"Oh, if we could only all be William Shakespeare. While some of us are blessed with a silver tongue and a flowing pen, others need a little help now and then." ~ Unknown Author

They had started off at friends. And now, they were best friends. And perhaps a little bit more? He mused as he walked nervously down the hall.

It's okay if he doesn't like you back. Kuki told herself as she walked down the hall towards him. It's not like there isn't other guys... although, thhere's no other guy like him.

Suddenly, they both stop, standing in front of the other. They look at eachother's eyes, and can just see the love breaking out.

"Kuki, I-"

"Wally, I-"

"Love you." Both voices rang out, and they could almost hear angels clapping.

Abby calmly walked by, taking in the scene. She shook her head. "Tsk tsk. Took long enough." And she walked off.