I realise that I am quite a...physical person. I don't speak much, I'm not fond of words, I prefer body language. Words are tricky; they can be twisted to mean things that they were never intended for. People say actions speak louder than words. I disagree. Some words speak volumes, some words change everything.

I like training because there is never a reason to speak, words are irrelevant. The simple movements that exude power speak for you. The language of power, strength...and pain. So much pain.

I prefer physical pain, there for a while but soon forgotten. Cuts heal, bruises fade, bones mend until all you're left with is a vague memory of the sensation that went with the injury. Words cause pain (another reason I don't like them) but it's a different pain. A pain of the head, of the heart. Words can cause wounds which leave vivid scars.

"Haruhi. Can I talk to you?"

"Sure Mori-senpai. What is it?"



"Haruhi...I love you."



"I'm sorry Senpai, but I don't feel the same."


Scars that will never fade. My heart shattered that day. I can still remember the sound. And it all happened with the words, "I don't feel the same"