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I Love You, Mr. Goldsworthy.

Chapter Eight.

Clare's Point of View:

Okay, so things didn't go as planned, well, thats an understatement. I swear, I couldn't tell you if it was good or bad, but it was sure humorous, and entertaining.

After the awkward situation of partnering was done, we had to group up with our partners, and I was sitting there like the loner kid, that I've grown to be my senior year.

Adam and Blue got really into the assignment. Which I had yet to actually know what it was. I was going to ask Bianca but I looked and her and Owen were undressing each other with their eyes, and then I looked over at Katie and Shanice and they weren't the type of girls that looked like I would associate with, they looked too... happy. Riley was sleeping and Johnny was doodling, and then Chloe was trying to get Imogen to stop eyeing Eli.

To say that I was in an awkward position was an extreme understatement. I sat there and looked around, but I think that made it all the more awkward, when I was attempting to look the opposite.

I hesitantly raised my hand, and Eli gave me a smirk, before coming over and plopping down in the seat next to mine.

"That wasn't very professional, Mr. Goldsworthy." I said, and I don't know why I did but for some reason, as soon as he did that it seemed to melt all the awkward tension.

"Well, Ms. Edwards, you'll have to excuse me. Now, about the assignment." I had to fight not to laugh at the dead serious expression on his face.

He sighed, "Okay, so that doesn't work well for me." He admitted sheepishly; I scoffed in agreement.

"Anyway, teach, what's the assignment?" I asked, wanting for this to be over so badly.

"Well, everyone is doing something about their partner, like, Adam and Blue are doing videos, a bit lazy but eh, whatever. Um, Katie and Shanice are doing a song... god save us from that." he mumbled the last part under his breath.

Bianca and Owen, well, their doing a dance, which I don't know how they'd pull that off, and then Riley and Johnny, are being lazy and doing a poster." I nodded. So this was like a creative assignment.

"So, what if I just wrote an essay? Since it's English class and all?" I asked, hopefully.

He breathed out a breath of what seemed relief. "I knew you were the normal one." He muttered under his breath, jokingly, causing Clare to chuckle.

"So is that a yes?" She asked, curiously.

"Yea, that's a yes. But I'm sure we don't know that much about each other." He mentioned nonchalantly.

"Yea, usually student and teachers don't hang out, but I guess we kind of have to. I would say saturday, but I'm going a little ways out of town, so how about Monday? I have a class tomorrow, and then the weekend I'll be away, monday I don't have a class until 4," I said, all in one breath.

"Well, sure, but um, a little word of advice. You'll probably see me this weekend. Just thought I should warn you." He said, awkwardly. I was slightly confused.

"How would you even see me? I'm not going to be here this weekend." I defended, still not grasping his point.

"Yea, and if you're going with the same Elliot G, as Elliot Goldsworthy then I'll be there too." He said and I swear my eyes couldn't of gotten any wider at that point. It all made more sense now. He looked so familiar to me, but since I haven't known Eli that long, I couldn't put the pieces together as quickly as I could someone else.

"Well. This is awkward." Was all I managed to get out before he flashed me an equally awkward smile.

"So... Monday. You'll just come by? Around 12, or 1?" I asked, trying to get off the topic of us both being at the reunion, me as his own brother's date.

"Yea, I'll be there around anyway, Adam wants to show me his new Comic book." He said, then chuckled a throaty chuckle that I couldn't help but enjoy.

"Yea, Adam shall be Adam." I said, shaking my head, remembering all the times that Adam had tried to, unsuccessfully, bring me to enjoy the world of Comic books.

"Yea, he's really enthusiastic about them."

"Did he turn you on to them, or was it already a nerdy passion?" I joked, bumping into his shoulder. Then realizing how close we were.

"Nerdy?" He scoffed. "I resent that. Comic books are cool!"

"That's what they all say!" I defended, still jokingly. I guess we were so wrapped our banter that we didn't realize mostly everyone was gone.

"Oh, well I guess I should probably go." I said, awkwardly rubbing my arm. He nodded and cleared his throat, going up to his desk and I turned and walked up the steps towards the door.

"Bye, Clare." He said, when I was about to leave.

"Bye." I said, not knowing if Mr. Goldsworthy, Eli, or Professor Goldsworthy was appropriate.

The Reunion Weekend.
Clare's Point of View:

Elliot picked me up from my dorm room, the same time Eli was leaving with Adam. They were going to go together. To say it was awkward was an understatement. Elliot seemed oblivious to the awkwardness though.

"Oh hey, Elijah! What are you even doing here? How do you know Clare?" He asked, clearly not expecting him to be here.

I decided to clear the air. "Eli is my-"

"Roommate's friend. Indirect friendship." I was going to say teacher, but Eli had other things in mind obviously.

"Oh, that makes sense. Well, Clare, you look great." He smiled and it was so contagious. I smiled back.

"Thanks, you look great too." I said, leading him out of the dorm room. He lead me to his car, and I have to admit. It was nice. A 2 door something or other that I had seen around. I'm not good with cars.

"So, tell me about yourself." He nodded and started the car, pulling out of the driveway.

"Well, I'm 19, graduated last year. My parents nagged me about going to college but I guess it just wasn't for me. You know?" I nodded understandably. A lot of my friends hadn't gone to college.

"Well, what do you plan on doing instead?"

"Right now, I'm working at the cafe, but long run? I don't really know. I'm not really good at anything besides music. I play the bass." He admitted, shrugging sheepishly.

"That's really awesome though. I could never really get into the bass, honestly. I more of a singer slash guitar player type of girl."

"Really? My sister used to play. For her 14th birthday, we got her a Gibson Les Paul. She fell in love with it," He sighed, sadly.

"What happened? How come she doesn't play anymore?" He looked hesitant to answer. "We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." I said, knowing what it's like to not want to talk about something. He smiled sadly and nodded.

"So, now that you know a little about me, what about the wonders of Clare Edwards?" He asked, with a smirk.

"Well, honestly, there's not much to tell. I was born with a sister, she moved away due to some personal things, um, parents got divorced in high school. Horrible choices of boyfriends. Classic things really. Nothing too nerve wrecking, a few things obviously that I don't really want to get into but other than that, I'm your average girl." I said, with a shrug. Not wanting to talk about Brennan, now or ever.

"Well, that's understandable." He admitted, and nodded in agreement.

That's how we spent the whole car ride, talking and asking random questions. When we pulled up to the house, I'll admit I was surprised. It was a fairly large house. Not a mansion, but it fit a lot of people in it. It was three stories, and had a lot of land.

"Welcome to Casa de Goldsworthy." He said, parking with a sigh.

"Are you nervous?" I asked, even though it seemed silly since it was his family, he looked sort of like the black sheep.

"Extremely, but lets do this shin dig." He said, hopping out of the car. I followed suit and followed relatively close behind him, instead of by his side. It was a nervous habit of mine to stick close to people that I knew in large unfamiliar crowds.

We walked up to the porch and he opened the door for me, he lead me to a bathroom to clean up and prepare myself for his family. He motioned to the kitchen, telling me that's where he'd be when I was done.

I brushed through my curls with my fingers and splashed my face with some water before reapplying the little amount of make up that I owned. I straightened out my shirt, and made sure my phone and money was in my jean pockets, another nervous habit. Being prepared to flee. I opened the door and about ran into a girl. I gasped.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there!" I exclaimed, covering my mouth in shock. She looked confused as she eyed me curiously.

"Are you okay?" I asked, removing my hands. She was looking intently at my mouth and I shuffled uncomfortably.

I saw Elliot behind her and smiled a little bit and he cussed under his breath.

"Sorry this is my sister, Eliza." He tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around and then I realized what happened. She started signing to him.

She doesn't know your deaf, genius. He signed, and she sighed in understanding. I guess that slipped his mind?

Why wouldn't you tell her? She's probably a freaking out! Tell her! She signed back.

"Sorry, I guess I should've told you." He said smiling sadly.

"It's fine, I sign." I said, reassuringly.

She turned back to look at me and gave me a nervous smile.

Hi, I'm Clare. I signed, hoping it was right. I hadn't signed in years, I learned it at a summer camp in tenth grade .

You sign? She was obviously impressed.

Yea, I'm surprised I remember it, honestly.

It's like riding a bike. I smiled and nodded agreeing.

I heard there were a lot different ways to sign, so I'm just glad I learned the right one. I joked, She giggled a little.

You're better at it then a lot of my family. Did you know a deaf person?

No, not really. I learned at camp a couple of years ago, when did you learn?

When I was 15, that's when I went deaf. She signed, with a sad smile. I nodded and touched her shoulder, in a comfort manner.

Well, I guess you better go, my brother is about two steps away from dragging you out of here. It was really nice to meet you, Clare.

You too, Eliza. See you later. I waved, and walked out with Elliot by my side.

"Your sister is great." I said, breaking the silence.

"Yea, she's amazing. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I just didn't know how to fit in 'oh and by the way my sister is deaf,' you know?"

"Yea, I understand. I guess that's why she doesn't play anymore?" He nodded in reply.

"So, who is there for us to go chit chat with?" I said, deciding to ease the tension.

"Oh, well there's my parents. They're over there now, with Eli." He said, motioning towards where Eli was standing with two other people. We started walking over there and I found myself fixing up myself before I scolded myself.

He's your teacher! I told myself, internally.

"Hey, Cece, Bullfrog, Eli. It's nice to see you!" He said, smiling wide, but you could see that it was some what forced.

"Elliot! Hun, how are you? Oh, whose this?" She said, motioning towards me. I smiled a little. She seemed nice enough.

"I'm Clare. It's really nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Goldsworthy." I said, politely.

"Oh, hun, it's lovely to meet you, too! Just call me Cece, and my husband Bullfrog. Then of course we have, Eli." She said. "He's out other son, and did you meet Eliza?"

"Yea, I know Eli from school actually, he's... my roommates best friend." I realized that if he introduced me as that to his brother then he must want me to introduce myself as that to his parents too. I guess it made sense, it'd be kind of awkward if everyone knew I came to my teachers family reunion.

"Best friend, Eh? Who is your best friend?" She asked her son, probably thinking I meant a girl.

"Adam, you remember him right, Cece?" Eli asked, as it if were obvious. I smiled a little at the look on her face.

"Oh, of course, Adam! He's a dear." She said, smiling. I looked over at Eli and smiled a little and he smiled back, my breath caught. Gosh, he was so good looking. His parents walked away, and I looked over at Elliot to see him eyeing a girl. She had blonde hair and big brown eyes. She smiled shyly at him and he blushed. Oh hello, hello.

"The jealous girl card? I didn't know you had it in you." I said, breaking him out of his trance.

"W-what are you talking about?"

"You bring a girl with you, to make the girl you really like jealous. It usually works really well, but you're doing it all wrong." I said, because in truth he was.

"What... I... I'm sorry." He said with a guilty look on his face.

"It's totally fine, now, lets actually attempt to make this work." He nodded and smiled at me.

"What am I doing wrong?" He asked, with a look of innocence in his eyes.

"Okay first off, you have to pretend to be a lot less into her than you look. You have to act like you're totally into me, and she'll think you like me more, in return making her extremely jealous. If you spend this whole day googling after her, she wont be phased in the slightest." He look a little confused.

"You seem to know a lot about this." He admitted, and I shrugged and pulled him closer to the food where the girl was standing. She eyed me up and down and placed a fake smile on her face when she realized I was looking at her.

"Oh, Elliot. Who's this?" She asked, as if she just now was realizing he was here. Faker.

"Jessica? Is that you? I didn't see you there. Anyway, this is Clare, I brought her with me to meet the folks." He said, nonchalantly. He was better at this than expected. I put my arm around him and smiled at her.

"It's nice to meet you, Jessica. Elliot talks a lot about you." Elliot's eyes bugged out and I gave him a look that said to follow along.

"Elliot talks about me? All good things I hope." She said, blushing and I almost did the happy dance. She was falling so hard into this.

"Yea, when he took me out last week, to this park, we were talking about our friends that we left behind. He mentioned a girl named Jessica, but the details were vague. It might've been another Jessica." I said, smiling sheepishly. "You're a lot more beautiful than he said, a lot." I said, slapping his arm a little.

Her smile faltered, and she made some cheap excuse to have to go somewhere else.

Elliot turned to me. "You, my friend, are really great at this. But now, I'm going to go and 'help' her with what she's doing. Thanks for this! I promise I'll make it up to you." He said, before leaving. I smiled and picked up some chips out of the bowl, and eating them.

I felt someone staring at me and I looked around before I saw Eli, standing in a secluded area, and I waved. He obviously realized that I saw him because he took my wave as a sign to come over.

I sighed a little, he was just so... Eli.

"Hey," I said, when he finally made it over.

"Hey, so that was really awesome of you." He said, looking over at Jessica who was shamelessly throwing herself at Elliot and he seemed to not mind a single bit.

"Yea, well." I shrugged. "He's a real cool guy, but I didn't see us leaving the friend zone any time soon, and when it's clear that two people like each other, sometimes all it takes is a push in the right direction."

"Well, still. He's never going to forget that. He's been pining over her for five years."

"Wow, he's really oblivious then, because she's been undressing him with her eyes since I noticed her." I said, shaking my head.

He chuckled a little before nodding in agreement. Even his chuckles were a turn on. I wanted to hit myself for sounding so valley girl obsessed.

"Your sister is awesome," I said, to break the silence.

"Oh, so you've met her." He grimaced. I was a little confused.

"Yea, was that not supposed to happen?" I asked, apprehensively.

"No, it's just, she gets uncomfortable sometimes. Having to read everyones lips all the time, and then them not understanding anything. She hasn't been the way she is for that long, and reading lips is hard for her." He explained.

"Well, she's pretty awesome. We signed for a while before Elliot dragged me out here to nonchalantly show me off to Jessica."

"You sign?" He asked, with just as much of a surprised expression as Eliza.

"Yea, why is that so hard to believe?" It was like only deaf people were able to sign or something.

"No, it's not, I just didn't really think about that possibility. But that's amazing. She has someone she can talk to, a girl no less, that's not our mom. You're doing this whole family favors left and right. We might have to keep you around." He teased, but I couldn't help but smile hugely anyway.

"Well, I guess you can put that in your pretend partner essay." I joked back and he nodded.

"So, about that essay. You should probably tell me about yourself." I said, noticing that we had nothing better to do anyway.

"Well, I'm 24, male, green eyes, brown hair,"

"I don't need your license information, I mean about you." I said, giggling a little bit.

"Oh, well, my favorite color's black, I own a hearse, I graduated from Lake Hurst high school, my birthday is August 19th, favorite food is macaroni and cheese, velveeta only, I like Dr. Pepper, I hate liars. I don't like getting close to people, emotionally speaking, and... that's about it. What about you?" He said, shrugging.

"Um, favorite color's purple, I don't own a hearse, but less standing out car, that I honestly couldn't tell you the name of, I graduated from Degrassi, my birthday is September 13th, favorite food is probably chicken nuggets, fast food kind only. I love Sprite, I hate fake people, and I have a lot of trust issues." I said, giving him just as much information as he gave me.

He smirked and my stomach knotted.

Eliza came hopping over, smiling. So you've met Elijah?

Yea, I know him from my school. Adam's my roommate.

Oh, well you'll have to sit next to me at dinner, because Elliot is with Jessica. Sorry.

It's fine, I don't mind. I signed, smiling.

Well, let's go then Elijah, She signed, pulling on his arm. He rolled his eyes smiling and my stomach knotted even more. I sighed, this will be a long weekend.