So after watching iOMG I decided to write this short fanfic of Carly's thoughts about that (amazing) kiss. Hope you enjoy!


"It's cool."

Those were the last words I heard before I turned away from the window. I can't believe it. No way. There's just no way! Sam doesn't love Brad. She loves…Freddie! That kiss proves it all. The iPear app was right! Sam is in love. Now that I think about, I don't know why I didn't see it before. It was so obvious! The teasing, the pranking, the name-calling. It wasn't because she hated him. It's because she loves Freddie.

I wonder when they're going to come back inside. And when they do, should I tell them what I saw? Would they tell me? I doubt it. But I am their best friend. Sam's best friend at least. She would tell me. Or would she? She didn't tell me about the first time they kissed until she was full of laughing gas! Maybe I could get them to talk it later by bringing it into a conversation…. No, they're too smart for that. What should I do then?

But more importantly what's going to happen between Sam and Freddie?

Are they going to…be together? I don't think the world's really for that. I know I am, but how would others react? That would be really cute though. Sam…and Freddie. Freddie…and Sam. Aww. Looks like all the geeks at Web-a-con that were supporting Sam and Freddie were right. It's crazy how one web show can make people. All thanks to iCarly.

So now what's going to happen to iCarly? We'll keep doing it obviously, but is it going to make them act differently? How's Sam going to be able to perform our comedic skits with me when she knows Freddie will be watching for the entire time? Will Freddie even point the camera at me anymore if Sam's in the frame for even a second? And then, how am I going to react to that? This could change everything for iCarly! For the bad, or for the good?

If Sam and Freddie did get together, it could mean a bigger fan-base for iCarly. And if they don't…well, it's going to be awkward between them anyway. For me too, I guess.

I hope they don't make me choose between them. Because I won't be able to. They're both my best friends. I can't live without them, either one of them. The three of us are a team and if one of us is missing, the whole thing could fall apart. I mean, sure Sam's my best friend and we talk about things girls should talk about, even though she brings up violence every now and then. But Freddie's my neighbor. It would be impossible not to see him or communicate with him every once in a while.

But if they wanted to get together, that would absolutely fine with me. I'd love if they did. Forget iCarly or what anyone else thinks. If they're the ones they want to be with, then so be it.

Just then, the door behind me opened. In walked Sam and Freddie not holding hands but instead looking like they weren't aware of the other's existence next to them.

Confidently I spoke.

"So you're in love with Freddie?"

With no shock in their voices at the fact that I knew, the two of them replied.


I don't know why this took me so long to write after iOMG came out…. Procrastination, I guess. Anyway, thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoyed. Seddie forever! Please review!

P.S. I cannot wait until iLost My Mind.