week so I had him brought to us. We played in the surf, snorkeled, and had a good time on the beach for the week. We took everyone out on our last night to the luau where I took Bella on our honeymoon. We had an amazing two weeks as a family.

Carlisle met a lovely woman named Esme at Whitlock a few months ago. She is shy and quiet, and totally perfect for him. We will see where his relationship goes in the future, but I can say with certainty, they are perfect for each other. Like two halves of a whole.

Tomorrow is Charlies first birthday. Everyone is coming over to celebrate it with us. I don't even mind that I will be forgotten in the fray. As long as he's happy, so am I. I fall asleep with Bella in my arms, content with where my life has taken me.

"Wake up, birthday boy," I hear whispered in my ear.

"What? Huh?" I mumble with my eyes closed.

"It's 5:45am, your birthday is in one minute. Please wake up, Jasper. I want to wish you happy birthday properly." I feel kisses start to be rained all over my face, ending with my lips.

"Mmmmmmmm." I feel the covers being pulled away. I try to pull them back up, but my wife has a better angle on them. I feel the bed shift as shit straddles me and lowers herself onto me and start to bounce away. My eyes fly open and my mouth goes slack. I see her grin at me, keeping up the speed she's using on me.

"Happy birthday, Jasper."

"A happy birthday indeed," I moan out as she speeds herself up, just the way I like and I fly off of the cliff and into oblivion as my wife shudders above me. She collapses on my chest, breathing hard and looks up and me with a smile.

"I love you, Jasper."

"I love you too, Bella."

"I have something for you, baby. A late anniversary present."

"What's that, angel?"

"We're pregnant."

"What? Who? How?" I stutter out.

"Apparently the antibiotics counteracted my shot. We got pregnant on our anniversary, so happy anniversary to us. We have an appointment with Alice tomorrow."

"That's awesome! The best anniversary and birthday present you could give me. I love you so much my angel." I kiss her hard and pull her into my arms and hold her tight. "I could not be happier if I tried. Just think, this all happened one night in Vegas."

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