Past Present Future

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Getting sucked into a vortex is SO not how the team wanted to spent there afternoon.

It was a regular mission. Don't be seen just report, blah blah blah. So of course they got caught by tripping and trap and being sucked into a vortex. Your general superhero stuff.

But that was the past now back to the present...

Robin landed facefirst into the cold floor. It didn't help that when he was about to get up KF landed on his back knocking him into the floor again.



There were muffled shouts as the others landed on them. Poor Robin, being on the bottom, had the air squeezed out of him.

"Ow again."

There was a gruff "Ahem" and the team scrambled up to find The Justice League staring at them. They were in the lunchroom and let's just say while they gaped at them some food was hanging out of their mouths (coughFlashcough). But in less than ten seconds all weapons were pointed at them. The team noticed that something wasn't right and they're hands moved towards their weapons. But Kid Flash being...well...Kid Flash didn't notice anything. Instead he ran up to Flash.

"Uncle Barry! We-"

"Whoa. Wait. Hold up, My name's not Barry-"

He trailed off because he just took in what the kid was wearing and that familiar tuft of red hair sticking out the top. He took a few steps back and bumped into a table. Green Lantern looked at his friend weirdly.

"Flash you ok?"

He igroned him and asked the kid,

"What's your name?"

"Um...Wally...don't you know that?"

Robin turned on his friend, "KF, you just don't go blurting out IDs to people who obiviously don't reconize us" He hissed

Wally looked confused, "They...don't?"

In reponse Robin smacked himself on the forehead.

Wait, KF...only Dick used to call me that Flash thought, instead he said, "Wait-Whoa-No-You're not-I was-Ungh-I'M WALLY!"

While all the other members watched with obivious confusion, Flash And Kid Flash circled each other.

"No you're Barry Allen..."

That froze Flash, "Barry...died a while ago"

Kid Flash's partially exposed face turned white, "Wha-What?"

That's when Robin spoke up, "I think we been transported to the future"

Superboy muttered, "Great" while Artemis said "No duh genius"

Superman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Green Arrow then seemed to reconize their former sidekicks and their eyes went wide.

Suddenly their was a flash and when it died down five small kids were sitting there. There was a small black boy with blonde hair who at first had trouble breathing but then got used to it. From his tattoos he was obiviously fron Atlantis. He panicked but tried to stay calm.

Another child was a small green girl with red hair who wasn't panicking but looking around her surrounding curiously. You could tell by her skin and clothes that she was martian.

Another girl was dressed in a kimono and had blonde hair. She already had weapons pointed at everyone. She looked slightly uneasy though.

A kid with red hair and freckles was crying and reeked of stale beer. When he looked up he had bruises all over his face distorting his cute face. He obiviously had been in the middle of something when he was flashed in because he was looking around the room franicatly for someone. When he couldn't find them relief washed over his bruised face.

Finally the last was the one that scared the others the most. He was a very small boy with very dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He was wearing a green leotard that was stained with blood but not his own. He barely relized he had been transported somewhere because he was crying so hard. Every once in a while he would scream in some different language.

Hawkgirl was the first to break from the daze. She directed her question towards the new comers and Flash.

"Who are they?"

They didn't seem to relize she had talked because they continued to stare at the children.

They were looking at their past shelves.