Disclaimer: If only the following completely belonged to me but alas JK Rowling has the privilege.

Summary: A series of drabbles that pinpoint certain times in the lives of Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall.

Before. During. After.

"Welcome Severus," greeted Minerva McGonagall as she made her way down the staircase that led into the Great Hall.

"I didn't expect a welcoming party," he replied as he put his suitcase down.

"I don't think you would have got one," she admitted as she reached him.

"And yet you are here," he pointed out.

"As observant as ever," she replied with a faint smile. "Someone had to meet you and show you to your rooms. Albus has been called away and it seems I have the shortest wand!"

Severus smirked.

"Lead the way, Minerva."

Minerva McGonagall led the way down the dungeons where the potion classrooms dominated the cold, soulless underbelly of the school. The Potion Master's rooms had been moved down into the dungeons at the request of Severus. No one had questioned the move when Albus Dumbledore had brought it up in a staff meeting. She stopped outside a door and turned to face her former pupil.

"Here we are," she said.

"Thank you Minerva," he replied.

"You're welcome," she said as she began to walk away "Oh Severus, you can call me Professor McGonagall until I tell you otherwise."

If Severus Snape was at all taken back by her request, he didn't show it.

"Good night Professor," he replied before disappearing into his new rooms.