RYOGA'S Moment...


Ryoga stayed out of the yard.

He didn't know how to face his parents.

And he absolutely didn't know how to face Ryoma.

Whatever was left of Ryoma that is.

It was too much for Ryoga to take in.

Just a few weeks before death took his brother, they had a huge argument over the phone that made Ryoma slam the receiver down, ending the talk with Ryoga.

Since then, Ryoga had not been well.

He had tried to think of ways to talk to his brother again and apologize.

But Ryoga knew that apologies weren't him.

It never ran in their family.

Ryoga just sat outside the gates and sighed.

He didn't know what else to do.

He couldn't bear to bring himself inside yet he didn't want to stay outside by himself.

Just as he sighed, Kintaro, Dan, and Kevin came out.

They sat on opposite sides of Ryoga, except for Kevin who remained standing by the gate.

"Ne...(sniffs) Nii-chan... How I wish I was related to Koshimae... How great it would be to fight him in court every day." Kintaro said.

"I agree desu! Echizen-kun was the very reason I stopped being Yamabuki's manager and become a tennis player." Dan added.

"And he certainly showed the world that being small in height wouldn't matter..." Kevin piped in.

Ryoga sighed even more as he thought of what they said.

"Yes, Chibisuke was truly unique. And I am proud to call him my younger brother". Ryoga thought.

Silence had engulfed the four of them for a while.

Then with a loud sigh, Ryoga stood up and plucked up his courage.

He knew he had to go in now and face Ryoma.

He had to tell him he was sorry for everything wrong he did to him when they were little.

He had to tell Ryoma how much he enjoyed playing with him when they were younger.

And he had to tell Ryoma how much he would miss him now that his gone for good.

Ryoga slowly walked into the house and went straight to the backyard with Kevin, Dan, and Kintaro behind him.

Everyone watched as the Echizen look-alike made his way to his brother's altar.

He fell down on his knees and wept.

"Chibisuke, I'm sorry." He said in between tears.

"I'm sorry for not being here for you..."

"I'm sorry for being a bad brother..."

"I'm truly sorry." He said.

Rinko and Nanjirou held him close.

The others couldn't help but feel sorry for his family.

Ryoga looked up once again into Ryoma's photo.

A cool evening wind passed everyone by and it miraculously warmed them all.

It was as if Ryoma's way of saying, "I will always be here your everyday."

And with the wind, Ryoga felt as if his brother forgave him.

It sent a smile across his face and this made his mother and father smile as well.

"Ryoma will always be alive in our hearts and minds." Rinko spoke out loud for everyone to here.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Yes, Ryoma Echizen will always live in their hearts and minds as long as they all shall live.

*The End*

A/N: The Funeral is finally done! I am so sorry for taking too long to finish Ryoga's chapter. It was just hard. I also want to apologize for not making Karupin's p.o.v. My mind and time wouldn't allow me too. However, I have good news. One of my avid reader of "The Funeral" has suggested a sequel of "The Funeral" and I have decided to go with her idea. After that, I will be making a horror story with selected members from every school they have placed. Atobe, Yukimura, Aoi, Kintaro, Dan, and Kevin are part of the next next story. Any suggestion on who else should be in my next adventure horror story? At least two from every school. Simply PM me your choices. Thanks!