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Flash paced the hallway outside the medical room in obvious desperastion. His cowl had been removed and his red hair, not as long as it used to be, stuck up at odd angles. His nervous green eyes seemed to find something very interesting in the floor instead of looking at the leaguers in front of him.

They had placed the children and teenagers in the medical room and it was almost impossible to walk in there without stepping on somebody.

"Flash what the hell is going on?" Batman started angrily as he walked into the room. He had been having a fine time tring to catch Catwoman before he was rudely interrupted by an emergency signal from the Watchtower. He stopped suddenly and faltered slightly by opening his mouth a couple of times when he saw that Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Wonder Woman were staring into the medical viewing window. And what he saw there shocked The Goddamn Batman to the core.

"No..." he whispered shocked. He regained his smooth apperance with diffculty and continued his track to the scarlet speedster. He grabbed the man by the should and roughly demanded, "What happened?" through gritted teeth.

Flash looked up at him with suprising dull green eyes, "I don't know" He answered truthfully

Back in med room:

The wailing and panicking toodlers were disrupting their attempts to firgure out what happened. Kaldur, the usually calm team member, was shooting glances at his younger counterpart with barely concealed unease. The young Kaldur was sticking his curly blonde head in the fish tank on the other side of the room. He didn't seem to know what to do. He ever really wanted kids.

Artemis' eyes were trained on Wally who seemed to be tring to make advances to his younger counterpart. The younger Wally's hair was much longer and seemed to stick up at impossible angles like a manga character all while slightly coveriing his bright hurt green eyes. But what shocked Artemis was how the child's freckled face was so bruised and how the child smelled. And based of her childhood she knew exactly what that meant. To say the least she was to shocked to move.

Wally reached out a hand to try to comfort the crying red head, but the child flinched and shied away from the touch obviously scared. Wally suppressed a shudder that ran thorugh his body and attempted a warm smil.

"Hey it's alright. Nobody's going to hurt you" He talked like one to a hurt animal.

After a few minutes of coaxing, the child slowly scooted over to the teenager's hand. Wally sat down on the med bed and the boy curled up on his lap with a yawn. He covered his face with his arms, almost as in protection, and fell asleep in muffled snores. Looking down, Wally realized the child was asleep with a start but relazed slowly too until he was leaning against the head of the bed.

M'gann and her counterpart were both near the outer corners of the rooms, the emotions to high for either the small Martian or the slightly larger one to deal with. The smaller M'gann form flickered between white and green repeatedly. Superboy nervously tried to comfort his girlfriend, but at the same time not sure what to do.

Artemis' counterpart was hopping from foot to foot and looked alert and weary of her newfound companions. Her gray eyes shifted to the door and she looked like she was considering making a run for it but when she saw the sleeping Wally, she weirdly just shook her shorter blonde hair.

A shout from another bed startled everyone in the room and almost unsettled young Wally from his position on Wally's lap.

"Ajutor! Mami! Tati! Va rog!" (Help! Mommy! Daddy! Please!)

The child, who the team guessed was Robin's counterpart, screamed and cried loudly. His green leopard, bandaged hands, and slightly toned but still pudgy tummy was proof that he was an athelete. While nobody else seemed to reconize the language, Robin did. He had been tring to not to look at the child but was failing miserably. He head snapped up and he walked over at a pace that made Kid Flash proud. He swiftly picked the crying child up and placed him in his arms.

"In cazul în care este Mami! In cazul în care este Tati!" (Where is Mommy! Where is Daddy!) The toddler clung to the unknown boy and bunched his small hands around his cape. He buried his face in his red chest as he sobbed. Robin shifted the boy in his arms and whispered soothingly,

"Shhh...Eşti bine. Eşti în siguranţă." (You are fine. You are safe.)

Robin continued to rock and soothe the child while sending a glare at his teammates who were currently staring at him in shock. When they continued to stare, he rolled his eyes turned around, child still in arms.


Flash gripped his hair as he started to explain, "-"

"Speak slower"

Flash took a deep breath and it seemed to take all his willpower to say, "It's us". Those two words that tumbled out of his mouth made Batman's eyes widen beneath his cowl.

"Are you sure?"

Flash replied angrily, "How bout you take a look for yourself?" He snapped and swept his arm toward the window. But Batman didn't need to look. He'd reconize that mess of black hair anywhere.

Hawkgirl was getting annoyed fast, "Um...excuse me but who's us?" She said using air quotes around us.

Flash turned away like he refused to talk about it and Batman sighed. "They are Young Justice"

Diana cocked a perfect black eyebrow, "Who's them?" She asked.

Flash turned around abruptly and explained quickly. He just wanted to get this over with. "They are-were a covert opt team that worked for the old Justice League" The heroes' eyes' widened but he continued, "It also made up of the sidekicks of the main members. You know that some of us used to be apart of the old Justice League, like Batsy, and me, and Manhunter, and Arrow, and Supes, and Aquaman, and Zatara. Well these are their sidekicks-well I'm one of the sidekicks and we're missing one but still. Anyway it lasted a long time but there was a death and we grew apart. We went our own ways. "

Diana looked at Batman oddly, "You had a sidekick?" She questioned. She really doubted it.

Batman igroned her and walked over to the commications room, "Calling Aquaman, Tempest, Mrs. Martian, Kon-El, Nightwing, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Tigeress, and Green Arrow"

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