Angelina ran into the party and strait to where Lee, Fred and George were sitting. She was grinning wildly.

"Hand it over, Fred," she held out her hand.

"Hand what over?" What was she talking about?

"I won the bet, George asked Cass out," she turned to George, "Nice by the way. Anyways, that's two galleons for me."

"You two bet on us?"

Now Fred understood. but how could this have happened, surely his brother would have told him if he was going to confess to Cass. He guessed not, though. Fred would have said, yeah, patted his brother on the back, or maybe even on the head, but one look at his brothers face silenced him.

"She said no, didn't she?" Angelina's eyes widened, as if this hadn't occurred to her.


Angelina dropped her hand, and grabbed George's elbow, and Lee walked up to take the other "come on, let's go get a drink."

Fred followed, still wondering when this had happened, and why he had been the last to know.

Fred and Angelina walked behind George through the portrait hole. "Do I look this pathetic when I'm miserable?"

"You look this pathetic all the time," replied Angelina, waving to Stacey and Alicia who were seated on the Common Room couch.

"Gee, thanks."

"You know, guys, I'm right here," George said from a couple paces in front of them. George found a seat on the couch next to Stacey. Fred sat next to his brother, while Angelina sat next to Alicia on the love seat.

"So what's going on tomorrow?"

Alicia's attempt at a happier subject was overrun by Fred's question. "So what exactly happened anyways?"

"I asked her to go out with me and she said no."

"Yeah, but what reason did she give you?" Fred pushed further.

"She said that me and her is just weird."

"Yeah, cause we all believe that," muttered Stacey.

"What do you mean?" asked George.

"She says it's cause she's never thought of you that way, and its bullshit, I mean, how can she say that after that thing with Lee!"

"What thing with Lee?" asked George, looking at Lee accusingly.

"What thing with me?" asked Lee.

"Shit, I wasn't supposed to mention that to anyone."

"Tell us," it was Alicia who spoke.

"Well..." Stacey figured it was better to explain than to let them assume the worst. "Remember last year, how Cass got those really bad blisters all over her body from that one potions class? Well... the potion that Madame Pomfrey gave her to get rid of them gave her these really vivid dreams, and she had this really naughty one about Lee... like, I don't even want to tell you its so bad, naughty."

Lee raised his eyebrows. "What!" shouted Angelina.

"Don't mention it to her, I wasn't supposed to mention it to anyone, my point is that her reason is bullshit. Don't worry about it, George, it's not because she doesn't think about you like that, it's because of Jason." Stacey shouldn't have told that story; she had told Cass that she wouldn't, but still, she couldn't let George go off thinking that Cass had rejected him because she couldn't think of him as a guy.

"That prick?"


"I honestly don't know what she sees in him," said Alicia.

"Well, he is rather good looking, and he's a really good artist," defended Stacey.

"I'm just remembering that woodgrub incident."

"Yeah, what was that about?" asked Angelina.

"I don't know," said Stacey.

"What are you guys talking about?" asked Fred.

"He has this fear of wood grubs, we saw one once last year, he freaked out. I don't think I've ever seen anyone move that fast, you should have seen him running away."

"And this is the prick that Cass rejected me for?" asked George

"Well, what did you think she would say? you knew she fancied him."

"I don't know, I was just sick of keeping it from her."

"Well." Said Fred, "Now you can get over it, and move on to Stacey."'

Stacey wanted to shout 'for the last time no' but she didn't want George to have to be rejected twice.

"I was thinking more like Trisha McMillen," George said.

Fred grinned, "Yes!"

"Good choice, have you seen how big her tits are? D-cup at least" Lee always had the most appropriate answers.

Who knew, maybe Stacey was wrong, maybe she'd underestimated George.

Don't worry, our favourite Cass isn't out of the picture yet. So no Game of Thrones story? I guess not.