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In this universe Carly and Sam are just friends, but close enough to count each other as brother and sister.

Warnings: Human/holoform kissing.

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Torn Apart, But Still Standing

The human approached his mate.

Optimus was waiting for him in front of the entrance to the Cybertronian ship that would take them away from Earth.

And away from Sam.

The boy looked up at the large mech. His eyes were full of anger and pain, but both were overshadowed by a desperation the Prime could not sense in the bond. It appeared he wasn't the only one blocking the link between them.

"So you're just going to give up and leave," Sam's fists clenched. "What about all the things you and the others have worked for? It will all be for naught!"

Optimus shuttered his optics in pain.


"No! You listen to me. She may be the Secretary of Defense, but that doesn't give her the right to make you leave. She has no right to take you from me!" Tears rolled down his cheeks as his eyes clenched shut, pain written all over his face.

The Autobot leader used one of his large metal fingers to gently stroke his mate's cheek. "Love, this is not the end. We will meet again."

Sam grimaced as another spasm of pain shot through him, caused by that damned wristwatch. "H-how do you know that? This could be the last time we see each other."

Optimus smiled sadly as he lightly touched the boy's other cheek. "I don't know when, but someday we will see one another again."

Sam rubbed his cheek on his mate's finger, an equally sad smile on his face. "Y-you promise?"

"I promise upon the Matrix I carry that I will return to you," the Prime glanced behind him at the sound of his name. "I must go now, but always remember Sam, you may lose your faith in us, but never lose faith in yourself. From now on, the fight will be your own."

The leader moved his hand away and began to turn when Sam spoke, great pain in his voice.

"I need to know if you have a plan. A plan to fight back against the Decepticons."

Optimus turned and looked back at his mate. The boy was shaking in agony. From what, the Prime suspected he knew, for his mate had never before wore a wristwatch like the one he had on now.

It hurt to watch and not be able to do anything as Sam shook from the pain caused by the torturous watch.

Optimus stared into beautiful hazel orbs before he answered.

"There is no plan."

And then the Prime left, Bumblebee taking his turn at saying his good-byes.

The boy's relief flooded the bond as Sam dropped the sheilds he had been keeping firmly in place and hope trickled through afterwards.

Optimus smiled slightly, if a little sadly, and sent his love right back.

Sam sat far away from the launch pad and he watched as the ship made its ascent. He had gotten his phone out to talk to the man who had put him in this position.

"What did he say?"

"They don't have a plan," the boy snapped, his grip on the phone tightening.

"We thought as much. I had to be sure there would be no possible chance the autobots interrupted our plans," Carly's boss sounded pleased. "You did very well Witwicky."

Sam's eyes widened. "What do you mean by "plans?" The boy looked down as the watch fell from his arm. "What's going on?'

The sound of fighter engines filled the air and the boy looked up to see Starscream flying straight for the Autobot spacecraft, his weapons locking onto the ship

"To eliminate any competition of course. We wouldn't want those pesky 'bots interfering with my master's work."

The young man could only watch in horror with everyone else as the jet-former fired and the ship exploded in a giant fireball.

Sam's phone slipped from his numb fingers as the bond Optimus and he shared suddenly seemed to disappear and painful silence filled his head.

The human could no longer sense his mate.

The boy gripped his head and squeezed his eyes shut as he dove inside himself in search of his end of the intricately woven metal strand that once bound him to Optimus.

What he found made the boy cry out, his scream echoing both inside his head and outside his body.

His end of the bond was still there, but the Prime's was no where in site. The strand lead off into the cold shadows of death.

Optimus was gone.

Sam collapsed to his knees with another heart wrenching scream and tears streamed down his face.


"It was necessary Mr. Witwicky," the phone was still open. "We did not want anyone in our way," Carly's boss laughed. "As the saying goes, 'All is fair in love and war.' And this is, after all, war."

Sam's eyes snapped open before he grabbed the cell phone and began to speak into it, his voice so cold and deadly that Carly's boss cringed on the other end.

"Yes, this is war," the boy's grip on the phone tightened. "And I intend to win it. Not for myself, but for all the lives stolen and all the families shattered as a result of it."

The boy's eyes had grown hard as he spoke.

"I intend to destroy not only the 'Cons that get in my way, but I also intend to take you down as well. The last thing that held me back was just eliminated. Now, sir, I have nothing to lose."

Before the man on the other end could reply the boy snapped his phone shut.

He looked down at the cell in his hand for a few seconds, his eyes icy. Then, with a scream of rage, he hurled the device into the water.

The man standing before Robert Epps was not the boy he had spoken to but an hour ago.

Sam Witwicky had changed.

The cause was apparent as the young man watched the burning shell of a once mighty ship sink into the waters. With it went their greatest line of defense against the Decepticons and possibly their only hope of winning this war.

The soldier turned his attention back to the man in front of him and he stepped toward him.

"Sam?" Epps reached his hand out to place it on his friend's shoulder.

The black soldier stepped back in shock as freezing cold hazel eyes locked upon his.

"Yeah?" Sam's voice was deadly calm even as the soldier saw pain flash in his iris's.

Epps had seen that cold rage only once. It had been four years ago during the fiasco in Egypt. He had only caught a glimpse of it, but the memory would stay with him for the rest of his life.

The soldier swallowed. "You okay?"

"No," Sam sighed. "No Epps, I don't think I'll ever be okay again."

The older man smiled sadly and patted his friend on the back.

"So what next?" Epps asked. "I for one am not going to stand around and let those 'Cons destroy Earth. I'm gonna fight!"

"You're not the only one," dark rage swirled in Sam's eyes as he stared out over the water. "The man who has Carly is the same that helped destroy the Autobot's ship. I'm going to hunt that bastard down and make him pay dearly for his actions."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Epps cracked his knuckles. "Let's go and kick some Decepticon ass!"

Sam found Seymour Simmons and his wheelchair in front of the large glass window in the control center, staring out at the setting sun. He turned his head as the boy approached.

"I need you to track the last phone call this cell received," Sam held out a soaked cell phone with a sheepish grin. "I uh threw it into the lake."

Simmons noted the shadows swirling within the kid's eyes before he laughed and took the thing. The ex-agent studied the phone for a moment. "I think we can salvage it enough to do what you ask," he called his assistant over. "Dutch, do you happen to still have that super dryer on you? The one that can dry a wet cell phone."

Dutch nodded and pulled out a bag before he began to dig through it. After several minutes of searching and muttered German curses when Dutch poked himself on something sharp the assistant emerged with a cry of triumph. In his hand was a small black gadget. It looked like one of those cordless phone chargers Sam had seen on T.V. advertisements.

Dutch handed it to Simmons and the former agent placed the phone upon it, plugging a tube into the place where the charging wire went before he pressed a small button.

A whirring sound came from the device as it started up and began to dry the phone, sucking water from it through the tube and heating up to get rid of the excess. Two minutes later the device beeped and Simmons removed the vacuum.

"Here goes nothing," the agent muttered as he pressed the power button.

The phone came on with a ping and Sam smiled, the shadows in his eyes lifting for a few seconds.

"Don't get your hopes up yet kid," Reggie said, handing the cell to Dutch. "We still need to find out if the information survived the swim."

The German assistant hooked the phone up to a computer and accessed the files. "Everything seems to still be here," he typed a few keys and an image came up. "Ah! This is footage from the other phone's camera."

The image showed the inside of a helicopter before the person holding the phone shifted and a large body of water was seen with a city sitting on its beach.

"Can you track that?" The young man asked, staring at the image.

"Yes," Dutch answered as he typed away at the keyboard. "It is very simple."

A map appeared and a small circle began to zip around, searching for the last known signal of the phone. It stopped on a spot a few moments later.

"Chicago?" Epps asked. "They're in Chicago?"

"Yes," Dutch answered, pressing a few more keys. The computer generated image of a silvery-blue tower appeared on screen. "Specifically Trump Tower."

Sam nodded, his eyes growing darker as he stared at the picture. "Then that's where we'll go."

The boy started for the door with Epps following closely behind when a voice stopped him. "Sam."

Sam turned and looked at Simmons in question, impatience in his stance. "Yeah?"

"Be careful kid. If you get killed I'll never hear the end of it," the agent answered, wincing at the thought of Judy Witwicky and her bat.

"I can't make any promises," the young man saluted them before he turned his back and walked out the door, not looking back.

Carly sat staring at the sun as it set below the horizon.

Where was Sam? Was he even alive? Did he get on the Xanthium with Optimus?

She knew of the boy's relationship with the Autobot leader and she was fully supportive of them. The young woman smiled at the memory of when she first moved in with Sam. She had thought the boy was completely oblivious to her interest in him. It never even crossed her mind that Sam could already be with someone else, let alone married in some way.

That is until the Autobot leader had visited the flat in his holoform.

Carly was the only one up when she answered the doorbell early one Saturday morning.

"Hello?" She asked peeking out through the crack. "Who is it?"

A man looking to be in his late twenties stood on the doorstep. He wore a dark blue t-shirt with red flames lining the bottom, denim jeans and a pair of black cowboy boots. The man's shoulder length ebony hair was tied back into a pony tail. His lightly tanned skin was scarred in places.

"Hello," the man said as he brushed a stray hair out from between his sapphire blue eyes. "I don't think we have met before. I am Optimus Prime," he stuck out his hand to shake.

Carly felt a pleasant shiver begin to creep up her spine at the sound of his voice. She pushed it down and took the hand with a smile.

"Carly. Carly Spencer," the blond answered, "It's a pleasure to finally meet the leader of the Autobots."

"The pleasure is all mine," he replied, glancing into the house behind her. "Is Sam here? He doesn't know I'm coming," Prime winked at her, a playful smile on his face. "I wanted it to be a surprise."

Carly chuckled. "He's still asleep, but you can come in and wait for him," she stepped aside and let the Autobot leader in.

The blond closed the door before leading Optimus to the kitchen. "Won't you have a seat?" She indicated to a chair at the table and the Prime sat, looking around the kitchen with interest. "Would you like anything to eat or drink?"

Optimus politely turned down the offer just as the sound of tires on tile filled the room.

"Yo Optimus!" Wheelie climbed up on the table, his red optics shinning. "How you doing buddy. It's been a while," the small Transformer rolled up to the holoform with a smile.

Optimus chuckled at the little 'bot's enthusiasm. "Hello Wheelie. I've been fine. How have you been?"

"Same old, same old. With Brains here it never gets boring. Right Brains?"

The laptop beside Prime transformed into another 'bot with electric blue streams on his head that resembled hair. The computer-former looked almost like Igor.

"Yeah. We have lots of fun watchin' T.V. and surfing the Web," Brains replied with a grin.

"You also seem to enjoy digging through my underwear drawer," Carly muttered before she took a bite of cereal.

Both minibots snickered as the blond rolled her eyes. One of Optimus's black eyebrows shot up, but he didn't comment.

The Prime turned when footsteps were heard coming down the stairs, his blue eyes lighting up.

A moment later a sleep tousled Sam stopped in the kitchen doorway, surprise in his hazel orbs.

"Optimus?" The boy rubbed his eyes before looking again, as if to be sure the Prime wasn't a trick of lighting.

The leader stood, a grin on his face. "Hello Sam," he spread his arms, "Surprise."

The boy laughed and ran into the leader's embrace, burying his face into the Prime's chest. "Optimus!"

Prime closed his eyes and rested his chin atop the boy's head with a sigh of contentment. They stayed like that for a few moments before Sam moved and he gazed into the leader's eyes with love shining in his own.

Carly was touched when the Prime lent down captured the boy's lips in a chaste kiss before pulling back enough to rest his forehead against the other.

"I missed you," Sam whispered.

"And I you, dearspark," Optimus murmured.

It was right then that realization hit the girl.

Sam was off limits.

Carly had been so embarrassed when later that day she had walked in on them. She had the tenancy, when she wasn't paying attention, to walk into Sam's room instead of her own. In Carly's old flat the bedroom had been on the right instead of the left.

The girl had avoided Sam for a week afterward, so embarrassed was she. The boy wasn't mad though and he had forgiven her as soon as the girl had summed up enough courage to talk to him again.

"Something you find amusing, my Duchess?"

'Just your ugly face,' would have been Sam's reply.

Carly glared up at Dylan as he blocked her view, but she kept quiet.

"Oh don't look at me like that," he boss cooed. "I merely asked a simple question."

"And my answer is to tell you to 'sod off!'" she snapped.

"Such spirit," Dylan chuckled as he took Carly's hand and pulled her up. "Come my master wishes for us to deliver the master pillar in person."

Carly didn't knew it was futile to fight so she went with Dylan into the elevator. The master pillar sat between them, glowing red in its middle.

"Why are we using this? The Decepticons don't want to leave the planet," Carly asked.

Dylan laughed as he lightly fingered the pillar. "No, they are staying. The 'cons chose Earth for one material unique to it."

"Humans?" Her voice had grown slightly shrill. "But why?"

"They need help to rebuild their planet. The 'cons plan on employing us."

"As slaves. They can't transport people! Humans wouldn't survive."

"No. The Decepticons are bringing Cybertron here," the elevator doors opened and they stepped out.

Megatron stood waiting for them by the bell tower while Sentinel stared out over the city, his servos behind his back.

"We have brought the pillar my lord," Dylan said bowing.

"Be careful with the device, human." Sentinel snapped as he turned. His blue optics made Carly shiver at the coldness within them.

The ex-Prime took the master pillar and placed it within the copula with gentle servos.

Megatron nodded. "Once this is finished we shall rule the planet tog-"

He was interrupted when Sentinel grabbed his wounded helm in a crushing grip.

"I do not intend to rule with the likes of you. I only do this for Cybertron," the red and black mech threw Megatron away from him.

Starscream caught his lord before he fell. The Decepticon leader straightened and turned to Dylan.

"Prepare for the city to be sealed off," he ordered.

Carly's boss bowed again. "Yes my lord."

Dylan took the woman's hand and pulled her back toward the elevator. "He such an asshole."

That night the city boarders were attacked by the Decepticons. They blocked all exits and killed any human who tried to escape. The jets that came to help were also destroyed.

Carly couldn't sleep because of all the screams and explosions going on outside. She paced her room, waiting for the dawn. She would not let Dylan win. Somehow or someway she would escape. Even if she had jump out of window to do it.

Thoughts kept running through her head as she paced. Was Sam out there in this mess, trying to get to Dylan to avenge Optimus? She had seen the footage of the Autobot ship's destruction and she knew Sam would stop at nothing to see that the man who killed his mate was dead.

She stopped and stared out at the destruction being wrought on the city. Tears welled up in her eyes as a building was blown up, the screams of the people within ringing in her ears. Surely Sam was dead by now. No one could survive what the girl was witnessing.

Carly took a deep breath and stepped up to the glass door to her balcony, giving the knob a twist.


The young woman growled as she stalked over to the chair by her dressing table and picked it up, preparing to throw it through the glass.

A hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and twisted, causing her to drop the seat.

"I thought you might try something," Dylan said, his eyes dark. "Why choose Sam over me? I am better than he is, in both money and power. He is just a pathetic little Messenger."

Carly slapped the man holding across the cheek, hard. "Sam is more a hero than you'll ever be," she snapped, jerking her hand away and backing up. "Besides, I never chose anyone."

Dylan rubbed the red spot, a smirk forming on his lips. "So you are not romantically involved with him."

"So what?" She snapped. "I am the only leverage you have left. You killed the other."

"Do you not understand why I did that? It would cripple the boy so much he would be unable to fight against me. Without his Autobot leader he is nothing."

"Then you do not know Sam."

Dylan froze, "What?"

"Sam wouldn't just lay down and die. He'd want vengeance," Carly smirked. "I bet he's on his way right now ready to carve your heart out with a knife."

They stared at each other for a time, the explosions lighting their burning eyes with each flash.

Dylan walked over to an intercom, his eyes still on Carly. "Lazerbeak?"

"Yes Dylan?" The 'con's voice sneered back.

"I want you to watch the girl at all times. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Came the reply.

"If anyone tries to rescue her, kill them."

"With pleasure." The line went dead.

Dylan turned his back and walked to the door, opening it and stopping on the threshold.

"Let him come," he said. "I am not afraid of insects. Especially those that sting."

He closed the door then, leaving a stunned Carly alone to her thoughts once again.

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