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"Catch Me As I Fall"

Seymour Simmons bit his lower lip in worry as he watched the screen before him. All he could see was destruction and death.

The buildings smoked and burned as Decepticon pilots shot at them for sport. One such skyscraper was beginning to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa as at least four 'cons fired upon its base.

Someone Simmons cared about was in Chicago visiting relatives, but he hadn't heard or seen anything to indicate if his partner was alright. Reggie hoped Sam had somehow run across him as the half-human tried to stop what was happening and they'd stick together since Witwicky knew Simmons's partner.

A sudden explosion drew his attention back to the screen before him. The ex-agent took a deep breath even as his hands clenched on the armrests of his wheelchair as the fear began to eat away at his gut. A hand was placed on his shoulder, causing Seymour to jump slightly and glance up into the warm blue eyes of Dutch as he smiled reassuringly down at him. "He'll be okay," The blond German whispered, giving his shoulder a small squeeze. "Sam will run into him and the 'bots will help protect him."

Simmons smiled even as his dark brown eyes filled with tears. "I hope so," The ex-agent answered in a choked whisper as he turned his gaze back to the main viewscreen. "God, I hope so."

"Hold on guys!"

The concrete exploded upward in a plume of dust and rubble just beside the yellow car-former and Carly cried out, gripping the seat in her fear. Bee swerved to keep from getting hit as a second plasma shot nearly hit the side of him.

They had met up with Optimus a short while ago and had made it halfway to the warehouse when the 'cons had started taking shots at them. The Prime had taken up the rear after he had data burst the coordinates, his trailer somehow becoming a buffer against the worst of the attacks.

Carly groaned and grabbed Sam's arm, squeezing it tightly as the whole car shook. The half-human glanced over at the blond with a small smile. "Don't worry," He chuckled, patting the steering wheel fondly. "He's a kick ass driver," The boy suddenly grimaced as another explosion went off and the seatbelt pulled uncomfortably at his shoulder when they stopped to avoid being hit. "But you'll never get used to this, trust me."

The half-human looked behind them to the back where Optimus was to see how he was doing. Sam didn't want to use the bond and distract his mate in case Megatron decided to jump out and take him on again.

Bumblebee suddenly bumped over an uneven patch of road and Sam's head collided with the roof of the car, causing the boy to wince and look up at the small dent in the roof. "Sorry, Bee. My bad."

The lights on the radio flickered in acknowledgement as the car swerved again, too busy dodging pot shots to answer. Sam looked back again in time to see Optimus drive over the same rough patch.

Fear gripped his spark as the ground around the Prime suddenly heaved and a giant metallic worm rose up from the ground, knocking into the leader and causing him to swerve sideways, his tires screeching.

Optimus grunted and released his trailer as it began to tip over, almost taking him with it. The protection of his mate and the others was more important than his flight tech at the moment. He would retrieve it later.

The worm beast behind him suddenly split open and Shockwave twisted out, his cannon snapping as he cocked it. The Cyclops released a snarl as he watched the Autobot leader turn into a warehouse at the far end of the street.


The Prime's holoform opened his arms to the boy and Sam ran into them, laughing in relief the instant he was safe in the other's hold. "Thank Primus, you're safe," The half-human whispered into his bondmate's chest.

Optimus smiled and rested his head atop the half-human's silvery head. "My thoughts exactly," The Prime said, closing his eyes and rubbing his cheek in the soft metal fibers that made up Sam's hair.

After a moment Samuel reluctantly broke the contact to look up at his mate, face serious. "We have to get moving. Shockwave will find us soon."

The Prime nodded before he glanced to the door where he stood in his bi-pedal form guarding the door with his blaster in servo. "Indeed," The holoform answered. "I need that flight tech. Shockwave can't hunt us all at once," His robot form cocked his weapon with a snap that echoed throughout the room.

A plan was forming in that brilliant mind. Sam could see it in his blue eyes. "Divide and Conquer," The boy whispered, gripping his mate's arm as fear began to squeeze a tight hand around his spark. "Do you really need that flight tech?" The boy asked, cupping the Prime's face with both of his warm silver hands.

Optimus blinked, seeing the emotion flickering around in his mate's optics and smiled reassuringly as he leaned in closer before brushing noses with the boy, making Sam chuckle slightly. "Yes, I do," Prime whispered. "I need it if I want to help protect you."

"I can fight you know," The half-human pouted, but his optics sparkled with humor.

Optimus chuckled, shaking his head. How on Earth did he end up with such an amazing creature for a mate? "Yes, I know, but I need you to help the others take out the pillar."

Sam smiled, his optics glowing brighter. "Will do," He answered before standing up on his toes and pecking the Prime's cheek. "Wreckers," The Consort said turning to the three racecar-formers with a large grin. "We need a diversion."

The Wreckers grinned back and everyone in the room knew Shockwave was going to have his servos full for a short while. "Let's get some!" Springer, the green one, called before he began to move to the door.

The other two followed closely behind. "Ya got that right," The red leader answered as he walked past.

Epps ran up to Peters, pointing out one of the openings in the wall to a tall building in the distance. Paper fluttered around it as wind gusted through its broken windows, causing the ground around it to look like it had been snowing.

"You see that glass building," Bobby said, gaining Optimus's attention from across the room as Robert spoke to the blond soldier, filling him in on their plan. "We're gonna circle around to it so we can get high enough to make the shot."

Epps turned to the Autobots, his dark eyes serious. "We need cover from you guys."

Optimus nodded, "We can do that," The Prime turned his gaze back to Sam. "Do you have enough energy to fly in case something were to happen?" He squeezed his mate's shoulders as a small amount of nervousness set in.

The Prime had full confidence in the half-human's abilities, but they were still in a war zone and the boy would be too far from Ratchet in case he needed a cube. His mate was half-Cybertronian, so on top of eating human food Sam had to also drink energon for energy.

The Consort bit his lip with distant optics as he examined his fuel levels before he shook his head with a sigh. "I should be fine for battle and defense, but I don't have enough to fly. To coast or hover if I find myself falling, but not nearly enough to fly."

Optimus nodded, his eyes troubled as his jaw tightened. Fear and worry were sliding down the bond from the Prime. He had a bad feeling something terrible was going to happen to Samuel.

"Hey," Sam whispered, leaning forward to rest his forehead against his mate's. "Everything is going to be okay," He softly touched his lips to the holoform's before he pulled back to stare reassuringly into the leader's sapphire orbs. "I promise."

Optimus closed his eyes and a tear leaked out as his face scrunched up, trying to hold back the fear bubbling up inside him. He was usually the strong one, but he suddenly found himself receiving as Sam wrapped his arms around the Prime and held him as Optimus shook. "I don't want to lose you," He whispered as he bent down and hid his face in the half-human's neck, breathing in his musky sent as more tears began to fall.

"You won't," Sam answered, running his hands through the holoform's shoulder length ebony hair. "Not now. Not ever. I'll always come back, no matter what."

The Prime nodded, face still hidden and unable to speak as emotion clogged his throat.

They stood like that for a few moments with Optimus clinging to his mate and Sam sending him all the strength and reassurance he had.

"You gonna be okay?" The half-human asked when the Prime's shaking subsided.

Optimus pulled away to rest his forehead against Sam's again before he nodded silently and captured the boy's lips in another caste kiss. 'I love you,' The leader whispered. 'Be careful.'

'I love you too,' Sam answered before he pulled away completely. 'I will. The same goes for you as well.' He walked toward the others who were waiting silently before he turned and nodded at the Prime, optics determined.

Epps rested a hand on the half-human's shoulder as he looked up at red and blue mech. "Me, Carly, and the boys will keep a close eye on him, Big Guy."

The blond haired young woman nodded and stepped up beside Sam with an equally determined look. "That's right."

She took the gun Samuel had given her after he had been patched up by Ratchet and checked the magazine to see how many rounds were left. Once finished Carly popped it back into place and tucked the weapon into the belt of her pants with a smirk.

Being friends with a group soldiers did have its perks sometimes.

Optimus swallowed as his holoform faded away. "Thank you," The truck-former cocked his blaster before he looked to the humans and Autobots. "Let's roll."

Epps's group started to gear up and head for the door when Wheeljack called them back. "Wait! I can't let you go out there without my new urban combat prototypes," The engineer dropped several metallic objects at the soldiers' feet with a clang.

"We gotta go 'Jack!" Sideswipe said exasperatedly despite the fond smile on his face.

"Hold on," Wheeljack waved the silver Lamborghini off as Sam picked up two rod-like mechanisms and a metallic glove. "They're the perfect thing for kicking ass!" The engineer said with a smile.

"What are these?" Peters asked as he examined a rod of his own.

"Those are boomsticks. Armed in thirty seconds," Wheeljack grinned. "They have enough power to take off a Decepticon's leg."

Epps grinned as Sam held up one of the gloves. "And these? What do they do?"

"Those are grapple gloves for climbing. Press the button on the wrist and you can scale a wall in a matter of moments."

Bee's radio suddenly started playing the theme to Adam West's Batman and Sam snorted. "Nice one Bumblebee."

Epps rolled his eyes and grabbed the half-human's arm before pulling him along. "C'mon little Princess," The black soldier glanced back at the pouting Sam with a smile. "We gotta get going or we'll become Shockwave scraps."

"'M not a Princess," The Consort grumbled, but went along with the soldier anyway.

They ran out into the light, causing Sam to blink as his optics adjusted. "Let's go!" He called a moment later, leading the group as they pelted down the street and ducked behind bits of fallen building and burnt-out cars to keep from getting hit by the 'cons who had situated themselves up on an edifice overlooking the street.

The Wreckers swerved around the corner and opened fire on Shockwave, drawing his attention to them. "C'mon ya slagger!" Springer called, flashing his lights at the black Cyclops.

Shockwave growled and picked up a car, using it as a shield from the attacks while getting in a few shots of his own. He let out a frustrated trumpet as the red leader got in a good shot and hit one of the horns on his head. "Take that ya slow piece of scrap!"

The one-eyed decepticon snarled and threw the car at them. The Wreckers laughed and backed up as it bounced harmlessly past.

Wheelie cried out and fell from his perch atop the red wrecker. He was closely followed by Brains with a cry of his own.

"You're slower than an earth snail and a cyber-snail put together!" The blue wrecker cheered. The other two laughed.

"Yeah! My great-grand carrier is faster than you and she's been offline since before you were sparked!" Springer said and the rest of the team revved their engines in agreement.

Shockwave snarled and began to move forward, blasting as he went.

The red wrecker chuckled before he began to back up. The soldiers had made it past them unharmed. It was time to retreat. "Later you rust bucket!" He called as he took off down the street with the other Wreckers following.

"Hey!" Wheelie called, trying to run after the three cars and waving his arms in the air. "Don't leave us!"

"Yeah," Brains called as he hobbled behind his friend. "Never leave a 'bot behind!"

The ground suddenly shook and the two mini-bots looked behind them. Shockwave cocked his cannon and began to move down the street. "Ah, c'mon. Big, one eyed, and ugly is coming," Brains said.

Wheelie nodded and they began to run down the road.

Sam and the humans shot around the corner at full speed with the Wreckers covering their backs. The half-human glanced back in time to dodge the vehicle that came flying at him. Being hit by a car like that wouldn't have killed him, but it would have hurt like hell.

They pounded up the marble stairs and entered the main foyer of the glass building. "Kid, wait!" Epps called, sounding breathless and stopping Sam in his tracks.

The half-human turned and walked back to the group where they stood against one of the marble pillars in the corner of the room. "What is it?" The young man asked, not even out of breath.

Epps was doubled over and panting as sweat poured down his forehead. "We don't all have the stamina you have despite being soldiers," He straightened and wiped his brow before taking a drink of water. "The elevators aren't working and we need to rest before we try to run to the top."

Sam grinned and patted Epps on the shoulder. "Out of shape, old man?"

Epps growled playfully at the boy before he lightly cuffed the half-human on the head. "I'm not old."

"Ah, so you admit to being out of shape!" Sam laughed. "Too many donuts on that base Epps?" He dodged another cuff to his head with a large grin on his face.

"I'll get you for that kid!" The soldier said, shaking his fist and chasing after the boy.

Sam merely stuck his silver tongue out at the black soldier before the boy dodged another attempt to hit him with a laugh.

"Sam?" A voice suddenly called from across the foyer. "Sam Witwicky?"

The Consort suddenly stopped and looked up to where the voice came from, causing Epps to run into him and fall on his rear. "Sorry," The boy murmured sheepishly as he helped the soldier up.

"'S okay," Bobby said with a grin as he rubbed his shoulder where it collided with the boy. "I'm not hurt."

"Sam Witwicky?" The voice asked again from directly behind the Consort.

The silver skinned boy turned around and came face to face with a familiar curly haired, brown eyed Spanish boy around his age. "Leo?"

Leo Spitz grinned as he took a step back. "Hey man!" He looked the silver being up and down with a small smile. "Dude. Nice look."

"Thanks," Sam smiled, rubbing the back of his head. It had been several months since the half-human had seen his collage roommate. They had met up a few times in the past couple of years to catch up since Leo had transferred to a college in New York after their first year so he could be closer to his partner.

Leo was doing surprisingly well for seeing Sam for the first time in his true form. Normally people would become a little freaked out. His mother's first time seeing him all silver had been a fiasco. Optimus's holoform had had to run from Judy and her baseball bat.

"But what are you doing here and where are the twins?" The half-human looked over the other boy's shoulder, trying to see if Mudflap and Skids were close by. "I thought you were staying with Simmons?"

The twins, like Bumblebee, had been assigned to protect Leo. Ironhide had called it a 'two for one' when asked why they had both been told to watch one human. Sam assumed it was revenge on Simmons for what Sector 7 had done to Bee.

"Ah," Leo said, rubbing his hand through his curly hair. "I was here visiting relatives and the twins came along. When the 'cons attacked I had them get my family out while I stayed behind to help in any way I could. They were supposed to stay with my relatives. Reggie couldn't come because he had that interview to do and a book signing," The young man looked down with a worried look as he crossed his arms, hugging himself. "I haven't been able to get into contact with him since."

Sam patted his friend's shoulder with a smile. "He's alright. We were attacked by Decepticons before Sentinel's betrayal. He has a few broken bones and gets around in an electric wheelchair, but he's survived worse," The half-human chuckled. "Dutch is a kick ass driver."

Relief spread across Leo's face and a sigh escaped his lips. "Thank god for that," He stepped up to Sam with a determined look on his face. "I want to help you guys."

Samuel smiled tiredly. "We need all the help we can get."

"What can I do?" Leo was practically vibrating with the need to do something.

That morning the boy had gotten as many people he could into the building they were currently in since it appeared at the time to be one of the sturdiest. He and several other people had raided a few places and gotten water and food for the survivors. Leo had planned to move them as soon as the coast was clear, but then the one-eyed 'con showed up and delayed his plans. Now Sam had appeared and that usually meant there was action to be had.

And, unlike in Egypt, Leo wanted a piece of it.

"Are you sure you want to help?" Sam asked, cocking his head to the side. "It'll be dangerous and I don't want anyone else getting hurt."

"Witwicky," Leo looped his arm around the half-human's metallic shoulders. "This is a war zone. People will get hurt. It's up to us to keep the casualties from skyrocketing any further."

Sam shook his head with a fond smile on his lips. Simmons had indeed changed the young man before him for the better. "You have come a long way my friend," The Consort said, shaking his head fondly. "A very long way. Alright," Samuel sighed. "Simmons would want you to stick with me anyway."

The Consort quickly filled Leo in on the plan before they moved over to where the others were. Epps greeted him with a wave before Sam turned to the soldiers. "Alright everyone," He called. "Leo is going to run with us and help out in any way he can until we see the end of this battle," The group cheered and several patted Leo on the back in greeting before Samuel raised his silvery hands for silence. "I know you're all tired, but we have to keep moving. There isn't much time left before they fire the bridge," He paused, his hazel optics looking over each of his comrades and friends. "If we succeed this will be a major blow to the enemy. If we don't there are always other ways to take down hurtles. We'll bring that pillar down even if it means blowing up that tower or somehow ramming Sentinel's helm in it," Several men laughed at that image. "But no matter what I am proud to call you all friend and it has been an honor to fight as your comrade," Sam ended his speech by saluting the group with a small smile.

The soldiers raised their weapons above their heads and cheered. "Let's give them hell!" Epps yelled while he grabbed his gear.

"Alright men," Sam said once everyone was geared up and ready for the climb. "Let's go."

They cheered and began to follow Sam up the many flights of stairs leading to the top and victory.

The chopper shook as plasma bolts rained down upon them from the Decepticon ships. Will held onto the bar beside him and looked out the window.

Below them was water and waves, but ahead was the smoking ruins of what had once been a shining city. And they were heading straight for it.

"Okay," Will said leaning forward and gaining everyone's attention just as the copter shook again. "We're going to use Willis Tower for cover. Once we make altitude we jump!" He had to yell over the sound of the explosions.

They looked out the opened back of the craft to see one of the other choppers fall close by in a flaming ball before it hit another ship, taking them both down into the murky waters below. The screams hit Lennox's sensitive ears and he gritted his teeth.

The black soldier who had been the first to speak was sitting beside Lennox. His breaths were coming out in panicked gasps and his eyes were squeezed shut. "Come on, come on, come on, come on," He whispered, gripping his seat tightly in his fear.

In minutes the smoking ruin was all around them and Willis Tower was a shining wall beside them. Several faces appeared in the windows, curious to see what was going on before they pulled back for fear of being seen by Decepticon pilots.

"Alright!" Lennox called as he stood and began to put on his helmet. "Gear up. We have twenty seconds before the jump point."

The other soldiers scrambled to get their suits on as quickly as possible, putting on helmets and wing suits, never once bumping into each other.

"Colonel, we're at the drop point," One of the pilots said, looking behind him for a moment.

"Good," Lennox said with a smile as he patted the man's shoulder before he moved to position himself by the drop doors. "Alright men! Keep it tight!"

The roar of a fighter jet suddenly filled the air and Will looked out the windows in time to see Starscream jump one of the choppers and rip off its left propeller. "Shit! Heads up, we have an annoying seeker trying to pick us off!"

The ship jerked and went into a spin, slamming the colonel into the wall hard enough to dent it.

"Get them out!" The pilots called as they tried to control the chopper long enough for the soldiers to jump.

Lennox nodded and waved the men on. "Go!" The group stood as one and quickly moved to the back doors, jumping two at a time.

The black soldier from before hesitated. "What about you, sir?" The chopper was almost empty.

"Just go!" William said, tugging on his wingsuit arm. He was stuck. His wingsuit had gotten caught on a twisted piece of metal when he hit the wall. "That's an order!" He snapped when the soldier made to help him.

The young man frowned and moved to help anyway. "I don't think so, sir."

"Dammit! Don't throw away your life!" The colonel pushed the soldier away with all his strength and the man fell from the opening, righting himself as he fell and catching the air.

"Sir!" The soldier called just as Starscream opened fire and the chopper went up in an explosion of flames. "Colonel Lennox!"

His only reply was silence through the mics that connected the soldiers and tears sprung to his eyes as he streaked along with the rest of the quiet group.

Not the Colonel. He couldn't be…

A figure suddenly shot from the fireball, his wings gleaming silver in the afternoon sun as he sped to catch up with the group.

He made not a sound as he came up beside the black soldier with a smile, his dark hazel optics glowing from his silver unhelmted face. "Did you think you could be rid of me so easily?" Lennox chuckled and cheers filled the mics.

In truth it was the first time Will had ever been completely silver like Sam. It wasn't supposed to happen for another year or so, but Lennox figured the stress from Ironhide's death had caused a jump in his transformation.

Stress could cause a great many things to happen. It could speed things up or stop things from happening altogether. 'Hide had once told him a story of a Cybertronian who had seen his mate die and lost the ability to transform.

He was brought from his thoughts by a second explosion behind them and he sighed before schooling his face into that of The Colonel as he carefully moved to the front of the group.

This was not the time to be dwelling on the past. Not when his men needed him in the here and now.

The river gleamed below them as they flew through the acrid smelling smoke that permeated the city. Will looked up and saw that they were fast approaching a building. "Hard left!" He called over the mic and wind rushed through Lennox's silvery hair as they moved sharply around the corner of the 'scraper. "Six hundred feet!"

A rumbling sound filled the air the moment they flew over an archway and William glanced back. Three 'con ships were following them. "Check your six boys!" He called, dodging a shot that was fired at him. "He's on our ass."

The wall above Lennox exploded and glass rained down upon him, catching his clothes and ripping them up. One man close to him screamed before he dropped like a stone. Dead from a shot by the 'con.

The colonel growled. He couldn't retaliate with his cannons for fear of hitting one of his men. "Sharp right!"

Several more of his men fell when a piece of building tumbled down when the plasma bolts hit it. Will gritted his teeth as their screams filled his ears and he sent a silent prayer to Primus for their souls to find their rightful place in the light.

They flew around the corner with the walls exploding all around them. The concrete below them exploded upwards in small fireballs from missed shots. In front of them gleamed the ruin of a fallen building with a hole right through its center. The opening looked to be too small for the Decepticon ships, but large enough for Lennox and the others to get through. "Fallen building dead ahead!" Will cried with a grin. "Thread the needle!"

They streaked through the hole and the 'cons couldn't stop fast enough, ramming into the building and exploding in a glorious ball of fire.

"Pull! Pull!" Lennox called to his men and the soldier's parachutes opened like little white blossoms against the grey of the buildings around them.

William himself had a problem though. He had no parachute and he had never landed in this form before. He didn't even know how. "Dammit," Lennox swallowed and spotted a large open area not far from his men. He'd have to try.

Slowly, he circled down, trying to aim himself so he could land, but as he got closer the colonel realized he was going too fast.

His wings suddenly pulled back into his body as he lost his concentration and crashed into the ground, rolling and throwing up rubble. Sparks danced across the cement where Lennox's metallic skin came in contact with it.

William finally came to a stop at the far end of his landing area and he let out a pained groan. How the slag did Sam make it look so fucking easy?

Lennox sat up and winced before he looked down at the smoking scrapes that ran along his body. He sighed, checking the rest of himself.

Surprisingly the only injury he had was a long gash on his leg that had already stopped leaking magenta blood as his repair system kicked in, but he knew he would soon be needing energon. It was a good thing he carried some with him at all times.

He checked his bag and smiled. The thing was unharmed since it was made of a special metal fiber weave that was virtually indestructible and protected anything within.

It had been a bonding gift from Sam.

"Sir!" Several men called at once, rushing over to their fallen leader. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just a little shaken is all," The half-human stood and brushed his tattered clothing off before he looked up at the others. "Weapons status?"

One of the men pushed forward, carrying a black bag with him. "29 bot-busters, 20 piercing D-bots."

"Good," Lennox nodded and leant against a wall, checking his own weapons before he looked up toward the white building in the distance. "For our brothers," He looked out over his men with shining optics. "Let's make this trip worth it."

The colonel pushed off from the wall and began to lead his men toward their goal.

Sam's optics flashed dangerously as his gaze fixed upon the white building across from them. The cupolas sparked and flashed with blue electricity that snaked up the pillars holding their domed tops as he watched.

They had reached the top of the building and the soldiers had immediately begun to set up the rocket launcher. They had had to push desks and chairs out of the way to make room as they pulled out the components and tools needed.

The process took time though. Time they did not have much of.

Sam's optics flickered over to where a burst of sunlight had reflected off of one of the Decepticon ships as they approached. "Epps," He called. "Hurry up. They're coming."

Robert came to stand beside the half-human and followed his gaze. A frown formed on his face when he caught site of the ships gathering close to the base of the 'scraper. "What are they doing?"

"It's done!" Peters called, cutting off Sam's reply.

The blond soldier stood and began to load the launcher being held by a burly black soldier called "Hardcore" Eddie. The half-human patted the man on the back and got out of the way with a large grin on his face. Eddie cocked the launcher and stared through the scope.

This was it. The Consort thought. Sentinel would get his just rewards for all he had done.

The room suddenly shook and Sam grabbed the wall to keep from falling. "The pit was that?!" He cried, looking over at Epps with a frown.

The building rocked again slightly, causing Carly and Leo brace themselves against the wall. "Whoa," The Spanish boy said as another shock hit the building. "What's going on?"

Stone, a burly white soldier with a cowboy mustache and a shaved head, looked out one of the broken windows beside Eddie. His eyes widened when he caught sight of what exactly was making the 'scraper shake.

At least four Decepticon ships had begun firing at the building's base, causing it to tilt and bend. He could hear the 'cons cheering each other on as they attacked. The skyscraper gave a groan and it tipped a little farther. "They're shooting at the building!" Stone called, gripping the side of the window as the building gave a jerk.

Eddie stumbled slightly and Sam grabbed his belt to keep the big man from falling. "I can't do this," Hardcore said as he backed up, his breathing coming in gasps.

Sam frowned and moved in front of him to look into Eddie's eyes with a serious look on his face. "What do you mean?" He asked quietly as he ran a scan over the soldier and came up with why he was having trouble breathing.

"This building's unstable," Eddie puffed. "If I fire it'll probably go right over." The launcher shook in his grip.

"Listen," Sam rested a hand on the Eddie's shoulder. "If we don't finish what we started then its all over. No matter what we all die," He knew they weren't the most reassuring words, but Sam himself was frightened and he knew, from the worry on the other end of the bond, he was broadcasting it. "So let's try to end this. Here and now before the 'cons get us."

Eddie grinned slightly before moved back toward the window with the Consort still holding his belt. "I don't care if the building collapses. I'd rather go that way than be killed slowly by a Decepticon," His breaths still came in puffs. "I'm having a panic attack anyway." He raised the launcher and looked down the scope, getting a clear shot a moment later.

The building suddenly rumbled and all the objects in the room began to rattle. Eddie began to slide sideways as Sam's weight drug him in that direction. Realizing what was happening, the boy released his hold and braced himself against the wall.

"The building is going over!" Epps called as he slid past, trying get a footing. "Take cover!"

The desks and chairs began to slide as the building tilted, knocking into everyone and pushing them toward the windows. The soldiers all scrambled, trying to find a hold on something solid as the outside world began to tip toward the sky.

Sam grabbed Epps to keep him from sliding farther before the groaning stopped. "Hey," Leo said from his place wrapped around an iron pole. "That wasn't so bad."

The half-human grinned and rolled his optics. "It didn't go completely over, man. It stopped."

Carly suddenly gasped and pointed with a look of panic on her face. "Guys look!"

One of the ships was approaching the building. Its cockpit opened about ten feet away from the glass to reveal an ugly, four opticed Decepticon with a big gun. "Hide people," Epps said, releasing his hold on the boy and moving to hide behind a desk with Stone.

Eddie swallowed and quickly set the launcher down before he scrambled for the divide Leo had ducked behind. Sam and Carly took the one across from them. The girl's fingers turned white from gripping the half-human's wrist so tightly.

There was the sound of shifting gears outside the window and a beep that reminded Sam of the noise a car makes when someone locks their doors.

The blond beside him jumped and squeaked as the 'con jumped through the glass, cocking his weapon as he glanced around with a growl. "Don't move," Sam murmured almost imperceptibly.

The 'con suddenly chuckled, sending chills up everyone's spine. "I know you're here little Consort," His voice made Samuel think of metal sliding across glass. "My master would love to have a little chat with you," He moved farther into the room, pushing desks and chairs out of his way. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," He chanted from directly behind the boy's hiding place and his gun poked around the side, close to Carly's cheek.

Samuel's optics were wide with fear as they glanced Bobby's way and the soldier nodded at Eddie while he took out a boomstick and pulled the pin.

The bastards would not have Sam. Robert would die before he broke his promise to the Big Guy and he was sure the entire team shared the same view. Sam was their brother. They had shed sweat, blood, and energon together in battle and the kid had saved their asses more times than he could count.

The other soldier grinned and carefully pushed a rolling chair out from behind a desk, causing the Decepticon to glance back at the noise as it slid past him. Epps waited a moment before he threw the weapon. It exploded in a boom that left everyone's ears ringing and blasted the 'con nearly through where he had entered. "Run!" The sergeant screamed and everyone bolted to the only escape they had. The windows.

Stone and Peters pulled out their guns and began shooting at the enraged 'con.

"I see you little Consort!" The monster called as Sam and Carly pelted up the incline. "You can't escape!"

The ground rumbled as the terror grinned and rolled toward the boy, flattening a few desks and ripping out wall supports as he went. The 'con opened fire upon the group once he pulled out of his barrel roll, being careful not to hit the half-human. He was forced back again as Stone threw his own boomstick. "Go! Jump through the windows!"

Epps pulled out his gun and opened fire upon the glass, causing a spider web of cracks to form across its surface before it shattered and he jumped through.

The 'con rolled forward and reached out toward the Consort, his digits just brushing the edge of his shirt before Peters yelled and took a shot at the monster's head, forcing the creature back with a snarl of frustration.

Stone quickly pushed Sam through the window as the 'con made another move to get him before he grabbed Peters and jumped.

The glass beneath him screeched as his metallic skin slide across it, hurting the Consort's sensitive ears and causing goosebumps to rise on the humans' arms. A rolling chair that had been dragged with them sped past the group and tipped over the side with a crash.

"Sam!" Carly screamed as the edge of the building rushed up to meet them. "We can't stop!"

Samuel swallowed before he quickly shifted his hand into a cannon. He knew this would use a good deal of his energon levels, but he'd sacrifice the entirety of his energy if it meant the others would be safe. "Shoot the glass!" He called, firing several plasma blasts into the smooth surface below his feet.

The other's followed suit by pulling out their guns and shooting into the glass, shattering it and sliding into the opening. Sam cried out as he slammed into the tiled floor and began to slide again, faster than before.

"Son of a bitch!" Sam's hand transformed back as he turned over onto his stomach and his digits clawed against the floor, trying to get a hold and leaving long grooves in the tile as he slid down.

Shelves and potted plants pelted them as they slid past, causing several of the soldiers to cry out as shards of glass from some vases dug into their skin.

Carly's hands reached out and grabbed one of the wires hang from the ceiling. The jerk caused by the cable stopping her decent threw up into the air for a few seconds before she crashed into the tiled floor with a gasp. Several of the soldiers grabbed similar wires while others slammed up against the divides in the room. Epps himself grabbed a cable just before he went out the window. It was too late for two of his men as they went over the side screaming. One tried to grab a desk, but it tipped and spilled papers out that rained down upon Shockwave below.

Sam gritted his teeth and slammed his fingers into the tile, creating handholds for himself and effectively stopping his slide. He screamed when his arms took his full weight, wrenching the sockets and sending pain flowing up his shoulders.

Epps leaned back against the tiles with a sigh of relief before glanced over at the Consort. "You okay kid?"

Samuel turned his head and smiled painfully at him, hazel optics flickering tiredly. "Yeah," He was shaking slightly from a mixture of adrenaline and fear. "But I'm not going on another waterslide ever again."

Epps laughed before he looked up at Carly and his men. "Is everybody okay?"

The blond girl was the farthest from Bobby, having grabbed the first cable she saw. "I'm fine," she called, flinching as the end of her wire sparked.

"The hell was that?!" Eddie called from his place by a divide. His eyes were wide and he was shaking from the adrenaline, but at least his panic attack was gone.

Leo chuckled a little hysterically beside him, his grip white knuckled as he held the cable.

Sam rested his forehead against the cool tile and closed his optics with a sigh. Those plasma blasts had taken a little more energy than he intended. He would need a cube soon or he would be useless to the others. A hand rested on his shoulder and he opened his optics to look up at the soldier beside him.

Peters had seen Samuel's exhaustion and had wrapped the wire around his wrist before he quickly scooted over to the boy, ready to catch him should the kid pass out and begin to slide. The blond soldier smiled when the boy glanced tiredly up at him. "I'm here, Sam."

The Consort smiled and nodded in thanks before he cleared his throat and glanced over at Epps. "What's going on down there?"

Bobby carefully slid closer to the edge and looked down. Below him the giant form of Shockwave was moving down the street. "The fugly Decepticon is down there."

Sam chuckled as he shifted slightly. His arms were starting to go numb. "Which one?"

Bobby snorted and turned his head back to watch the monster. His eyes widened when the 'con paused and looked up, his one-eyed gaze locking instantly with Epps's. "Shit!" The Sergeant scrambled backward into the shadows of the building. "He's seen me!" He looked up with panicked eyes. "Shockwave knows we're here."

Sam's optics widened when his ears picked up a rumbling sound from the street below.

Epps looked out again and saw the large form of the Driller-bot coming toward Shockwave. "Son of a fucking bitch!" He yelled, quickly climbing up his cable toward Sam. "Why do the Decepticons always get the good shit?!"

Peters helped Epps pull the boy from his handholds before they slid down the cable to the window while the others followed. "We have to get down one level. The tile is too slippery to walk on," Sam quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out the grapple glove. "Put these on and we can swing down through the window," He slid it on and carefully went to edge while everyone followed suit, slipping the glove over their hands.

The Consort stuck his wrist out and pressed the button the side, aiming for the ledge just below his feet. The grapple latched on and Sam tugged it to see if it held tight. Epps came up beside him and copied his actions "Okay," The half-human swallowed. "We go two at a time. Epps and me first. Leo and Carly will go next. Stone and Peters after that. And finally Eddie and Grant."

Grant nodded from his place behind Epps before he gave Leo an extra grapple glove. He was a big man like Eddie with a dark scar running down his cheek and a NEST tattoo on his arm. His grey eyes were warm despite the frown that was etched on his face. Sam had met him before Egypt. He was nice if a little serious at times, but he could make anyone, even Ratchet, laugh at the drop of a hat.

"Ready, kid?" Epps asked and Sam nodded. "Let's do this then."

They both jumped and swung their weight so the cord would carry them through he broken windows below. The moment Sam's feet touched the ground the building jerked and he tumbled forward with a grunt, rolling a moment before landing on his back with his arm up over his head. "Dammit," He grumbled before he pressed the button to release the grapple's hold and it reeled itself back in. Pulling himself shakily to his feet the Consort rubbed the back of his head with a sigh. "I'm good," The boy answered to Epps's questioning gaze before he moved forward and signaled the others.

The rest tumbled through the window two by two until everyone was accounted for.

The room suddenly shook again and Sam looked down out the windows with wide optics. "We gotta move!" He yelled as the Driller-bot slammed through the wall five levels below.

The ugly Decepticon had laced itself through several floors while its queries were busy. It wrapped round the 'scraper like a boa constrictor around its prey and began to squeeze the metal and pipes in its hold, breaking them and causing the whole building to shake and tip a little farther.

"The stairs are blocked!" Stone called from one end of the room as he raced toward the group.

The chairs and desks moved and bumped into the back of everyone's legs as the building swayed like a ship on the seas. "Is there a way out?" Peters asked a man who was trapped on the floor with them. "Hey. How can we get out of here," He touched the other's shoulder to get his attention, but the instant the man's eyes locked onto Sam he ran away with a look of fear.

"Nobody is going to help us because of the way I look," Sam sighed as he patted the blond soldier on the back. "It was a good try through."

The 'scraper suddenly jerked hard and the sound of breaking metal and groaning pipes filled the Consort's ears just before he was thrown off his feet.

"We're gonna die!" Eddie screamed when they all started rolling again as the building finally went over.

Papers and office supplies buried the group as gravity pulled everything down. Carrly cried out as a desk bounced right over her and exploded against one of the divides. The 'scraper tipped completely and the glass all along its edges shattered the instant it hit the building across the street.

Carly slammed into a divide that stopped her fall, but her eyes widened as she saw Sam falling past her through the gaps between. "Sam!" She leaned over the side and stretched out her hand for the boy to catch, but he was already too far out of reach. "No! Sam!"

The half-human screamed as he fell through the broken windows, dropping like a stone.

The boy's wings refused to open no matter how hard he tried. His energy levels were just too low. The wind whistled in his ears, whipping his hair around and stinging his Cybertronian eyes. He closed his optics as fear flooded the bond and he mentally wrapped himself around his mate as the ground rushed up to meet him. 'I'm sorry, love,' He whispered sadly. 'I just wasn't strong enough,' He held Optimus as panic and denial began to fill the bond from the other end. 'I love you,' Was the last thing he said before he closed up the bond to keep his mate from feeling his pain when he slammed into the pavement.

Suddenly the sound of cannon fire filled the Consort's ears. His optics snapped open in time to see Shockwave get blown off of his pedes before a big black hand shot out of nowhere, catching Sam just before he became a twisted piece of metal on the pavement. The familiar voices of Mudflap and Skids filled the air coupled with a round of blaster fire.

He gasped as the world suddenly tilted and spun as the being who caught him went into a roll, causing Sam to squeeze his optics closed. "F-fuck," He hissed in Cybertronian.

An even more familiar chuckle rumbled from the throat of his protector and Sam's optics snapped open, hazel optics meeting ocean blue before a large, elated smile spread across the Consort's face.


The weapons specialist grinned. "Hello Sam," His cannons still smoked and whined from shooting at the one-eyed terror. "Did you miss me?"

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